A Contract Up For Renewal

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by Author on Africa (author@uwclub.net)


An African boss exerts his power to extend his control
over a white family. (MMF, intr, reluc, cuck)


It had seemed to Danielle that there was a strange
background to tonight’s dinner party. Her parents were
on edge. It was her first dinner party as such, but she
was sure there was something going on. Her mother,
Susan, had taken especial care over Danielle’s
appearance. She had carefully brushed her hair, and
generally behaved like a mother hen.

It was her 16th birthday, and her mother wanted her
looking her best. Indeed this dinner party was in
honour of her 16th birthday. So Susan had fluttered
around her, assisting her into her new dress. It was a
bit more daring than Danielle was used to wearing, and
tighter. There was no hiding that Danielle’s figure had
burgeoned from girlish to womanly in the last year.

The dress hugging her figure was tight across her
breasts. Indeed, there was a slit in the dress, which
allowed sight into her developing cleavage. Her pert,
youthful breasts seemed almost to surge upwards and
outwards in delightful display of her new womanliness.
But then the dress closed over again as though to hide
the charms already displayed before rising to wrap
around her slender pale neck in a black ring that
almost resembled a slave halter.

Danielle quickly dismissed her illicit thought. Now was
not the time to dwell on her girlish fantasies of being
a sex slave. Since arriving in Africa two days ago to
join her parents while on holiday from her very upper-
crust boarding school in England, the avaricious and
openly lust-filled gazes of the African men had given
her hot flushes and fuelled her sex slave fantasies.
What would her parents think of such sinful thoughts?

Danielle had fretted that too much bare breast was on
display. Her mother dismissed her fears. “A woman’s
body needs to be on display for men to admire and
desire.” Her words had shocked Danielle, who had never
dreamed her mother would speak so! Yet the words had
flattered Danielle. Her mother was admitting that she
was now a woman!

“Stand up Daniela, let’s look at you now in the
mirror.” Danielle stared. Disbelieving. She had never
looked like this before! Her well brushed, shoulder-
length hair fell in dark lustrous waves. The raven
tresses framed an attractive oval face of porcelain
beauty. Her eyes looked wide and startled as she gazed
at her image in the mirror. Her cherub lips were small,
but pleasantly curved. The lipstick her mother had
applied was not garish, or bright, but somehow seemed
to add allure. Her small, pert nose, her carefully
groomed eyelashes, all added to the effect. It was hard
to recognize that her mother had spent over half an
hour working on her face. A less experienced eye might
think she wore no make up at all!

Her dress was short, very short. Her teachers back in
England at the exclusive boarding school would have a
fit if they could see her in such a short dress. It
must have been just 3 inches short of her loins. She
would have to be very careful how she sat! Her legs
seemed long in such a short dress. They were lithe and
shapely. Well rounded, with no fat, or girlish
plumpness remaining. Her thighs were now full and firm.
She turned backwards and forwards before the mirror.
The dress was tight across her full, rounded bottom.

Her hands strayed over those curves, anxiously. Her
mother clucked and she jerked her hands away.
“Remember, if your father is to win another two-year
contract, we must do everything we can to please
Rufus… Mr. Mukuru, that is. He is a very demanding
man, and what happens tonight may shock you. Your
father is all very well, and I love him dearly, but Mr.
Mukuru is special. I will not leave Africa if your
father does not win the contract. I will remain, even
if it means divorcing your father.”

Danielle was shocked, rocked to the core by her
mother’s words. Her parents were rocks in her life.
That they should part was unbearable to contemplate.
What would happen to her? What did her mother mean when
she said Mr. Mukuru was special? Would she really
remain in Africa? When would she see her mother again
if her parents split up and her mother remained in

“We are not ready to return to England. Your father and
I both love it here, all of it, the wildness, the
beauty, and lushness. The lifestyle is sumptuous and
easy. We are rich and influential here, though it is
not without price, not without effort and sacrifice.”
He mother seemed to emphasize the word “sacrifice.”
“Besides, I like African men, and they like me.”
Danielle looked at her mother, shaken by her words.
There was more to her mother’s words. What was that she
had said about African men?

In two short days, she had learnt more about the
demanding and aggressiveness of African male sexuality.
It was well that her parents had kept her close, but
even so many African hands had found a means to touch
and explore. Even before she left the airport, she had
been goosed and blatantly fondled. It did excite her,

Her mother declared that all was well and hustled her
along to obtain her husband’s approval. Rob was
waiting, impatient and nervous in the lounge. The
sudden appearance of his wife and daughter brought
momentary relief.

They both looked stunning, particularly Danielle. He
had never thought of his daughter as a woman before.
She was just his little girl. Tonight, however, there
was no mistaking she had become a woman. He had a
sudden pang at what this evening would bring, but
suppressed it. He hugged Danielle. Looking over his
shoulder at Susan who nodded to him. Susan’s eyes were
firm, indicating to Rob she would have to truck with
any nonsense from him.

He took Danielle by the shoulders, and gazed down at
her. His eyes gazed over her full, proud breasts. The
bare white mounds seeming to surge from her dress. He
flushed in embarrassment to look at his daughter so.
Mr. Mukuru was going to like their Danielle. She was
not so little now.

It was well they had kept her safe. His cock twitched
in his trousers at the thought of what Rufus would be
doing to Danielle. He flushed in shame and
embarrassment at his thought. His cock had no such
conscience and twitched thicker and longer at the
thought of Danielle being used to satisfy the dark
lusts of his African boss. Used. That was the term to

There was no love involved. Mr. Mukuru used them. He
had used his wife. Satisfied his lusts on her luscious
well-rounded body. Mrs. Mukuru, delightful dominant
Marion Mukuru, had used his wife. Susan had protested,
and they had delighted in her protests and enjoyed
using her even more! So Susan had submitted, and
enjoyed it.

Mrs. Mukuru had used him. Used him and Susan together
to satisfy her kinky lusts. Before he had realized what
was happening, Rufus had used him. Trapped tight in the
embrace of Marion, buried deep in her dark womanhood.
Rufus had climbed atop and used him. His protests and
struggles to no avail. The tight embrace of Marion
pinned his arms and allowed Rufus to use him.

To his utter chagrin and confusion, he had enjoyed
being used. They both enjoyed the weird and sensuous
world they had found themselves in. He had submitted to
Mr. Mukuru. On his knees, with his wife looking on
amazed, he had serviced that incredible thick and
powerful black cock. No wonder his wife loved it!

He looked down at his lovely daughter. “Are you wearing
Mr. Mukuru’s gift?” Danielle flushed scarlet. She was
indeed wearing his gift. Her mother had insisted.
Danielle had flushed with embarrassment when her mother
had presented her with it. Explained that it was a
welcome gift from her father’s boss.

This had only inflamed Danielle’s flushed cheeks even
more, that a complete stranger had given her so
intimate a present, or that her mother should insist
she wear them. They did feel good though. So soft and
silky against her bare skin. Even so, if not for her
mother’s insistence, she would not have worn them. It
did not seem right for a strange man to present her
with sexy silk lingerie for her 16th birthday, even if
he was her father’s boss. What sort of man would give
such a present?

Now she sat in his presence. He was all charm and wit.
She had expected a letch, an old man with greedy eye.
Instead, he was younger than her parents. About 35, of
course, he was black. But not like the other Africans
she had met, the domestics; the airport staff; the
shopkeepers; and the eagerly aggressive shoppers who
had been so quick to goose and grope her. Her nipples
tingled when she remembered the Black Hand that had
cupped and caressed her breasts before her mother had
quickly come to her rescue in the airport. She didn’t
think she would ever dare go shopping on her own in
this city!

Rufus Mukuru was not at all what she had expected. She
sat beside him and he was a perfect, charming,
attentive gentleman. His eyes sparkled with passion as
he talked. She hardly noticed the words. His wife,
Marion, sat on his other side. A striking, and strong-
looking woman, though very pretty, an African Xena, she
thought, thinking of the warrior princess she was such
a fan of back home. Drink flowed freely. Her parents
were included in the drinking. Danielle was not used to
alcohol, maybe getting an odd glass at Christmas, now
wine was being pressed on her by her own parents, as
much as by their hosts. She felt distinctly light
headed and giddy.

She felt a bit out of place in this gathering. Her
parents had impressed on her on the importance, wealth,
and influence of her host. Even so, she had been quite
put off by armed uniformed guards outside the
restaurant on their arrival. The other guests were very
clearly deferential to their hosts.

Across the table from her was Roger Simpson. Apparently
he was an accountant, although the African next to him
was the company accountant. Roger’s wife, Helena, sat
on the other side of this African. She thought his name
was Rathimus, but she was unsure. Helena was being
outrageous, openly flirting with Rufus and Rathimus in
front of her husband! Roger sipped his drink, and
ignored his wife’s behaviour. He looked about 53, while
Helena was clearly much younger, around 30. Perhaps it
was the price he put up with for having a younger wife.

Now Peter over there looked in his early 20s, while his
wife Anita was apparently only 19. Yet Anita was
virtually sitting in the lap of the African gentleman
on her right. Danielle did not understand such
behaviour. Her mother had whispered that Peter and
Anita had only married three months ago, a week before
coming out here on their two-year contract. Danielle
turned her eyes away embarrassed as a dark hand slipped
inside Anita’s blouse and openly caressed the full,
white breast within.

She caught her father’s eye. “Drink up, Danielle!’ he
said, promptly downing his own drink in one swig.
Marion presented a wine glass to her lips and Daniella
drank. She couldn’t escape the woman’s eyes as she did
this. They were dark and mysterious, though there was
humour in them now. Danielle shivered. It was not with
the cold. She glanced at her mother who nodded
encouragingly. Daniella looked down. Her eyes focused
on the black hand resting on her thigh. Where had that
come from? She looked up into the dazzling smile of
Rufus. Danielle definitely considered she had too much
to drink when a man could put his hand on her thigh
without her noticing.

His hand was warm, comforting. He was not attempting to
grope her, just resting his hand on her leg. She smiled
tentatively at him before remembering his wife Marion
on their other side. She glanced quickly at Marion who
grinned back. Leaned across and lightly squeezed her
husband’s hand as it rested on her leg. Danielle
wondered if this was really all quite normal. She
reached for her glass of wine and sipped quietly,
trying to gather her befuddled thoughts.

It was not long later that they were on their way to
the Mukuru residence for a nightcap. They were
travelling in a limousine with an African driver.
Danielle and her father sat in the first passenger row,
with Peter, Anita sharing their seat with the African
gentleman so obvious in his attention to Anita. Her
mother sat in the back and was whispering and giggling
with Rufus. Marion was travelling in a second
limousine. Apparently the Mukuru’s had a limousine
each! Danielle was embarrassed for her father. It was
clear from the noise and remarks in the back that Rufus
was making out with her mother!

The limousine pulled up at some traffic lights. The
glare of the headlights lit up the bushes on either
side of the road. Her eyes were riveted on the sight of
bare black buttocks. They were pumping away between the
spread legs of an African girl, her maroon skirt up
around her waist, a white blouse open, partly hidden by
a maroon blazer. She was just a schoolgirl, Daniella
realized, younger than herself. Those black buttocks
were pumping hard. Uncaring of the car’s headlights,
the African man took his pleasure. Danielle squirmed in
wonder and curiosity. What was it like for the girl
with that lusting African pumping between her legs?

The lights changed and the car whisked away, before
turning in to the very next set of gates. They all
piled out of the car and trooped around the house to
the swimming pool for a midnight swim. Danielle
suddenly worried that she did not have a swimsuit. To
her surprise and shock, Rufus announced that all would
swim naked. Danielle glanced quickly at her parents but
they were already stripping off their clothes to
Danielle’s acute embarrassment!

“Come on, Danielle. Are you wearing my birthday
present?” She flushed scarlet; thankfully the darkness
would hide it. Ribald laughter greeted this remark. Did
they all know? “Let me help Danielle.” It was Marion
who came forward. Her hands quickly unzipped Danielle’s
dress. She ignored the girl’s attempted protests and
suddenly her dress was around her feet. Whistles and
hoots echoed from the African men around her. “Lovely!”
“She’s gorgeous.” “A treasure.” Danielle did not know
where to put her hands. What to protect from their
view? She was embarrassed, flustered, but pleased as
well at their obvious admiration.

She looked at her mother who smiled at her approvingly.
What on earth did her mother find approving? She was
being stripped in the centre of the attention of a
group of African men! Rufus moved forward. “Since these
are my present, I claim the prerogative of removing
them.” Danielle’s hand came up but at a frown from her
mother made her drop the hand to her side. This
brassiere clipped at the front. Rufus was deft at
unclipping it. Electrical tingles spread outwards.
Danielle jumped as his hands slid the brassiere off. In
doing so, his hands cupped and caressed her youthful
breasts. His palms travelled upwards over nipples,
which promptly sprung erect. Hard and pointing upwards
the grinning men could not miss the arousal and
excitement she felt.

“Rob!” Rufus had a strong, masterful voice when he
chose to, Danielle noted. Her father approached. “She
is your daughter. Make the presentation.” Danielle
stared at her father, unsure of what was meant. Rob
looked embarrassed, as he came forward, kneeling behind
her. Before she realized his intention, his hands had
risen to her rounded, curvy derriere and he was drawing
down her silky French knickers. Kneeling behind so that
he did not obstruct the view of the watching African,
he whipped her panties down. Danielle gasped and rushed
for the pool darting in with a clean dive.
Presentation! What did they mean? How could her father
remove her panties in front of other men like that?

In the pool, things seemed calmer; two servants served
drinks. To Danielle’s surprise the servants were two
young white people. They both looked very similar.
Indeed they were twins. Henry and Lucille were Roger
Simpson’s children. They were 15-year-old blond twins,
and both very attractive, though Daniella thought Henry
looked a bit effeminate. She was not, of course, aware
at this stage that both had been thoroughly broken to
black cock and black pussy.

The drink flowed freely, though Danielle sought to curb
her drinking, she was not allowed to. After about half
an hour, an African came forward onto the subdued light
on the moonlit lawn. He struggled to contain two
magnificent German Shepherds straining at their
leashes, surging forward to investigate the strange

Rufus’s sharp command calmed them. These dogs had been
specially trained by the CIO, and were particularly
fierce and aggressive. Danielle suddenly recognized the
dog handler. It was the same man she had seen outside
the villa fucking the schoolgirl.

Rufus grinned.

‘Rob, time for you to give us a show.’

Her father looked suddenly stricken. His eyes widened.
At first it seemed as though he was going to protest,
but then he recollected himself and climbed naked out
of the pool. Rufus indicated that they should all
follow, and they all climbed out, Danielle suddenly
very conscious of her nakedness and that of the others.
Rufus sprawled into one of the poolside chairs, drawing
her giggling mother into his lap. She looked in
surprise at her mother sitting in the lap of Rufus. His
black hand was casually caressing her mother’s bare
breast! Marion appeared at her side.

Her hands took Danielle by the waist. A strange
sensation passed over Danielle. Marion’s hands were
cool and soft on her waist. She looked up at Marion who
returned her gaze, dark, mysterious eyes with a hidden
power. Danielle trembled under that gaze. Marion
grinned, leading Danielle to a chair beside Rufus and
her mother. Danielle swept up one of the large fluffy
white towels and wrapped it around herself, before
allowing Marion to draw her into her lap. There were
not many free chairs.

Danielle looked over at her father naked. It had been a
long time since she had first seen him naked. At that
time his cock had seemed huge. From what she has seen
when the African men came into the pool her father’s
cock was not really large. Though he still cut a fine
figure in her eyes.

She had never seen him like his though. As he left the
pool the dogs surged forward held back by the handler.
Her hand rose to her mouth.

Rob quickly moved forward on to the grass. As the dogs
leapt forward his heart jumped. He dropped to his knees
and leaned forward resting on his hands. He knew he was
in no danger from these well-trained dogs but still he
felt fear. It was a gut instinct in face of the feral
hunger of these animals.

They knew what was coming.

He knew what was coming.

Danielle was in for one hell of a shock and he
struggled with that, but he knelt anyway. On the lawn,
on his hands and knees, he waited.

The dogs darted forward. Their heads darted underneath
heading for his groin. He always had a fear at this
moment that they would bite. Instead of their teeth he
felt their tongues lapping at his cock and balls. He
hung his head, not wanting to see his daughter’s
reaction. The dog’s tongues were hot, wet and long and
they lapped at him in eager lust. One of the dogs,
Smith, left off its lapping and circled behind him. He
relaxed allowing his buttocks to open. Smith nosed in,
his cold nose brushing his anal rose as he sniffed.
Smith always had been a bit of an ass-licker.

Rob gasped as a hot wetness lapped over his anal
opening. He had always loved it when Susan licked his
bottom, but she was nowhere near as good at it as these
dogs. Hot tongue eagerly licked lapped his opening,
preparing it for what would follow. Smith stopped his
licking and backed off. He seemed to jig and dart for a
moment launching himself on top of Rob. Rob braced
himself for what happened next.

This always seemed a dangerous moment.

As soon as Smith surged up over Rob’s back. Mugabe the
other dog, ceased his cock licking, and growled
savagely. Hurling himself at the other dog. A fierce
squabble broke out between them. Mugabe was the more
dominant male dog and Rob knew he would demand to be
first to mount him! Their fierce growling and tussling
scared Rob silly and he froze in place. He knew that if
he moved from his submissive position both dogs would
immediately forget their squabble and turn on him.

He waited for them to determine between themselves who
would mount him. Wondering what his daughter must think
in the face of this scene. He hung his head not wishing
to see his daughter’s face, or the triumphant,
arrogant, leers of the African business friends of his
boss. Men he had to do business with were about to see
him mounted by a big powerful dog. No doubt they would
also have fun with his wife, while waiting for Rufus
and Marion to finish with Danielle. He knew each would
have a turn at Danielle later. He just hoped they would
not use him as well!

As expected Mugabe shouldered aside Smith and mounted
the kneeling white expat.

Fierce, persistent jabs, some quite painful, followed.
Mugabe had a hard demanding cock. Rob breathed with
relief when Mugabe found the spot. The dog’s cock was
well lubricated. Once at the opening it slid in easily.

Just the tip.

Always just the tip.

He could feel it. Hot, wet and pointed, it had just
penetrated the outer entrance. Mugabe shifted about.
Getting into a better position. Edging its legs
forward, yet not sliding deeper. Not yet.

Not yet… then the driving lunge…

Mugabe tightened his grip with his paws tight around
Rob’s waist. Rob knew at this point that he was trapped
by the dog. Even if he wanted to he could not escape
its lust. He had tried once, the first time. Had tried
to stand but Mugabe’s strength had forced him back
down. Had tried to wriggle free, to the laughter of
Rufus and his African friends. Mugabe had held on
tight, shuffling around behind. Not once had the dog’s
cock slipped out. Fierce growls had emanated from
Mugabe. Fierce, guttural warning cries. He had sought
to lie flat and force the dog out that way. It was then
that the dog’s teeth had clamped on his neck. Not hard,
not breaking flesh. A warning with more growls.

He had slowly edged his hips back into position for the
dog. To more laughter and snickers from the watching
Africans. He imagined Mugabe’s teeth on Danielle’s
slender neck and to shame his cock hardened further.

Mugabe’s second thrust buried his cock deep into his
bottom. He could feel the hair’s of the dogs loins
brushing his balls. The dog repositioned itself again.
Shuffling its legs forward. Rob braced himself. Not

There was a moment of calm.

Then the rabid, jack-hammering thrusting began as the
dog’s lust seemed to become frantic. Rob imagined he
was Danielle, his own slim lovely daughter. Imagined
that it was her under this so male dominant animal,
receiving these rabid thrusts. He had no doubt at all
that before her holiday was over Rufus would mate her
with both dogs. The thought was unbearably exquisite.

His own cock, now being avidly licked by Smith jerked
and spurted.

Danielle was riveted on the incredible scene before as
Mugabe rammed her father with a series of jackhammering
thrusts, the powerful male animal intent on its own
sexual satisfaction, her own father the object of its
rampant lust.

She watched disbelieving his cock jerk and spurt.

Mugabe rampant thrusting continued unchecked.

Smith darted forward to lap up the spunk splattered on
the grass.

Marion leaned forward and whispered in Danielle’s ear.

‘Look at that! Can you see Smith’s cock?’ Danielle was
very conscious of Marion’s hot breath in her ear. Two
full breasts pressing into her back. In normal
circumstances she would have run a mile from Marion.
From Rufus, or any black man. Her attention, however,
was centered on the scene in front of her. She glanced
at Smith’s cock and gasped, It was big! She glanced at
her father. Erect the dog had a cock that was bigger
than her father’s!

Eight red inches, and thick! Thicker also than her

She had not realised that a dog could sport such huge

‘Susan.’ Rufus drew all attention with his words. Susan
was sitting in his lap. With another shock Danielle saw
that his dark hand was working vigorously between her
mother’s spread thighs, full and shapely as they were.
The dark hand very obvious as it manipulated her
mother’s private parts. She looked at her mother whose
was biting her lip with excitement.

Danielle was stunned.

Her mother’s earlier words that evening took on a whole
new significance.

‘Susan…I think it is time for you to entertain

His words were quiet, confident.

Susan swallowed.

Glanced at her daughter nervously. Rufus pushed her too
her feet. Susan steeled herself and walked forward
towards her husband. The guests looked on in
anticipation. Danielle was goggling as her mother
dropped to her hands and knees. A very happy Smith
pranced and jumped around. Mugabe’s eyes had followed
her approach.




Smith waited. Knowing better than to presume Mugabe’s
consideration as to whether to switch mounts. Sniffing
he resumed his thrusting into Rob.

Smith surged forward mounting the bitch before him. He
could smell her heat and wetness. He could smell her
heated pussy and knew she was ready. He mounted quickly
before Mugabe changed his mind

Danielle stared open mouthed as her father and mother
knelt, side by side, and were thoroughly fucked by the
two rampant dogs!


The young white girl jumped when Rufus mentioned her
name. She glanced across at Rufus who was sitting naked
in his chair.

‘Come and join me Danielle.’

Danielle flushed. She looked away. The others in the
group had switched their attention to Danielle from the
rampant scene in front of her. She sought to look away,
only to be confronted by the sight of the energetically
rutting dogs.

‘Now, Danielle!’

His voice was firmer, more demanding. Danielle was
nervous. Marion pushed her to her feet, before pushing
the girl towards her husband. Danielle glanced at the
others. Their eyes were on her, but none were
supportive. Lust was in their eyes. Danielle shuffled
her feet.

‘Girl! When I give a command I expect to be obeyed…as
your parents have just demonstrated!’

Danielle swallowed her nervousness and walked slowly
towards Rufus.

She froze when she saw his lap.

Saw his huge cock erect and throbbing.

It was huge.

Impossibly huge.

Thick as well as long.

Her eyes were mesmerised by it and its size.

Without realising it she reached Rufus.

The grinning African drew her down into his lap.

‘Touch it.’ He whispered.

Rob looked up. Susan looked up. They watched in awe and
excitement as the sixteen-year-old darling of their
life wrapped her slim white hand round their Master’s
thick black cock. Watched as she clasped it in wonder.
He whispered in her ear. Father and mother watched as
their pretty daughter started to slowly caress and
fondle the huge African cock of Rufus.

Danielle gently stroked the African cock. It was so
thick! Hot and hard, yet silky too touch. Gnarled and
long, so incredibly long! She gave a sudden start. Just
beyond Marion she could see a naked white female form
kneeling at the feet of an African lounging comfortably
on one of the chairs. There was a low sucking noise as
the head rose from the African’s lap, before darting
down into his lap with a quick gasp. It was Helena she
realised, down on her knees sucking on the cock of one
of the African guests. She looked around for Roger,
instead her eyes fell on the dog handler. He was
standing above another kneeling white form. His hands
locked in short blond hair.

Her heart leaped into her mouth as she realised it was
Henry! Lucille’s blond twin. The African dog handler
was forcing Henry to give him satisfaction! She tore
her eyes away, only to see Anita, still in the lap of
her African friend. Though now she was moving up and
down regularly. Her eyes closed in concentration, a
look of rapture on her face.

Marion rose and asked their guests pardon. She took
Danielle’s hand and raised her from her husband’s lap.
Her arm encircled her slim waist. Rufus rose and
together they led Danielle into the house.

It was over two hours before Rob and Susan were able to
go and seek out Danielle. Rob had felt distinctly
uneasy about remaining in the garden while Danielle was
seduced and no doubt thoroughly sexed by his demanding
African boss, and his equally demanding wife. They did
not dare enter the master bedroom. They had been
prevented from getting close to that door by a security
guard who had been quick to fondle Susan.

So now they circled the house. Perhaps they would be
able to see in the bedroom window? It did not come as a
surprise to find the curtains open. The house was very
secluded and security was tight. Rufus had no concern
for keeping away prying eyes and enjoyed the African

Inside the bedroom they could see Danielle.

There were several African men in the room as well as
Marion. Helena, Anita, and young Lucille were also in
the room. All three were kneeling, with bobbing heads
worshipping black cocks. The owners of those cocks were
concentrating their attention on lovely young Danielle.

She was on the bed. Head and shoulders pressed firmly
into the bedding. Behind her the dog handler knelt
above her. Rob shuddered. That African bastard was a
particularly nasty pervert. Rob had not liked being
broken in by that bastard while his wife watched and

Now the bastard had his daughter face down in the bed,
while he vigorously fucked away. One large black hand
grasping her slim white neck and pinning her down. Rob
had little doubt which opening that pervert was using.
Obviously his daughter had lost more than one virginity
tonight! He watched with awe and fear as the bastard
pounded hard and long at Danielle’s raised hips, her
knees drawn up beneath as though offering her softly
rounded bottom to the brutal thrusting pervert.

The Africans were drinking and laughing as they watched
the ravishment of Danielle. A mix of lust,
satisfaction, desire, and cruelty on their dark faces
as they watched this young sixteen year old English
girl, just two days off the plane, get thoroughly
fucked by a rampant black cock.

Rob could see some conversation taking place in the
room though he could not hear the words. The dog
handler rose from Danielle, turning to talk with the
African guests. His thick cock withdrew partially from
Danielle. Rob stared. He and his wife knew that cock
well. It was hard to imagine how slender Danielle had
been able to take its black thickness and length inside
her. He watched as his daughter rose on to her hands.
Looking back over her shoulder at the dog handler.

He saw his daughter differently now. He had always
thought off her as his little darling daughter, a
cherub and a flower to be nurtured and protected. As he
watched the African men eye her up he saw her as they
saw her, soft and curvy. White, perfect, unblemished
youthful skin, that trembled slightly as she knelt on
the bed naked. Her breasts were full, and round. They
jutted rather than hung from her slender frame. Still
burgeoning, still growing, but full, round and sexy.
Decorated with pert, erect, pink nipples. Her legs were
lithe and shapely, still slender but they were a
woman’s legs and thighs, not that of a girl. Her waist
was still slender, which emphasized the flaring round
hips, and soft taut bottom.

From which a thick black cock protruded.

He watched mesmerised as his daughter started moving.
Her hips started slowly at first, edging backwards.
After a moment’s hesitation, she edged away from the
dog handler as though trying to escape the huge cock in
her bottom. There was a strange expression on her face.
She paused for a moment. She looked as though she was
steeling herself. Then she pushed backwards!


His daughter was not seeking escape from that thick
cock in her bottom. She was pushing it deeper. Rob
stared at his daughter unbelieving. A moment later and
she was pulling away from him drawing his cock out. Rob
was dumbstruck. He had never seen that look on his
innocent young daughter’s face. A look of sexual
ecstasy on her face as her anal muscles squeezed,
stroked, and palpitated around the black cock in her
tight bottom.

Danielle picked up her movements. Moving faster now.
The watching Africans grinned as the young girl sought
greater sexual satisfaction. Each African had already
taken their turn with the pretty girl, before allowing
the brutal dog handler to sate his perverted lusts.
Danielle was now no different that Anita, Helena,
Lucille, or indeed her mother Susan. She had become a
black cock hungry slut and they anticipated many more
hours of pleasure teaching her every sexual perversion
they could think of!

Rob felt his wife’s hands grasp the back of his neck
and force him down. He knew what she wanted. He was
reluctant to abandon the salacious sight of his lovely,
nubile, daughter being fucked. Susan, however, was
adamant. He sank from sight below the window, his head
drawn between the slickly wet thighs of his wife. She
grasped his head tightly directing him in his licking
as she herself relished the sight of the daughter of
her loins become a sex hungry woman.

Rob licked at the gushing wet loins of his excited
wife. Male sperm seemed to pour from her excited loins.
He did not know, or care, if it was male or canine. He
had become used to his own debasement, as his tongue
licked her to yet higher excitement. One thing he did
know…none of it was his…


Danielle sat quietly at the breakfast table. She eyed
her parents with some embarrassment, tempered by the
memory of both her parents kneeling and allowing the
guard dogs to mount and fuck. Her parents were equally
unsure. Embarrassed at their own excitement at watching
their sweet daughter seduced and debauched by their
African hosts. Lucille and Henry were clearing away the
breakfast clutter.

Rufus grinned at them all. Marion brought him his
briefcase. He opened it with a flourish extracting some
crisp formal papers. Passing one set to her parents and
another to Danielle.

‘I have here a new formal contract offering you a new
two year contract to begin when your existing contract
expires in two months.’

Rob looked down examining the papers.

‘As you know, your contract is dependent on Danielle
signing this contract.’ He pushed the second set of
papers towards Danielle.’ She looked up surprised,
glanced at her parents, the papers, and Rufus. He
grinned back at her.

‘It is a contract of employment for yourself. It takes
time for contracts to be processed in Zimbabwe. I will
process this with that of your parents. When their
contract is renewed you will be able to join them
living here in Zimbabwe.’ Danielle nodded. She had
known her parents wanted her to join her here after the
end of the next term. She glanced down at the papers
and read.

It was an offer of employment as a maid in the
household of Mr and Mrs Mukuru. Danielle looked up at
Lucille and Henry, and remembered their roles last

‘Does that mean…’

‘Read the contract Danielle!’ Rufus interrupted.
Danielle flushed and obediently dropped her eyes back
to the document in front of her. She read on. She would

‘….responsible for mundane and routine chores around
the Mukuru household. This would include ensuring all
was done to the personal satisfaction of Mr and Mrs
Mukuru in all matters, including personal.’ She
pondered about that last word. Was that a cover for
matters particularly personal? She looked up at Marion
who grinned back at her. A pink flush rose on
Danielle’s cheeks. Marion had woken her that morning
and offered her breakfast.

Breakfast had been Marion’s still wet and sticky vulva.

‘When guests stay overnight she would be responsible
for their personal comfort, satisfaction and
entertainment. Providing every opportunity for their
guests to satisfy their every need particularly at
night. This naturally includes their sexual needs’
Danielle swallowed.

‘At no time during this contract will you be permitted
to use any kind of protection, or take any other steps
to prevent the normal consequences of such
entertainment, whether with the Mukuru’s their servants
and employees, or their guests.’

‘What exactly do you mean by protection….do you

‘Read sub paragraph 4.2, Danielle. You will find it all
very clear.’ Danielle flushed and turned to sub
paragraph 4.2.

‘In the event of the birth of dark skinned child you
will be allowed to keep that child as your own.
However, in the event of the birth of a light skinned
child you will not claim parenthood. Indeed you will
allow the Mukuru’s to document the child’s parents as
that of Mr and Mrs Mukuru.’ Danielle’s eyes widened in

‘But…I don’t understand.’

‘It is quite simple child. There is a shortage of young
whites like Lucille and Henry here. For various reasons
many white families are leaving the country and the
numbers of beddable pretty white girls like yourself
are falling. I together with a number of other African
businessmen have agreed to a breeding programme to
supply ourselves with a continual supply of young white
girls. In the event of you giving birth to a white boy,
we will keep him and sell him locally, or more probably
to a brothel in the Yemen or Saudi Arabia. In the event
of a girl child we will see personally to her education
and development.’

Rufus glanced across at Rob and Susan.

‘I am sure your mother and father will take just as
much pleasure in witnessing my deflowering of their
granddaughter as they did in your own deflowering.’
Rob, Susan and Danielle flushed.

‘One other thing.’ Rufus pushed across another slip of
paper. ‘While you finish off your school term I have
arranged for my brother to pick you up from school on
Friday afternoons. You will obey in him in every

‘Your brother…’

‘He works for the Zimbabwe Trade Commission in London.
He will offer you to various African diplomats and
trade delegates in London for weekend entertainment.
They will provide you with more sexual fun than you had
dreamed of before this holiday.’

‘But my school won’t allow it. They are very strict at
the weekends!’

‘Your parents signed this for you earlier. It is there
authority for you to spend weekends with Kaifus, a long
time friend of the family, before joining your parents
at the end of term.’

Danielle’s hand was shook as she took the offered
pen… and signed the document.


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