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by Sweetmeat (


My best friend helped me celebrate my thirty-sixth
birthday by making me her lesbian sex slave. (FF, 1st-


My best friend is a beautiful lady named Allison or
Ally for short and we have been tight ever since we met
in the 7th grade, we went on our first real date
together and when we got married we moved into the same
development together. We purchased homes on two
different streets but our back yards face each other so
we are basically still together. We both have two kids,
a boy and girl each and our kids are all in school now,
my little girl the youngest at seven and her son the
eldest at eleven. It was my thirty sixth birthday and
Ally brought a small cake over for us to celebrate with
over our usual morning coffee.

I was feeling a bit down when she got here, my husband
and kids left for work and school without wishing me a
happy birthday. As soon as Ally came into the house she
knew something wasn’t right and when I told her, she
said I needed a big hug and I said a kiss would be nice
too. She told me to stand up, wrapped her arms around
me, giving me a really nice hug with our whole bodies
pressing together, which felt so nice to me. I thanked
her and then without even thinking about it, asked her
what about the kiss and to my great surprise, she
kissed me full on the lips and it was like being hit by
a charge of electricity. Her lips were so full and
sensual and just a tiny bit wet that my knees buckled a
bit and I gasped, wrapped my arms around her and kissed
her back.

The kiss obviously affected her the same way it did me,
as she was holding me tight during the kiss and when
she put her tongue in my mouth, I moaned out loud it
was so good. We stood there kissing for at least three
or four minutes and I was now on fire, my pussy was
wet, my knees weak and I was making those little sex
sounds as we kissed. We parted lips, still holding each
other and Ally said, “MY god that was the sexiest kiss
I ever had baby, your lips are intoxicating, did my
lips make you feel that way?”

I told her that they sure did and I wanted to kiss her
again. We locked lips again but this time Ally’s hands
slid down to my ass and while squeezing my ass, she
pulled my crotch into hers causing me to moan into her
mouth. She had her tongue back in my mouth, was
kneading my ass, while grinding her crotch into mine
and my pussy was about ready to explode.

This time we kissed for over five minutes before
breaking and when our lips parted, Ally told me she
couldn’t believe how my kiss made her feel and then
with this all knowing type smile she asked if she made
me get wet while grinding her crotch into mine. I was
in such a state I could hardly talk and kind of grunted
out a yes and Ally started kissing me again. It only
took a minute for me to reach that point during this
kiss where all reason was out the door and I wanted to
be made love to, giving myself over totally to my

This time when we broke the kiss, Ally was panting and
she told me she wanted to feel my naked body next to
hers and I was so hot, all I wanted to do was get naked
and feel her body pressing into mine. We both stripped
in record time I think and when she took me back into
her arms and I felt her hot body pressing into mine, I
moaned just like I do when my husband takes me.

With Ally’s tongue down my throat I could feel her tits
pressing into mine and her pussy hair rubbing against
mine and she had her hands back on my ass again. I was
beside myself with lust now and knew I was a just a
touch of my pussy away from cumming, I was moaning into
Ally’s mouth as she tongue fucked my mouth and I was
totally open to letting her do whatever she wanted to
me. I felt her one hand leave my ass and work its way
to my belly, then it was moving towards my pussy and I
was trying to say, “Oh God!” but all I could do was
make sounds.

My legs opened up as if they had a mind of their own
and when I felt her hand on my boiling hot cunt, my
cunt exploded, shooting out cum like a broken water
main going off. My knees buckled and Ally was actually
holding me up by my pussy and ass and never stopped
kissing me as she worked her fingers into my pussy. I
was making sounds that I had never made before as Ally
was trying to work her whole hand into my pussy and she
was succeeding. I was so hot and she kept making me cum
so that I couldn’t stand any longer and we went down to
the kitchen floor with Ally’s whole hand in my pussy

Ally was laying on top of me now, fist fucking me into
absolute fuck heaven and when she put her tit in my
mouth and told me to suck while she fucked my hot cunt,
I sucked her tit like a woman possessed. I had never
felt anything quite like her hand in my pussy in my
life; she was now using her fingers to touch all over
my pussy wall while she moved her hand in and out like
it was a cock. Then she found my “G” spot and it only
took a few seconds before I screamed, lifted my whole
body into the air, only supported by my shoulders and
had the most amazing orgasm of my life.

I came so hard that even with Ally’s hand and arm
filling my pussy up, the cum shot out all the way up to
Ally’s elbow and I was so wrecked now, my body came
back to the floor, leaving me in a state of almost
total exhaustion. I was laying there panting like a dog
on a hot August day with my cunt still stuffed with
Ally’s hand and arm and her telling me what a good
little cunt I am. I had closed my legs around her arm
and even in the state I was in, it felt so good I
didn’t want her to ever take her hand out of my cunt.

We lay on the kitchen floor, while I recuperated a bit
and Ally looked at me with a big smile on her face and
said, “Happy Birthday Baby did you like my present?” I
smiled back at her and told her it was the best
birthday present ever and where did she learn to kiss
like that, she replied that she thought I was the best
kisser she ever kissed and if she had known I kissed
like that, she would have married me instead of her

She asked if I wanted her to take her hand out of my
pussy and I said, “No, not yet, but would you kiss me
again” and when she put her lips on mine, that
electrical shock was there again and when she started
moving her fingers inside me, I was hers to take all
over again. I was out of my mind in lust again in
seconds and when Ally said that this time she was going
to get on top so I could eat her pussy while she fucked
me and I was up to doing anything she wanted as long as
she fucked me.

She got on top of me without her hand ever coming out
of my pussy and when I opened my eyes, there was Ally’s
beautiful pussy right in front of my face. Her pussy
was all wet and looked as succulent as a fresh cut
piece of fruit so I kissed her hot cunt and then licked
my lips to find I really liked the taste of her hot
pussy. I kissed her pussy all over, and then licked it
from her clit almost to her asshole and she was now
moaning as she fist fucked my pussy, pushing her sweet
cunt into my face.

I grabbed her ass, slid my tongue into her hot cunt
hole as far as my tongue would go and Ally half moaned
and half screamed as she flooded my mouth with her
deliciously hot cum and then she was telling me in her
sex voice to eat her pussy, actually saying, “Oh god,
eat me baby, eat me” and I went right back to work on
her pussy trying to extract more of her hot, delicious
cum. Holding her by the ass, I could feel my finger
rubbing against her ass hole, so I wet my finger with
her cum and worked it into her ass, while at the same
time, sucking on her clit.

She was bucking on my face, moaning like a porn star in
a movie and I knew I was making her so fucking hot she
couldn’t help herself, and then she stiffened up,
hollered, “Oh fuck” and came all over my face, almost
drowning me in her hot cum. In the meantime, she was
still fist fucking my cunt, which made me go absolutely
crazy on her cunt and I ate her sweet cunt like a woman
possessed, making her fill my mouth with her hot sweet
cunt juice at least six times or so. You wouldn’t
believe how much I loved her pussy and making her cum
for me then, I was her bitch in heat and I didn’t
realize it right then, but I was going to do anything
she wanted me to.

I don’t know how many times Ally made me cum but is was
at least five or six and when she pulled her hand out
of my pussy, it had never felt that empty before. We
were still lying on the floor and Ally turned around,
took me in her arms and said, “Happy Birthday my sweet
cunt!” and kissed me with so much passion, I almost
came again.

After we broke the kiss, Ally looked me in the eye and
asked if I liked her pussy, I answered that I loved her
pussy and she wouldn’t believe how she made me feel
when she came for me and I loved how she tasted. She
kissed me again, then told me that she was so happy I
felt that way about her cunt and that she loved fucking
me and from now on we were going to fuck every day. I
was really surprised that I enjoyed her hot cunt so
much and was overjoyed that I was going to get to kiss
both sets of her lips every day and I told her so.

We stood up, Ally is about five inches taller than me,
I’m 5’3″ and she is 5’8″, Ally took hold of me ass and
lifting me by my ass, told me to wrap my legs around
her and I did. I had my legs wrapped around her waist
with my pussy pressing into her belly and in this
position, being off the ground held up by Ally was the
sexiest thing I ever experienced. She kissed me and the
top of my head almost blew off as I had never felt so
sexy in my life as then, it was the most incredible
experience ever and when she took her tongue out of my
mouth to tell me that I was her pussy now, I couldn’t
do anything but moan.

When she told me that I was her sex slave now and I was
going to stay naked so she could take me whenever the
mood struck her and I was her personal cunt lapper now,
I came all over her belly. She walked me around like
that, talking to me in-between kisses and I just kept
getting hotter and hotter until I was begging her to
fuck me. She put me on the floor, put her shoulder in
my belly and picked me up so I was lying over her
shoulder giving me this new feeling like I really was
her sex slave and she smacked me on my ass while
telling me I was her fucking whore now, I came.

I was totally out of my mind with lust for her and she
knew I was all hers now as she carried me upstairs
while asking me if being her whore made me hot for her
pussy. I was so hot I couldn’t do anything but moan and
when we got to the top of the stairs, Ally put me down,
told me to get on my knees and eat her cunt like a good
whore and I couldn’t get between her legs fast enough.

Here it was my birthday and I was on my knees eating a
pussy and all I could think about was making her cunt
cum in my mouth and I was as happy as at any point in
my life. After I made Ally cum twice, she made me
follow her on my hands and knees into the bedroom like
a good little slave and crawling on all fours for Ally,
I knew my life had now changed forever, I was Ally’s
sex slave and was loving it.

When we got to the bedroom, she walked in and said to
me, “Come here you little fucking cunt and kiss my
pussy like a good little slave” and I crawled as fast
as I could to carry out her command and taste her sweet
pussy again. Life being Ally’s personal sex slave is so
good for me, Ally bought a studded collar for me to
wear when we were together and a leash to go with it so
when she took me to those special clubs for masters and
slaves, she would put the leash on me so everyone knew
I belonged to her and yes I was always naked while in
those clubs or for that matter whenever she was with

On more than one occasion when we were together at a
party or some event, she has taken me somewhere
private, like a bathroom and makes me strip and get on
my knees and eat her pussy and you can’t believe how
hot it makes me and after I satisfy her she lets me
finger fuck my pussy as a reward. When we are together
with our husbands she always finds a way to finger fuck
me and make me cum, just so I know she owns me and can
do whatever she wants with me.

She also bought a strap-on that she uses on me a few
times a week and we go to adult films where I sit on
her lap with the strap-on buried in my pussy, naked
from the waist down so she can play with my clit while
she fucks me and I don’t ever get to see much of the
movie but I do cum a lot. She always puts the collar
and leash on me then too and leads me into the movie
with the leash; it really turns her on doing that,
leading me around with the collar and leash.

I have to wear the collar when we go clothes shopping
usually too and at first it surprised me how many sales
girls knew what it meant and how many felt it was a
license for them to feel me up and in a few instances,
put their fingers in my pussy with Ally’s approval. She
has also made me strip for a couple of the sales girls
and let them use me for free stuff and I’ll be honest,
I always enjoy it as I have acquired quite the taste
for a hot pussy.

Now I’m waiting for Ally to come over and fuck me with
the strap-on missionary style as I love that position,
I wrap my legs around her and we kiss while she pounds
my hot little cunt and tells me what a hot little
fucking lesbian whore I am.


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