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We started to talk and James kept buying the drinks before I knew it was dark outside and I knew I was drunk I told James I had to go home however as I stood up I nearly fell over James helped me back to my seat and said he would take me home to his place and give me some coffee and time to pull myself together.
So I now find myself sitting on James’ sofa not knowing how I got there, and instead of coffee I have a small glass in front of me James tells me to drink it in one go as it will help me ok I say and down it went now I get the coffee.
About ten minutes later I think because I have no idea of the time I find I have a massive hard-on, again not knowing why I have a hard-on we had not been talking about sex at least I don’t think so, but because of the way I am sitting it is a little bit uncomfortable I try to hide it, but must not have done a very good job as James is in front of me saying he will help me with my problem.
He unzips me and takes out my hard cock I just sit there in shock, embarrassed, also full of excitement and anticipation, this is the first time a man has touched my cock and the first time a man has seen my hard-on, when he touched my cock with his soft fingers it felt like an electric shock flying up my spine, his fingers felt oh so nice I just lay back and closed my eyes, he was squeezing and scratching his nails up and down the shaft.
I felt the tip of his tongue brush over the tip of my cock licking my pre-cum, now he takes all my hard-on in his mouth it only takes a few minutes and I know I am about to cum I put my hands onto James’s shoulders telling him I am about to cum and he has to stop although I never wanted him to stop as it happened no sooner had I said that and I shot my spunk into his mouth I nearly pass out with pleasure this is by the far the best blow job ever.
James pushes me down onto the sofa and buts my hand onto his cock and now my mind is in a turmoil what am I to do so I just through caution to the wind and copied everything that James had done to me, however I had another shock I find out that I am really enjoy sucking James’s stiff hard cock, and of course I enjoy the taste of cum ..
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