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Adult Friend Finder Reviews
affsexmeup424 said
I've been a member on and off AdultFriendFinder for many years and encountered quite a few nice folks among that time both Young and old alike. The stories i've heard of their experiences were mostly all pretty good too. Like me, at first they ran across some fake profiles, or people who tended to use older or outdated pics, meaning come time to meet the other party in person, they looked nothing like their profile pics. But once you explain on your profile for others to have more recent pics, explain your likes, dislikes as well as your wants and needs in the bedroom the next time it comes down to meeting someone, both parties will be more satisfied because there is a mutual communication and agreement online as to what you both want and are looking for as well as with recent pics, there will be a mutual attraction too
horny_dkb said
I met my BEST FRIEND here! She has a blog. I have a blog. We have had a good handful of men in common that we've both played with here on AdultFriendFinder. We just had to meet and get to know each other. Now we are besties. I was in her wedding in October. It isn't always about sex.....you can actually also make great friends here! I am not saying we haven't shared some fun sexy times together with others, but it's just great knowing you can meet great people here!
softkutekitty said
this testimonial is about AdultFriendFinder member Richardislong. this man is very talented and knows his way around a womans body. he will find your erogenous zones and pleasure you to no end. He has amazing self control and a never ending desire to satisfy his lady...you will definitely walk away wanting more.
buttalove1984 said
I had been on AdultFriendFinder for over two years when I met the man of my dreams. We were supposed to be a fwb type of thing but it turned into so much more. We have now been together for over 8 yrs with a beautiful young 4 yr old son. As for now we now play with others included from here on AdultFriendFinder. So it seems to be the site to all trades of the lifestyles. Thank you AdultFriendFinder for helping to find the ONE for me I love him to death!
amylicious90 said
We joined this site knowing what we wanted to look for, and AdultFriendFinder definitely delivered! Being a verified/confirmed user lets you break the barriers of dealing with fake people and online dating. My fiance and I have had great success with meeting local men and couples in our area who were looking for the same thing as us. AdultFriendFinder has really taken our sex life to new heights, and we couldn't be more thankful for it. We have made great friends on this site, and will continue to be a dedicated member to the AdultFriendFinder local community going forward!
Nickerpants said
As a 45 y woman, who has always been sexually active I was told about AdultFriendFinder by a friend and joined up immediately. i have had the most amazing journey so far, met incredible like minded souls and explored so many avenues in the wonderful of sex.. thanks AdultFriendFinder

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