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by Rachel Gumm (


For a few seconds, Leanne stared at the door, wondering
whether she should just turn around and walk away. This
was the first time she’d ever answered a personal ad of
this nature. Eventually, she tentatively raised her arm
and pressed the doorbell.

A tall, slightly muscular woman answered the door.
“Yes?” She was a bit butch for Leanne’s liking, and
looked quite a bit older, perhaps in her late thirties
compared to Leanne being in her early twenties, but
that paled in significance to what her advert had

“I’m here about the ad,” said Leanne, glancing around
at the empty street.

The woman looked her up and down approvingly. “I
suppose you’d better come in then.” She opened the door
long enough for Leanne to slide through.

“Do you have any disabilities or medical conditions?”
she asked.

Leanne shook her head. “No, none that I know of.”

“Good. Take off your clothes,” she commanded once
Leanne was inside.

“I’m sorry?” asked Leanne.

“Look, I don’t have time for all this getting-to-know-
you bullshit, OK? If you want to do this, then you have
to do exactly as I say, otherwise you should leave
right now. There are plenty of other subs in this area
if you’re not really into it.”

Leanne glanced nervously back at the door. She took a
deep breath, then took off her clothes one by one as
the butch woman went away and came back.

“Good,” said the woman as she took in Leanne’s naked
body. “Maybe you’ll be some use to me after all.”
Leanne briefly wondered if she was referring to her
obedience or her physical attractiveness. The woman was
holding a few devices which she placed on a pile on the
floor, except for one item. It was a collar, similar to
the kind Leanne had bought months ago in the hope that
her girlfriend would use it on her, before they had
split up.

Before Leanne had time to take in how quickly it was
happening, the butch woman padlocked the collar around
her neck and attached a leash to its front D-ring. At
the end of its metal chain, a thick latex handle
dangled idly in front of her labia.

“Open,” ordered the woman before holding the next item,
a gag, up to Leanne’s mouth. It was the head harness
kind, complete with a whole web of lockable straps.

“Shouldn’t we agree on a safeword first?” asked Leanne,
her voice tremoring slightly. “You know, a series of
grunts or something?” She wasn’t sure how many people
actually used them, but they seemed like a sensible

“Open, slave,” repeated the woman in a stern voice.
Leanne hesitated a moment before slowly opening her
mouth. The gag was a long ring or a short tube,
depending on which way you looked at it, and Leanne
flicked her tongue out briefly in experimentation as it
was strapped around the back and top of her head and
under her chin, padlocked in three separate places.

To complete Leanne’s outfit, the butch woman picked up
the final item in the pile. It was a single sleeve, a
device which held her arms together in a large glove-
like piece of thick latex that was laced up from her
fingertips all the way up her arms, then strapped
around her shoulders to stay in place. She’d only seen
pictures of one before, while reading up on her new
found sexuality in an online encyclopedia. She never
expected to actually be wearing one so soon.

Leanne tried to ask what the woman was going to do to
her, but she knew it would be futile. Only a mess of
incomplete syllables escaped from her gag.

“Shhh,” soothed the older woman before grabbing
Leanne’s leash and leading her across the hall.

Leanne felt her heart beat louder and louder as she was
led through the woman’s hallway, then her kitchen. She
unlocked an inconspicuous door in the utility room
before leading her through it and locking it behind her
again. Inside was only a dimly lit staircase. The
uncarpeted wooden stairs felt cold against her bare
feet as the woman led her down it. Leanne was beginning
to regret rushing into this without any experience, but
she still felt overwhelmed by excitement, thinking of
all the possibilities. At the bottom of the staircase
was a second locked door, which the stranger led her
through before she locked it behind her again.

The room was quite large, but the sight of it filled
Leanne with a very primal fear. The walls were bare
brick, and the concrete floor felt even colder than the
stairs had done. A stench of sweat and precum filled
the air. There were no decorations of any kind. There
was some exercise equipment near one of the corners,
and a toilet at the far corner. It seemed to have been
designed with long term captives in mind. There were
sturdy looking metal rings protruding from several
places in each wall, the ceiling and floor, and a
handful of chains were dangling freely from some of

There was another young woman in the room. She looked
about Leanne’s age, and was wearing only a white
bikini. She was tethered to one of the wall hooks by a
chain that must have only reached as far as the middle
of the room. There were two empty dog bowls on the
floor to one side of her, and a stack of magazines on
the other side, all featuring photographs of bound
women. She was flicking idly through one of them while
gently caressing one of her nipples through her bikini
top, apparently completely bereft of self

“Hello, my little slut,” greeted the butch woman. “I
see you’re as horny as ever.”

“Just as you want me,” said the young woman in the
bikini, smiling sweetly. As she glanced up, she noticed
Leanne, and her eyes lit up.

“Happy anniversary,” said the older woman.

“Already?” asked the woman in the bikini. “It must be
June then.”

“That’s right,” said the butch woman. “It was five
years ago that I first took you in. You kicked up a bit
of a fuss at the time, but you’ve certainly grown out
of that childish behaviour since then.”

“Sorry,” apolagised the young woman, casting her eyes
down at the floor. “I know I wasn’t very good back
then, still harbouring delusions that I could somehow
escape and go back to my old life.” She looked back up
at her mistress, her voice brighter. “But I’ve come to
accept my new role in life now. I wouldn’t even leave
if you let me.”

“I know,” assured the older woman. “And that’s why I
got you a present, to thank you for all the wonderful
years we’ve had together, and to ensure you’ll spend
the rest of your life having as much fun as you can.”
She glanced at Leanne. “I know a handful of porn isn’t
enough to keep you occupied while I’m at work all day,
so I got you something to truly keep you busy while I’m
gone. She’s all yours, to do whatever you want with.”

Leanne felt as if her whole world has just caved in.
She tried to shout in protest as she attempted to wrap
her latex-encased hands around the door handle, but it
was no use. She threw herself violently at the door,
hurting her shoulder, but the door showed no sign of
breaking. She wondered if the neighbours could hear
her. It was doubtful from this depth. At best, they
might hear a murmur and a thud, and pass it off as
someone getting frustrated at something innocuous.

“Of course, she’s just as misguided now as you were
when I first took care of you,” observed the older
woman. “But I’m sure in time she’ll learn to cherish
her new role in life, as your pet, just as you cherish
being mine.” She pulled on Leanne’s leash, dragging her
across the room until she was kicking and screaming
next to the woman in the bikini.

The butch woman grabbed the chain connected to the wall
hook next to the other woman’s, and padlocked the end
of it to Leanne’s collar before removing her leash.

“I’ll leave you two to get acquainted,” said the butch
woman as she picked up the dog bowls from the floor.
She carried them in one hand and unlocked the door with
the other. Then she was gone, a distant sound of locks
and footsteps that grew quieter until there was finally

“Don’t worry,” comforted the bikini clad woman. “She’ll
feed you pretty well if you’re well behaved. Look on
the bright side. You won’t have to worry about work,
rent or taxes ever again.” She smiled with a look of
young innocence that unsettled Leanne.

Leanne started sobbing as she curled up on the cold,
hard floor. As she looked up to see the other woman
sliding her bikini bottom off, her heart sank even
lower. She’d just worked out what the gag was forcing
her mouth open for.


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