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"Be my guest, Donna. Enjoy!" Urgently, Donna kicked her shoes away, stripped off her pantyhose, and, lifting her skirt, moved to straddle her friend's husband. "Wait," Kim said. "Your dress is in the way. Take it off, in fact, take off everything. And I will, too. We can enjoy him together!" Naked, they faced each other across the equally naked male with a fully erect cock pointing toward his navel. Donna stood at his feet, Kim at his head.

Together they were an example of the similarity, yet the difference, in the female body: Kim was tight and petite; Donna was taller and fleshier. Kim's legs were short and delicate; Donna's legs were long and sturdy. Kim's short dark hair was reflected in her thick and curly pubic snatch; Donna's long straight blond hair likewise harmonized with her thin and wavy pubes. Kim's breasts, small with longish thin nipples, drooped scarcely at all; Donna's breasts, very large with plump dimpled nipples, swung down and out from her chest.

They grinned impishly at one another and Kim said, "Ready?" "Ready!" Donna responded and, kneeling, held Jim's stalwart penis at the entrance to her pussy, and slowly settled her body onto it. At the same time Kim knelt over his head, separated her pussy lips with her fingers, and lowered them to his lips. "You may lick me now, Jim," she said, and he eagerly began to lap over, around, and within her covert delicacies.

Donna slowly moved her vagina upon the welcome visitor within it. "I am very well filled, very well filled indeed," she said and leaned forward to rest her hands on the floor beside Jim's body, a motion that caused her heavy breasts to swing down, brushing his chest.

Kim kept herself from settling completely onto Jim's face, so he could breathe while he executed cunnilingus. As his tongue on her clit excited her, she stroked Donna's soft blond hair.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Donna gasped as Jim thrust against her and her climax approached. Kim seized the double handfuls of uniquely female flesh that hung beneath her and breathed, "Stop moving, Donna; hold off, if you can."

Breaking his silence, Jim panted, "I can't hold off, no matter what she does!"

"Just keep sucking me, yes, oh yes! Suck, suck, suck!"

Kim screamed, and then, "Fuck him, Donna, fuck him! Let's come !"

Kim squirted a little at first then more and more. Jim's face was completely covered by her pussy juice. His hair drenched. As Donna continued to straddle his member, it got harder and harder till he blew the load in her snatch. Donna then came in an exhaustive orgasm. They lay there dazed from the intensity of the sex before heading to the jacuzzi to clean up.

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