An Irish Lullaby – Lesbian Sex Stories

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by Luanne (address withheld)


A recently divorced Irish girl living in Chicago
discovers a different side to her sexuality. (FF, 1st-


My name is Luanne… Luanne O’Brien. I guess you can
tell by my name that I am Irish, and Irish I am and
proud of it too! I was born twenty-seven years ago in
Clare County, Ireland.

My family moving to Guthrie, Alabama when I was a lass
of twelve. My dear father decided on Guthrie because he
had an uncle living there and family ties are strong
when you are Irish. My parents live there to this day
on six acres of the hardest scrabble land you ever
tried to build a farm on.

Rather than try to offer you some sort of description
of myself, let me just say that I look very much like
the country western singer Reba MacEntire. If you don’t
know who she is, then just use your imagination to
picture me any way that suits your fancy. The short red
hair and the still tightly wrapped body, all of that
and more have I. That is as close as I can come to
giving you an accurate description, and for Pete’s
sake, why would you need more? Writing a book you are?
Just leave that Chapter out then.

I met and married a handsome fellow that came roaring
into Guthrie one day on his Harley Davidson and I
practically leapt into his arms, I did… especially
when he promised he would take me out of the small town
mud puddle I was mired in. Well… he did do that…
take me out I mean… riding me behind him all the way
to Chicago, Illinois, he did. And riding me in more
ways than one, I’m thinking.

What happened in that dreary city of Chicago was him
getting drunk and chasing women every day while I
worked sixty hours a week at a Denny’s, trying to keep
a roof over our heads. My Irish temper finally caught
up with my brain one cold day and I booted his ass out
into the snow filled streets of the windy city and told
him to go live on his Harley.

But the problem then became what to do with myself. I
didn’t want to stay among the mean streets of Chicago.
I wanted to be where it was warm and sunny. My mother
begged me to come back to Guthrie, but there was no way
I could return to bluegrass and Budweiser beer. Then my
mom suggested her sister who lived in San Diego, the
mere name San Diego bringing the smell of sea and sand
and warm breezes to my nostrils.

I called the number mom gave me, and over the phone
explained the situation to the aunt I hadn’t laid eyes
on in fifteen years or more. She was very sweet to me
on the phone, she was, insisting that I come and spend
some time with her and my uncle for as long as I
wished. I didn’t want to tell her that I didn’t have
the money for a plane ticket, so I just said I would be
there as soon as I could manage.

So there it was… I had a place to go… but how to
get there was the rub. At my present rate of income,
what with having to pay rent and feed myself, I figured
it would only take four or five months to save the four
hundred dollars I would need for my ticket. A long half
year it would be, I was thinking.

And then fortune came along in an unexpected way, it
did. The fellow was a regular at Denny’s, his plump but
very pretty wife seemingly always in tow. Since he had
all along been a good tipper, I made certain I treated
the two of them with a little more familiarity than the
other customers, soon learning that his name was Gil
and his wife was Violetta.

She was dark haired and had the sort of beauty one
finds in Italian women even when they are a few pounds
over what they should be. Always wearing some sort of
low cut blouse that emphasized her breasts, she was…
for which I envied her for that. I mean I myself am far
from having been cheated in that department, but my
36C’s don’t measure up to her 38 whatevers, if you get
my meaning.

Sometimes when I caught myself looking at her breasts,
even though I had never in my life done anything with
another female, I would feel the “horny leprechauns”
begin to stir in the pit of my stomach.

Anyway, it was one of those dull, rainy nights when I
was working the “shitty shift” the six ’til two shifts
the manager made us work every four weeks on a rotating
basis. It was about one o’clock when the two of them
came in, and I could tell they had been both been
sipping at the whiskey barrel from the giddy way they
were acting, himself almost tripping as he slid into
the booth.. Looking back, I suspect the reason they
waited until they were tipsy before coming into Denny’s
was because of what it was they wanted to ask of me.

“Violetta wants to know if maybe you’d like to come
home with us after you get off of work,” he says in a
rush, real nervous like, his voice so low I could
barely hear it. “I’ll give you two hundred dollars and
it would only be you and her.”

She looked up at me and blushed. “He’s always wanted to
see me have sex with another woman,” she said. “I told
him you probably wouldn’t be interested.”

It was right on the tip of my tongue to tell them that
I didn’t play on that side of the avenue, but all I
could think about was the two hundred dollars. Half of
the plane fair, it would be.

“Two-fifty,” I heard myself saying. “Two fifty and I’ll
do it.”

Just the thought of having sex with another woman for
some reason caused the “horny leprechauns” to begin to
stir deep in the pit of my stomach. But I didn’t figure
there was any way he would want to pay that much, not
when he could just pick up one of the girls who worked
the streets for a lot less money. But as luck would
have it, it wasn’t him who made the decision.

“Deal,” she said. ‘Two fifty it is!”

I was in for it now, I thought to myself. “I don’t get
off until two,” I said. I could barely get the words
past my lips.

He looked at his watch. “That’s only forty-five
minutes. We’ll wait for you in the parking lot. We’re
driving a red Buick.”

“You’d have to take me home afterwards,” I said, my
heart racing. Maybe I was looking for a way out. “I
don’t drive.”

“No problem,” he shrugged. “We’ll give you cab fare.”

I had some things needed done in the kitchen area and
when I came out they were gone. I figured that they
wouldn’t even be there when I walked out of the
building a few minutes past two, but there they were,
sitting in their red automobile waiting for me.
Glancing around to make sure none of my fellow
employees were about, I quickly climbed into the back
seat. I guess he must have sensed my nervousness
because he quickly pulled out of the parking lot.

Once we were on the street in traffic, he reached back
over the seat and handed me several folded bills. When
I looked, there was enough light coming in the back
seat of the car that I could see there were two folded
hundred dollar bills, a fifty and a twenty. Stuffing
the bills into my purse with trembling fingers, I
sighed. I was officially a whore now. An expensive one
maybe, but still and all a whore, I was! I wondered
what my mom would say if she knew?

When he pulled up in front of an apartment building, I
realized that we were only about ten blocks from where
my own crummy flat was. But of course I didn’t tell
them that, my mama didn’t raise any stupid kids! Whores
she might have raised, but not stupid ones. Not a
solitary word was exchanged between the three of us as
we went up to the fourth floor on the elevator.

From the looks of the expensive furniture and the huge
television set in the corner of their apartment, I
realized why they could afford to pay me so much. But
all I was thinking was that no matter what I would have
to do, in my purse was the ticket for that big silver
bird that would carry me west.

The three of us stood there in the middle of the
apartment like three bumps on a log. I wondered what I
should do… what I was expected to do? Then himself to
the rescue. He must have been a frustrated movie
director because he started to take charge.

“Why don’t you two girls take off your clothes and get
all nice and comfortable.”

The “horny leprechauns” were wide awake now, flittering
about in my stomach. I mentally steeled myself and
started to take off my Denny’s uniform dress. All I
could think of as I pulled it up and over my head was
how glad I was that I had decided to wear some of my
new underwear, especially when I saw the black lace
panties and the expensive looking lacy bra that
Violetta was wearing. It looked like something from
Victoria’s Secret or some other place as fancy.

As she removed the bra and let those big titties loose
upon the world, I felt my stomach turn a somersault
even as the “horny leprechauns” began turning
cartwheels. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad as I
had been imagining it would be, I thought to myself.
Peeling off my panties, I tossed them and my bra aside
and noticed the way Violetta scraped her tongue across
her lips as she looked at the area between my thighs.
Her body language was telling me what was on her mind,
that’s for sure.

“Kiss for me now… I want to see the two of you kiss.”

His money, his show, I thought to myself as I moved
forward and pulled the dark haired woman into my arms.
It felt strangely exciting to be holding a woman’s
naked body against my own, and I willingly parted my
lips when I felt her tongue probing. Doing what my ex-
husband would refer to as “swapping spit”, she and I
went about it eagerly, our bellies rubbing together as
I tried to suck her tongue out by the roots.

Then she was pushing me down onto the sofa and sinking
to her knees on the floor between my legs. Putting her
hands under my thighs, she physically lifted my legs
and hooked them over her shoulders, then slipping her
hands under the cheeks of my behind she pressed her
face into my crotch. When her tongue snaked out and
touched the lips of my pussy, I moaned aloud and
reached down to put my hands on the back of her head in

As she began eating me, I knew that no matter what her
husband might think, this wasn’t the first time she had
ever had her head in between another woman’s legs. She
was much too experienced with her tongue, sliding it
deftly under the hood to find my clit and sucking
gently while swirling her tongue about it.

I grabbed two handfuls of her dark hair and squirmed my
pussy against her mouth as I tried to fuck her face,
then I started to come… wave after wave of sensation
creating rolling waves that cascaded down my stomach
and I actually groaned from the intensity of my orgasm.

“Okay, the two of you change places now.”

Still dazed from the aftermath of my orgasm, I numbly
got to my knees on the floor and Violetta took my
former position, her legs hooked over my shoulders.
Dipping my head forward, my nostrils quivered at the
musky, woman smell of her. I closed my eyes and touched
my tongue to the puffy lips of her pussy. The taste of
her was not nearly as bad as I had been afraid it might
be, a much nicer taste in fact than when I had sucked
my ex-husband’s peter, uncircumcised as it was.

Using my index fingers, I pulled the lips of her cunt
apart to expose the meaty redness within, then I
inserted my entire face into the perfumed valley
between her thighs and made embarrassing slurping
sounds as I licked her, but not even caring. I was
eating her cunt with a vengeance then, sucking greedily
at the fluids I was extracting from her. I felt her
spurt a small jet of urine into my mouth as she started
to come, but I simply swallowed and kept on with what I
was doing. It took her a long time to come down from
her orgasm.

Finally, reluctantly, I lifted my head from between her
legs and rolled back to squat on my haunches, my face
shining with a silvery wetness. I wiped my lips with
the back of one hand before rising unsteadily to my
feet. For the first time since his wife and I had
begun, I glanced at himself who sat on a chair facing
us, a small smile curving the corners of his lips.

Bending down to retrieve my clothing from the floor, I
quickly got dressed and sat down on the sofa while
himself called a cab for me. Violetta was still naked
and she touched my wrist. “There’s no sense me getting
dressed again,” she said softly to me, nodding her head
towards himself on the phone. “He’ll want to fuck me
now. Thank you… I hope maybe we can do this again

“No,” I shook my head. “I’ve got the money to go to my
aunt’s home in California now.”

“That’s why you did this, to earn money to go on a
trip.” She turned to himself who was just hanging up
the phone. “Gil? Give Luanne another hundred dollars.”

“I’ve already gave her two seventy.”

She just sat there looking at him, and then reached for
her underwear. His hand flew to his wallet as he fished
out another hundred and tossed it onto my lap. I stood
up and pulled Violetta to her feet and kissed her full
on the mouth… not even thinking of her nakedness. I
was thanking her in the only way I knew how.

The next day I got my final check from Denny’s, and the
day after that I was on Delta Flight 2027 bound for San
Diego. Had I known what sexual deviations I would be
immersed in a few months down the road, maybe I
wouldn’t have been quite so eager to go to San Diego.
Then again, maybe I would have…

To be continued?

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