Your Boyfriend

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by Mr. Silk (


You enjoyed the threesome last night. Finally, you 
fulfilled your fantasy of taking two cocks at once. But 
you would have never guessed that yet another fantasy 
would be fulfilled the next day. (MM, voy, reluc, oral, 


After our first night of fucking, V and I have pretty 
much worn you out. So the next day, you find yourself 
in need of a nap. We both say that's cool, and retire 
to the bedroom as V and I play video games to kill 
time. You fall asleep to the beeps and bangs of virtual 

The sounds that you wake to are altogether different. 
There are moans and groans. A man's voice saying, 
"Oooo, yeah!" A woman saying, "Fuck me harder!"

It's a little difficult to sleep through, and so you 
make your way to the living room, where you see V and I 
watching porn on the same TV where we had been playing 
video games. Our back is to you, and you almost decide 
to join us, but as you see us squirm in our seats, you 
think it better to wait and watch. What do boys say 
when a woman isn't around?

"Goddamn I love the way her tits bounce," I say.

V nods as he sips his beer. "Fucking great. And check 
out the way she sucks that dick. That girl just loves 
sucking dick."

"Heh, kind of like S, huh?"

"Damn right."

At that praise, you step forward, but when you see the 
tents in our pants you stop. We are both painfully 
erect, and you know we would love for you to relieve 
some of that tension. But you like the show. Why not 
let the boys suffer a little? It will just make us fuck 
you harder.

And you notice, as we sit there, nursing our beers, the 
we can't quite keep from touching ourselves. Casually 
we might rest the bottle between our legs, pressing 
into our crotches. Or we might lay a hand upon our 
thigh, stroking absent-mindedly. Ever few minutes, one 
of us will adjust ourselves, sneaking in a firm 

"Hey, V..." I say, hesitantly. "This shit is pretty 

"No kidding," he says, equally mesmerized.

"I was kind of thinking... Well, would you mind if I..? 
I mean, we've already seen each other's dicks and 

"Naw, man," he says, already opening his fly. "Whip 
that shit out. I've been waiting for you to say 

"What a relief, " I groan. And in a moment both of our 
firm, fat penises are out and in our hands. The sight 
is so lovely, you feel your cunt clench and moisten.

As the on-screen fucking builds, the in-person jerking 
does too. There is the flat sound of meat slapping on 
meat, mixed with our sighs and grunts.

Then, V says, "Shit, I wish S was awake. God I'd love 
to feel her mouth around me right now."

"Damn, man. That would be perfect. You wanna go wake 

"Oooooooo, fuck that would be great... But, no, better 
let her rest right?"

"Yeah, sure..."

You see me looking over to him. You see me looking at 
your boyfriend. You see me watching his cock.

"Hey, V?" I'm hesitant again, and you pray that you 
know why.


I pause, building courage. "You want me to help you 
with that?"

V stops. He turns to me. And you think that any moment 
he might punch me and throw me out the front door.

Instead, all he says is, "What?"

"I was thinking... since she's asleep... do you want me 
to... help you?"

"Aw fuck, man." But you can tell he curse is more in 
amazement than in rage. "Are you kidding?"

"No. I mean... I've been kind of wondering some 
things... about myself."

"You really into that?"

I shrug. "I don't really know. That's what I've been 
wondering about. But I figure, I'm out here to 
experience something new, right? And, well, shit, man. 
You did let me fuck your girl. You could say I owe 

He pauses again. "I'm not a fag, you know."

"I know. I don't think I am either. But, wouldn't it be 
nice to, uh, get an assist?"

"Um... I don't know... I guess..." He weighs is 
carefully, and then, "So, what did you have in mind?"

"Well, maybe, I could start like this..." And as my 
hand wraps around your boyfriend's cock, you feel like 
you just might faint.

We are silent for a few minutes. There is only the 
sound of the porn on TV to mask the wet squishing of 
your fingers into your cunt, because you can't hold 
back any more. Watching me jerk your boyfriend off has 
your blood burning and your clit throbbing. 

"Is that okay?" you hear me ask.

"Yeah...Yeah that's good." I spit into my hand, getting 
it nice and wet for him. When I wrap my fingers around 
his meat once more, he sighs. "Oh, yeah, that's real 

Without a word, I slip off the couch, and on to the 
carpet in front of him. I kneel between his legs, still 
jerking his thick rod. "How about a little more?" I ask 

"Hey, man, you do whatever you like," he says with a 
laugh. Then I close my eyes, and lower my mouth around 
him. He groans with a gentle, "Aw fuck..."

As my head bobs up and down along his shaft, you pound 
your fingers furiously into your cunt, matching my 
rhythm. I vary my speed, taking several short strokes 
and then a long and slow one. I suck the tip of his 
cock, flick my tongue along the underside of his shaft. 

My eyes are closed, intent on servicing him. But then, 
you see my eyes open as I look up at his face, gagging 
his response. You freeze for just a moment, knowing 
that you are in plain sight. For a moment, you think 
about backing away, but then my eyes catch you. You 
feel all of the blood leave your face as our gazes lock 
on each other. 

Then you see me smile with his cock halfway in my 
mouth. Keeping my eyes intent on yours, I suck him with 
renewed fury. You begin to work you fingers once more, 
seeing how I want you to watch me, I how I want you to 
enjoy the sight of your boyfriend's dick in my mouth.

V begins to groan louder. "Oh, fuck. Oh fucking fuck! I 
thinking I'm gonna... Wait, I'm gonna..." And all of a 
sudden I release him from my mouth and begin vigorously 
jerking his cock. He bites back his ecstasy, and 
whispers, "Holy shit!" as wave after wave of white-hot 
cum shoots out of his cock, landing stream after pearly 
stream upon my face.

The sight of that drives you over the edge. You cum 
with such intensity that if you were not leaning 
against the wall, you would have fallen to your knees. 
Your legs trembles underneath you, and you clench your 
teeth to keep from screaming.

As it passes, you see me looking up at V, smiling 
through a mask of his spunk. "Not bad, huh?"

His laugh is not so nervous as you would have expected. 
"Naw, man. Not bad at all. You've had to have done that 

I shrug. "Once or twice. Mostly it's studying plenty of 
porn. But you know one thing they never show in the 


"The clean up!" We laugh. "Can you get me a towel?"

"Sure man." As V begins to slip his pants back on, you 
quickly leap back down the hall. Quietly as you can, 
you slip back into bed, just as if nothing had ever 
happened. But as you close your eyes, you can't get 
those images out of your head. You smile, and think of 
what other images the three of us will create that 

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