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I might be gay and identify that way but I always have an eye for those hot straight and bisexual guys. I love the thought of being with a real man right down to the sex. Breed me. And that's what I love about Adultfriendfinder. Though it looks like a straight dating site, there are lots of straight boys experimenting and hot bisexuals you would think are straight. I'm not looking for a long term commitment just some fun and I got it there. I've met a couple of married guys who have that great macho charisma. No we're not going to the movies or going on vacation but when we get together it's nothing but real satisfying fun. If you're looking for hot straight or bisexual guys check out Adultfriendfinder and check out the group section for bisexual and curious guys. Place and ad for free and see who is checking you out.
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"WOW, what a site! After realizing how to take some good pictures-- and of course, use my brain (LOL)-- to make a good profile, I was able to really impress couples as well as single women. The rest was history. :) Adult FriendFinder is truly worldwide and then only site that has worked for me and most people I have met with and known as friends here. Worth the money ten times over! Hope to hear from everyone soon!


I'm basically straight but started talking with this guy who seemed know what I was about. I never considered myself gay but one thing lead to another and we've been seeing each other for several months. I guess if you keep yourself open, you're open to receive love from new places. It's been great


I met a guy on here in a parking lot. I sucked him off and he fucked me. He had a hard time "breaking in" without lube. I never had a guy have that problem before. He fucked me a bit and then jerked off all over my face while I jerked myself off. So much cum! Next time I will have some lube!


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