Amazing Grace – Lesbian Sex Stories

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by LeAnna (1997)


Imagine Grace’s surprise when she undressed her lover
(who she’d just met less than an hour before at the
party they were both attending) to find that he was
really a she. What would she do now? (FF, 1st-lesbian-
expr, rom)


The music accentuated the heavy air perfectly, loud and
pulsating, almost having a life of its own. The beats
pounded away in Grace’s head, pounding in her body, as
she took another deep breath of marijuana, reveling in
the feeling of lightheadedness. 90% of the party-goers
were stoned or drunk, and nearly everybody was echoing
the beats of the music with the movement of their bodies
on the dance floor.

A young man, about 19 years old, engaged in a deep lip-
lock just at the edge of Grace’s sight, his hands moving
lewdly up her shirt and touching the woman’s undoubtedly
hard nipples. Grace sighed, exhaling the smoke slowly,
and fighting off a bout of depression.

“Don’t think about it!” she chided herself, pushing the
thought out of her head. The thought that had
reverberated throughout her mind for a year; “aren’t you
going to get laid yet? Are you going to be a virgin for
the rest of your life?”

She’d had her share of suitors, and had her pussy eaten
out a time or two. But none of them had been special
enough to let his hot cock inside of her pussy. She kept
it shaved and neat, however, hoping that one day the
chance would come again.

She was by no means unattractive, her body was
voluptuous, and her tight shirt showed off her braless
breasts, nipples pressing heavily against the fabric.
Her pants were loose, the way she liked them,
comfortable and coolly touching her skin slightly. Even
the sensuous way that the pants hung lowly off the hip
accentuated her soft curves. She just hadn’t had
opportunity with the right one yet… whoever that may

A man caught her eye. He was dressed in fashionable
1920s garb, in a loose, baggy pinstripe suit and short
hair peeking out from beneath a newsboy hat. He was
slender, and his face was beautiful. That was the only
way to describe it. Delicate beauty, almost feminine,
and his brilliant blue eyes penetrated into her own

Grace smiled coyly at this man, flirting deliberately
with her eyes, turning her body slightly to show off her
breasts, arching her back a bit to let him see the round
ass that Grace possessed.

A smile arrived to the lips of the man, and he walked up
to her. Grace offered the joint to the handsome
stranger, and he shook his head. Instead, he took
Grace’s hand, and led her into the pulsating crowd. She
pressed her body close to his, slow dancing to the heavy
metal, and caught a whiff of Old Spice cologne. It was
so faint, that she had to bring her face very close to
his neck to smell it.

Her head was beginning to spin as the effect of the
marijuana sunk in, combined with the loud music and the
heated atmosphere of all the bodies together in the
living room. She leaned her head against his shoulder
while his arms went around her, hands squeezing her
waist slightly and feeling her ass.

His lips went down, and nipped her gently on the ear. He
squeezed her ass gently, and then ran his hand up her
side, grazing her breast and lightly caressing her
nipple as they continued their sensual dance.

Grace had to shout to let herself be heard above the
party noise. “I’m feeling a little dizzy… do you think
we could find a room and go lay down?” she yelled with a
wicked grin.

He nodded wordlessly, a smile touching the corners of
his lips, and turned-heading to the stairwell to the
upstairs, where the bedrooms were. Grace held on to his
waist, letting her hands explore his ass- tight and
small. Her joint dropped from her fingers, now a roach,
as she pressed her body against his back, walking
through the stairwell to the upstairs region.

It was a large house, with about 8 bedrooms in total.
The host was from an influential family, and there were
antiques (carefully moved to the garage before the
party, of course!), beautiful carpeting (rolled back to
avoid the party), and exquisite chandeliers.

Upstairs, the elegantly furnished floor was now littered
with beer cans and food bits, and she could hear moaning
from several rooms. A loud scream wailed from a room,
accentuated with shouts, and Grace couldn’t help but
blush. She took a chance, and opened the door to a
random room hesitantly, peeking inside.

It was empty. The music was loud even as the door shut,
the sound waves passing through the thick walls. Grace
turned around and kissed her date for the evening square
on the lips, feeling the soft, moist lips of his, his
tongue slowly snaking into her mouth.

The man ran his tongue along her lips, pressing against
her as she backed into the bedroom, falling onto the bed
with this beautiful man holding her close. The bed
received their bodies with a soft “ploosh!” of air.

Grace laid herself flat on the queen-sized bed, still
kissing the man. His hands, work-worn and small, ran up
her shirt to feel her large, bra-free breasts, placing a
nipple between his thumb and forefinger, eliciting a
moan from Grace.

She broke the kiss after a few minutes, her mate sitting
atop of her, straddle-legged, with his hands up her
shirt. She sat up slightly to take her shirt off, and
asked teasingly,

“Before we go any further, I must know your name!”

“Charlie,” he responded, in a musical, lilting voice.
The voice was deep, yet smooth – like Grace’s voice
before she quit smoking cigarettes.

“Well, Charlie, I’m Grace, and this is a bit unfair.. my
tits are before your eyes, ready for your hungry lips
and you’ve not even taken your hat off!” Grace laughed,
deliberately teasing Charlie with her sexual innuendoes.
Grace tipped Charlie’s hat over off his head and onto
the bed.

Charlie had blonde hair, complementing his blue eyes,
cropped near the cheek bone, parted in the middle. It
was sexy, unstyled and flowing around his ears. Grace
ran her hands appreciatively up Charlie’s abdomen,
feeling his hard stomach. She gave it a test punch,
smiling when he didn’t respond to it. Charlie worked
out, that was obvious.

Grace gripped Charlie’s collar, bringing him down close
to her for another kiss. She reveled in the feeling of
Charlie’s tongue in her, running along her mouth,
sucking at her tongue as if it was a penis. Her body was
starting to heat, her clit throb and her pussy warm,

She hurriedly undid the buttons of Charlie’s shirt,
eager to feel Charlie’s hard chest underneath her palms.
When her fumbling fingers failed at the task after the
first few buttons, she ripped the shirt open. Charlie
didn’t seem to notice, and she slipped her hand inside,
feeling the soft skin.

Grace sat up suddenly, a look of shock on her face. Her
mind was reeling.

Before her, were a pair of beautiful, petite breasts.
They were not too small, yet small enough to be hidden
perfectly by Charlie’s extremely loose white men’s
blouse. Charlie wore no bra either, and her nipples were
jutting out proudly, erect with the sensations of
Grace’s lips and Grace’s body pressed against hers.
Charlie, now that Grace looked at her face, was a
beautiful, stunning woman.. and Grace had never known.

A shriek started to leave Grace’s mouth, when a hand
suddenly clamped down over Grace’s jaw, and the woman
leaned over and whispered soothingly into Grace’s ear.
“Shhh… shh… I won’t hurt you. If you want me to
stop, I will just button my shirt back up and leave…
You’re just so beautiful, and I only want the chance to
make love with a beautiful woman like you.” Her voice
was still rough, yet musical- the voice appeared to
occur naturally, and there was tremble of trepidation in
the notes.

Grace was stunned. She had considered herself perfectly
straight all her life, and could not even conceive of
this stud suddenly turning into a woman. The sweet scent
of Charlie’s hand- hand lotion- met Grace’s nostrils,
because it was still clapped over Grace’s mouth. As
Grace glanced at Charlie’s breasts as Charlie lifted
herself back up, slowly releasing Grace’s mouth, she

“I want you.” The words wrenched themselves out of
Grace’s mouth before she even realized she said it.
Charlie grinned at Grace devilishly as Grace’s hand
hesitantly moved to Charlie’s breast. Grace slowly felt
the hard nipple underneath her touch, and her other hand
ran across Charlie’s stomach, perfectly tight and
muscular. Those kinds of stomachs turned Grace on
incredibly- and apparently, now it seemed, the gender of
the stomach’s owner didn’t matter.

Charlie shook her blouse off of her shoulders, and
leaned over to kiss Grace’s dark nipple, her hand
squeezing Grace’s other breast gently. The feeling of
Charlie’s tongue on Grace’s nipple was too much for
Grace to resist, and she moaned softly in response.
Charlie lifted herself up, and the moistness of Grace’s
nipples made them scrape across Charlie’s skin.

Charlie moved her body around, feeling Grace’s nipples,
and Grace reached her hands out to unbutton Charlie’s
pants, letting them loose with an audible snap. Charlie
sighed as Grace removed one hand to caress her breast,
and used the other hand to unzip and tug Charlie’s pants
down part way. Charlie had long, beautiful, tanned legs,
baby soft and silky smooth. Her thighs were hard, toned,
and her butt was tight and small. She’s beautiful, Grace
thought to herself.

Charlie stood up on her knees, and helped Grace pull
down her pants. When they were off, Grace admired how
good the white cotton panties looked in contrast to
Charlie’s tanned skin, stretched tight over Charlie’s
muscles. Charlie had a rock-hard body, not grotesquely
muscular. (Grace, it seems, has a thing for slender,
tight bodies.)

Grace slipped her hand over Charlie’s mons, tickling the
pubic hair underneath the cloth. Charlie was still
standing on her knees, and would have been straddling
Grace’s stomach if she sat down, which logically places
Charlie’s pussy above Grace’s chest and neck. Grace was
enjoying the view, laying straight on her back and
massaging the pussy above her.

There was a visible wet spot, spreading as Charlie let
out a soft groan. Grace took this as encouragement, her
nubile fingers finding Charlie’s clit and massaging it
slowly. Charlie was growing more excited, her juices
dripping out of her pussy at a steady rate. She ground
her pussy slightly against Grace, her body begging to do
it harder.

Grace stopped for a moment, and tugged down Charlie’s
panties. It was getting in her way, and Grace wanted
both of her hands free to caress and feel this luscious

Grace felt herself getting turned on- no, that would be
a lie. She had been turned on half an hour ago, on the
dance floor, when Charlie had pressed herself against
Grace. Grace had been so dizzy with feeling that she had
never noticed the lack of a hard-on between Charlie’s
legs. And now that she thought about it, she preferred
Charlie’s company to a man’s at his particular moment.
Charlie was tender, loving, and incredibly beautiful.

“I want to eat your pussy,” Grace whispered, almost too
softly for Charlie to hear. Charlie, though, heard, and
lowered her pussy to Grace’s mouth, moving her panties
to the side so that Grace could access her pussy.

The aroma of this woman’s pussy aroused her, and
reminded Grace how much she liked the smell of her own
pussy, the taste of her juices on her fingers or her
then-boyfriends’ lips. On Charlie, the effect was
dizzying, overcoming Grace with lust. Grace wasted no
more time, and plunged her face into Charlie’s muff.

Charlie moaned loudly at this sudden movement,
reflexively pressing her pussy hard against Grace’s
virgin mouth. Grace rubbed her teeth lightly against
Charlie’s clit, pressing her tongue hard against the
pussy hole.

Charlie’s hands moved up to her own breasts. She felt
the small mounds of flesh, and softly tickled her
nipples. They were standing erect, and Charlie’s body
was lit aflame by this feeling of having this beautiful
woman eat her pussy, her tongue darting and flickering
around her clit and inside her pussy. For someone who’d
never eaten pussy before, she was pretty damn good.

The shock of the taste hit Grace. It was not unpleasant,
slightly salty, and.. Hard to describe. It was sweeter
than her own, and slightly dour. It turned her on- the
smells, the feeling. Charlie’s clit was hot and erect,
pulsating against Grace’s tongue.

Grace lifted her hand and put a finger slowly into
Charlie, the way well-lubricated by the excitement that
was building up inside of her. Charlie’s pussy was
unbelievable tight, and the walls quivered and held
Grace’s finger.

Grace went faster, fucking Charlie with her finger, and
licking and nipping softly at her clit. Juices were
slowly pouring out of Charlie’s pussy, as she started to
moan loudly her pleasure.

“Oh, Grace… oh Grace… you’re amazing… oh god… OH
GOD! I’m going to come!”

Grace took this as a hint and lapped harder, and
Charlie’s pussy ground against Grace’s face, pivoting
her heated pussy in a tiny circle, feeling the first
waves of orgasm hit her.

Charlie’s body stiffened, and she gripped Grace’s head
tightly. HEr eyes were shut tight, her mouth open.
Juices poured out of Charlie’s pussy the same way that
moans and howls poured out of Charlie’s mouth. Grace
started to have a tiny orgasm, also, at this excitement
that she was giving Charlie, and rammed her finger hard
into Charlie.

I’m COMMMING!” The shouts could have been audible over
the loud wail of the music, so loud was Charlie in her

Charlie responded even harder with her moaning,
thrusting against Grace over and over, while Grace
lapped up the thick pussy juice that were being released
from her pussy. Charlie bit her lip hard, gave a last
jerk, and collapsed on Grace in orgasmic exhaustion.

After a few seconds, Charlie realized she must be
suffocating Grace and moved down, resting her head on
Grace’s succulent chest for a few moments before she
moved up to kiss Grace.

“Thank you,” Charlie whispered into Grace’s ear. “You’re
so beautiful, I can kiss and hold you for hours.”

Charlie could taste her pussy juices lingering on
Grace’s lips, and her energy regenerated slowly. The
kiss deepened, and Grace’s tongue worked between
Charlie’s lips. Charlie slipped a hand down under
Grace’s skirt, and laughed softly when she found a huge
wet spot and a pulsating clit against the lace

Charlie rolled over and lay down next to Grace and
pulled Grace above her, placing them in the classic 69
position. She pulled down Grace’s pants and underwear
with a bit of a struggle, and Grace giggled softly as
Charlie was finally able to admire the pussy above her.

Grace had a beautiful, shaven pussy- spotless and
slightly red with excitement. The musk was strong, and
sexy, mingling subtley with Grace’s perfume. Charlie
lifted a finger to Grace’s slit, finding it soaking wet
and slippery.

“You enjoyed eating me out, didn’t you?” Charlie asked
softly, playing with Grace’s aroused slit.

“Yes, I did, I love eating your pussy.”

Grace leaned down and softly kissed Charlie’s hard
stomach, making Charlie tingle again. Charlie smiled
teasingly, and said, “You want me to eat your pussy?”

Grace gave an affirmative, and sighed softly when
Charlie slipped a finger inside of Grace, teasing her.
Charlie’s thumb slowly rubbed at Grace’s clit while she
teased her pussy, exhaling deeply to let a rush of hot
air on Grace’s clit.

“Oh yes, please eat my pussy out, I want you so bad, I
want to cum so bad..” Grace was almost moaning. The
built-up excitement of the last hour was getting to be
too much for Grace, and Charlie knew it wouldn’t take
too long to get her off.

“You want me to put my tongue in your pussy while I rub
your clit with my teeth?”

“Mmmmm,” Grace’s pussy got wetter in response.

“Do you want to ride my tongue, and come all over my
face? Do you want to lap up the juices from my face when
you’re dome cumming on it?” Charlie asked.

“Oh Charlie, I’ll do anything… eat me, please!”
implored Grace, who responded exactly the way that
Charlie wanted her to.

“What if I told you I wanted to put a finger in your
pussy while I was eating your sweet clit?”

“God Charlie, please…” Grace became urgent, and
couldn’t control herself any longer. She lowered her
quivering sex, almost forcefully, into Charlie’s mouth,
and let out a high-pitched moan when Charlie’s wet lips
and tongue responded eagerly, sucking at her clit and
fingering her wet pussy.

Grace was throbbing from excitement, and ready to cum
any moment. She was determined to make it last longer,
to not cum yet- it felt too good and she wanted to
string out the sensations.

Grace slipped her fingers between Charlie’s legs and
played with Charlie’s pussy as Charlie played with
Grace, her teeth and lips and tongue pressing against
Grace’s pussy. Grace was writhing in pleasure on top of
Charlie, rocking her hips back and forth in ecstasy.

“Oh my god,” Grace whispered in ecstasy as Charlie
maneuvered her mouth so that her tongue was rimming
Grace’s pussy hole while her teeth were rubbing and
massaging her clit. The dual sensation was too much to
take, and when Charlie grabbed Grace’s breast and
started to massage her nipple, Grace felt something
inside her let loose. She couldn’t hold back any longer.

“OHH FUCK! OH GOD! FUCK ME! Fuck me with your tongue.
PLEASE FUCK ME! HARDER!” Grace cried as her body was
enveloped into flames of sensation, thousands of
pleasure-tipped needles jabbing at her all over her
body. Charlie’s skilled lips and tongue worked harder,
and Grace made a long, loud moan as she jolted into

Grace’s fingers clutched at Charlie’s pussy hard, and
Charlie felt a burst of pleasure as one of Grace’s
fingers pressed the right spot on her clit during her
orgasmic frenzy.

Grace must have come for a full minute. Charlie was
drinking as much pussy nectar as she could, but there
was too much- Grace ejaculated when she came, and it
spilled all over Charlie’s face. Grace’s legs were
tightly gripping Charlie as she burst into convulsion
after convulsion.

Finally, her orgasm died away, and she collapsed on top
of Charlie, still murmuring words. She kissed Charlie
softly on her stomach, and turned around tiredly,
positioning herself on her side with her head on
Charlie’s arm. Grace leaned over and kissed Charlie’s
face gently, cleaning up her face, licking up the cum.
She slipped an arm over Charlie’s waist as Charlie held
her close to her body, feeling the thumping heartbeat of

They fell asleep like this, together, holding each


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