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I love travelling to Dubai. There's nothing better than some white pussy that's looking for huge black dick like mine. I came here once on a business trip. Dubai is the Middle East's New York or South America's Brazil. But all those things about strict Muslim codes are gone out the window. From gay bars to swingers , it seems people come here to forget about all those codes and be free if only for a vacation.

I've made millions in my import export business. I'm the king of the cola nut and have more money than I could ever spend. As Coca Cola took off around the world , my farms and contract farms became their major supplier. As a result , my pockets are stuffed. And Dubai is where I go when I want to unwind.

I met Sandy at Club BBQ. I love this American themed bar . It gives a regular US ambiance and has lots of Americans too. Sandy was one of those girls. From the deep south , she spoke with Southern Charm and after a few drinks , she was looser than a kite on string - in mid air.

"Want to come back to my place" I asked

"Sure" and we left the bar around midnight.

Before I could close the door, she was down on my cock on her knees. Her mouth was cool and smooth against my cock. Her hands fondled my balls as her mouth stroked my cock back and forth. Faster and faster she blew me till I blew my load down her throat.

It didn't take long for another go. This time I went down on her as she sat on the sofa. Her legs were spread wide when she started squirting and moaning. She squirted so much but that was great because I knew she'd be ready for my big fat cock. Most girls squirm at the thought but not if they're lubed up as in this case. I slid my cock around her pussy lips as she continued squirting. Then I dove in deep. She moaned more and more as I fucked her pussy. It was tight squeeze but all her pussy juices made it feel great. Faster and faster I fucked her till I blew my load deep in the abyss of her snatch. We both passed out and went to sleep.

The next day we went to the beach together at my hotel and had a great time. You see this is why I love Dubai....

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