After The Party

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by Rogue Writer (


Two girls meet at a party and go find some privacy for
their own party.


NOTE: This is adult material, so if you’re too young to
read sexually explicit things please stop reading this
now. The same goes for adults who don’t like this stuff.
This story should not inspire you to do anything more
than have a good time.

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I was sitting in my living room that Sunday morning,
working on the broken clasp of one of my anklets, my
favorite anklet. The most expensive piece of jewelry I
owned, it was a silver chain studded with diamond chips
given to me by an ex-girlfriend. But the price tag was
hardly the reason I cherished it. She gave it to me last
year for my twenty- fourth birthday and I considered it a
sign of how she felt about me. I was in love with her and
it was her way of saying she felt the same.

Frustrated, I tossed aside the anklet and the pair of
needle nose pliers I was using to fix it. I needed to
lift my spirits. My eyes found the small bong sitting on
the coffee table and my mind thought about watching some
Saturday morning cartoons stoned.

A tempting idea until I remembered the ex and I used to
do that together. I looked at the windows and decided to
let the exhibitionist in me take a shot. I opened the
curtains wearing nothing but a pair of thong panties,
giving an eyeful to anyone watching, but to my dismay
even the voyeur in the apartment across the courtyard
wasn’t home.

I left the curtains open and sat down on the couch,
picked up the anklet and the pliers and tried working on
it some more. The one bit of consolation I had was that
it broke in the throes of passion last night, and for the
first time in four months and I’m proud to say I wasn’t
alone for it. I kept fumbling with the pliers trying to
reach the piece that was bent.

It was tough because I was still swimming in a semi-
hangover, trying to gather the troops in my head while
keeping my eyes focused on the small clasp area. I heard
keys rattling in the lock of my front door. It scared me
at first, until I remembered I’d given Amy keys to the
apartment before she left. By the time I reached the door
she had the deadbolt open and was working on the doorknob
lock. I opened the door and yanked her halfway inside
with her hand on the knob.

“Hel-lo!” she said.

“Sorry, thought I’d give you a hand.”

“I’d prefer the tit,” she said as she patted my left
breast. I shut the door and took in the vision before me.
Amy is 5’5″ and 125lbs, I know this because her size and
body type are almost identical to mine. Her breasts are a
B cup, also like mine, but while I have brown curly hair
down to my shoulders, Amy’s coal dark hair is chin

She wore a red halter-top that exposed her belly, giving
me a nice shot of her deep bellybutton and the silver
waist chain sitting below it. A pair of black jeans and
flip flops finished the outfit, along with the silver toe
ring on her right index toe which was the first thing
about her to catch my eye last night.

“Well?” I asked.

“I got some coffee,” she said. I noticed the cardboard
tray in her hand with two cups from the coffee place down
the block. Amy flashed her pearly white smile and walked
over to the couch, setting the tray down on the coffee

I wasn’t sure if she understood what I was asking, so I
tried again. “How’d it go?”

“Fine.” Her eyes darted to the table, where she noticed
the anklet and picked it up. “I’m so sorry about this.
I’ll pay to have it repaired.”

Okay, she was avoiding it. “Don’t worry, that’s not
important. How’d it go?”

She took one cup out of the tray and took a sip. “It went
fine,” she said, her eyes looking at the cup instead of
me. “I told her and that was that.”

“And she’s okay with it?”

She held the broken anklet in her hand and nodded.

“Are you okay?”

She looked up at me and smiled, but her eyes were sad and
I saw tears in the corners. The smile faded from her
face. “No.” she croaked, looking back at the anklet. “She
said it was okay and no problem and all that.” Tears
started running and her voice was choked up. “Fuck. I saw
it in her eyes. As soon as I said the words her face just
dropped. I mean, I knew she’d be shocked at first, but
after that it was like, like she was disappointed.” I sat
next to her and pulled her to me. We hugged as she
started to cry.

“I’m sorry.” I said. And I really was, because I had
brought all of this on her.

Thirteen hours earlier I walked into my friend Mario’s
apartment. We’ve been friends since college and he now
lives in the building down the block from me. A year ago
he’d been looking for a place to live and I saw the
vacancy sign in front of what would become his new

The apartment was a two bedroom, so one of his old frat
buddies moved in with him. Even in school Mario was a
neat freak, bordering on obsessive compulsive (as a psych
major I noticed these things), but his friend played the
Oscar to his Felix and when the lease was up the friend
moved out. Last night was the first party with his new
roommate, a girl named Cynthia.

Mario isn’t involved with her, at least not yet, but
since the boy has perfected his suave chick magnet
routine I was taking open bets on the change in status.
Of course with his track record, any involvement would be
short lived and invariably end up badly.

I made my way to the kitchen, pausing to talk to the
occasional friend I saw along the way. There were plenty
of people I didn’t know, Mario’s co-workers or Cynthia’s
friends, and I felt more than a few male eyes checking me
out. In the kitchen Mario was working the blender, mixing
one of his alcoholic concoctions that could melt steel.

“Whatever it is,” I said “it’s not going to turn you into
The Incredible Hunk.”

“Hel-lo lez-bo!!!” he yelled and gave me a hug. “Here.”
He stuck a plastic cup filled with a purplish liquid in
my hand.

I took a whiff and was able to imagine the hangover
already. “What’s in this?”

“Just try it!” he yelled. I took a sip and felt my tongue
shrivel. “Well?”

“Now I know what turpentine tastes like.”

A girl standing by the stove laughed. Mario grabbed her
and pulled her towards me. “Cynthia, I want you to meet
my best friend in all the world, Tanya.”

I shook hands with Cynthia. A thin, willowy blonde, she
could have been a model except for a slightly large,
misshapen nose. “I’ve heard a lot about you,” she said.

“Then you’ve gotten your first lesson in how you can’t
trust this idiot.” I told her. Cynthia laughed again, a
little too hard this time. She’d probably have laughed
even if it weren’t funny. We talked about Mario and I
gave her some stories that he hemmed and hawed and made
excuses for. I busted his chops a little about his
reputation with women.

“I wouldn’t talk,” he said “you’re dressed like you’re on
the prowl tonight.” I had dressed provocatively, a tight
orange tank top that showed my belly button ring, dark
jeans that stopped mid-calf and sandals. I wore a gold
armband on my left arm and my favorite anklet around my
right ankle.

“Sorry to say you won’t find too much here tonight,”
Cynthia said, “all of my friends are straight.” There was
something about the way she said it, a hint of arrogance
so natural she probably didn’t even notice it. Like the
way a sheltered rich girl might tell you she’d just
shopped at an outlet for the first time in her life.

As the night progressed I got a better idea of Cynthia.
Most of her friends were male and she enjoyed flirting
with them, liked getting attention. I talked to a few and
found many of them had met Cynthia at dance clubs. When I
told one guy I was a lesbian he did the usual- asked
questions like a cop interrogating a murder suspect.

I watched Mario work the few girls who were there. I’ve
always wondered what he sees in me as a friend, aside
from the fact that I’m the only white person he knows who
speaks Spanish. We enjoy the obvious- checking out girls
together, making bets which one of us would get a phone

I think he likes having a girl pal who can call him on
his bullshit and see him for who he really is. And me? I
like having a guy friend who never treated me like a
specimen, some enigma he had to figure out. As much of a
dog as he is, he never tried to get me into bed. I told
him I was a lesbian who didn’t sleep with men and he
accepted it. There isn’t much to respect Mario for, but
the little that’s there is worth putting up with the rest
of it.

I was still debating my sexual preference with the guy
I’d just met when Cynthia walked over to us. “You two
getting along?” she asked.

“This girl is something else,” the guy said as he pointed
to me. “She’s a lesbian, but she’s never been with a guy

“I don’t understand what you don’t get about it.” I said.

“You say you’re not attracted to men, but how do you know
if you’ve never tried it?”

“Have you ever slept with another guy?” I asked.

“Hell no.”

“How do you know you don’t like it unless you try it?”

“Shit,” he said in a drunken slur “that’s not the same

I looked at Cynthia, who laughed as I leaned my head
forward into my hands in frustration. My eyes were facing
the floor and I saw a pair of beautiful, feminine feet in
flip-flops with a silver toe ring on the right index toe.
I realized I hadn’t noticed someone standing next to
Cynthia. The guy was babbling something while my gaze
traveled slowly up the girl’s body. When I got to her
face I realized she was looking me right in the eye.
She’d noticed me checking her out.

“Tanya,” Cynthia said, “This is my friend Amy. Amy this
is Tanya, she’s a lesbian.” Amy extended her hand and I
took it. There was a little lingering to the handshake,
but nothing to indicate anything more than what I was

“Yeah, but I’m a closet tennis player.” I added.

Amy laughed. She had this smile that lit up her whole
face. “You’re pretty funny too.”

Cynthia grabbed Amy. “Let’s get you a drink.” They went
into the kitchen and I followed. Mario was at the
blender, mixing something that was trying to be green but
falling short by a few shades. I grabbed him on the arm.

“Hel-lo lez-bo.” I said.

His head shot up from his work. “Who?”

I spoke in Spanish. “See the girl with Cynthia at the
fridge?” I asked. When we looked over I saw that Amy was
looking right at us. Suddenly, she winked.

“You mean the one who just winked at me?” he asked.

“Idiot, she winked at me!”

“Uh uh, she winked at me.”

“Excuse me, I just said ‘Hel-lo lez-bo'”

“You think every hot chick is gay.”

“She could be.”

“You mean you want her to be.” Mario said as Cynthia and
Amy walked out of the kitchen. He switched back to
English. “Listen, Cynthia says they haven’t been friends
long, but Amy is her new buddy for going out to pick up
guys. They go to clubs all the time and according to
Cynthia they score.” I felt all my excitement turn to
frustration and anger. I’m sure

Mario saw it in my face. “Hey, I’m not trying to bring
you down. Maybe she’s bi.”

“Yeah,” I said “that’s all I need, get involved with
another girl who will leave me for a guy.”

“So what? Because of that bitch Kristen you’re never
going to have casual sex again?”

“I’ve got nothing against casual sex, I just…really
like her.”

“You just met her,” Mario shook his head. “Now I know
that rich bitch did a number on you.”

“It’s got nothing to do with her.” I said a little too

“Uh huh. That’s why you came out to score wearing a
certain piece of jewelry she gave you? The one that, what
did you say to me back then? ‘Solidifies our

“Fuck you.” I said as I stormed out of the kitchen and
across the living room. I stood by the bay windows and
stared out into the night sky, trying to calm down. The
plastic cup of Mario’s concoction was still in my hand,
so I downed half of it in one shot. The burn down my
throat was followed by pain in my stomach. I may as well
have swallowed a grenade. I lit a cigarette hoping I
wouldn’t explode.

The door to my left was open and I looked inside. Cynthia
and Amy sat on Cynthia’s bed looking at pictures. I put
out the cigarette in an ashtray, took another swig of
death juice and stepped in. “Hope I’m not interrupting
anything, I just wanted to see what you’ve done to the
place. The last guy that lived in this room used freon as
air freshener.” God, I was babbling already. Cynthia
smiled, but the look on her face was anything but happy.

Amy laughed. “Well that’s a cheap way to get a high,” she
said. We both cracked up while Cynthia gave her fake
chuckle. Amy’s eyes squeezed shut when she laughed out
loud, and it just struck me as really cute.

“Actually I’m glad you walked in, you reminded me of
something,” Cynthia said as she got up and walked over to
a dresser. She opened the large jewelry box, took out a
few pieces, then walked over and handed them to me.
“They’re anklets. I noticed yours and figured you liked
them,” she said.

“Yeah, wow, thanks.” Okay, maybe she wasn’t so bad. I
looked through them and noticed a few nice pieces. “You
sure you don’t want these anymore?”

“Definitely. They’re so last summer.” The arrogance I’d
heard before in her voice was there again. She’s lucky
anklets aren’t that long otherwise I might have used one
to choke her to death.

Instead I just said “Thanks,” walked out, and went back
to pretending to enjoy the view at the bay windows. A few
minutes later Cynthia and Amy came out. Cynthia walked
off to talk to some guy and Amy walked up to me.

“Hey.” she said. “Sorry about Cynthia. She can be
annoying sometimes.”

“No worse than a car alarm.”

Amy smiled. “Are you kidding? I don’t think her brain and
her mouth have met yet.” We both laughed. When we stopped
neither of us spoke, a silent moment that wasn’t entirely

Amy broke the silence first. “So,” she said as her eyes
looked around us to make sure no one could hear “do you

“Oh yes.” I’d left my stuff at home because Mario is
usually well stocked, but Amy had some in her purse,
which she grabbed out of Cynthia’s room.

“We can’t do it in Cynthia’s room, she’d freak.” she
said. “Where should we go? The bathroom?”

“Let’s go to Mario’s room.” I said.

“You sure he won’t mind?”

“I’m sure he won’t notice. He smokes a pound a day.” We
made our way to Mario’s room at the other end of the
apartment. Amy sat on his bed and packed a small bowl
while I searched Mario’s CD rack. I found the Beck album
I’d loaned him and put it on. Joining Amy on the bed, we
each took a hit from her bowl.

“So I guess you like body jewelry.” she said.

“Yep. I was into it long before it was a fad and I’m sure
I’ll be wearing them long after its past.”

“Hasn’t been that long for me, but I like wearing them.
They look sexy.”

“Cool,” I said. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.
There was something I felt between us, but wasn’t sure if
it was mutual attraction. I wanted to bring it up but
everything I thought of sounded awkward in my head. Had
she heard what we said in the kitchen? Did she even know
I was gay?

“Any tattoos?” she asked.

I pulled up my shirt and showed her the black cat on the
small of my back. “How about you?”

She had the bowl in her mouth when I asked. Without
taking it out she stood and pulled down her jeans. Amy
wore a pair of white thong panties, exposing the tattoo
of a fairy on her right butt cheek. It was one of the
sexiest things I’d ever seen, at least until she turned
around and showed me the tattoo of Minnie Mouse next to
her pussy. I just wanted to lean over and lick it. When
she pulled up her pants I felt like an eight year-old
whose parents just drove past Disney World on the way to
the swamp.

She sat down and as she passed the bowl to me, used it to
tap my belly button ring. “Got any more of those?” I
stuck out my tongue to show her my tongue stud, then took
a hit and passed the bowl back to her.

“Cool,” she said. “That’s a lot closer to the tip of the
tongue than I’ve seen before.”

That was my in. “Depends on the sexual stimulation you’re
looking to give. For blowjobs on guys they usually put it
further back on the tongue. Close to the tip, like mine,
is for eating pussy.” My body actually tensed up for her
reaction as my eyes searched her face for it. But her
eyebrows didn’t raise, there was no frown and no shock
followed by a fake smile.

“Well,” she said, “I’ll just have to make sure that’s
where they put mine then.”

I know the people downstairs heard my jaw hit the floor.
Amy laughed so hard she fell back on the bed. I just sat
there and enjoyed the shock.

“Oh my God!!” she said when she caught her breath. “I
wish you could see your face!”

“Wait, you like women?”

“Well, I thought it was obvious. Between the way we
looked at each other when we met and my little wink at
you I figured you’d get it immediately. But when we were
talking by the window I realized you still weren’t sure,
so I figured I needed to get you alone.”

Amy was still lying on the bed and I crawled up on my
side next to her.

“So, you’re gay right?”

She leaned up. “Exactly how dense are you?”

“Like mercury. What I’m asking is- are you gay, bi…”
Amy sighed. “Okay. You know when you were telling Brian
you’ve never been with a guy because you’re not attracted
to men?”


She put her face right in front of mine. “All I could
think was I’m glad I’m not the only one.” Amy leaned in
and gave me a soft, light kiss on the lips. I leaned in
for more but Amy stuck the bowl in my mouth and laughed.

I took it out. “Is this you’re way of telling me I look
better stoned?”

“No silly. I just don’t want to get into anything here.”
She hesitated. “There’s a problem.”

I guessed, “You’re friends don’t know your gay.”

“No, I’m out. Actually, the only friend I have at this
party is Cynthia, but she doesn’t know.”

“I meant to ask about that. Mario told me that you two go
out and pick up guys together.”

Amy turned somber. “It’s a long story.”

“Throw in a car chase and I’ll be hooked.”

She slapped my arm. “If you must know, I graduated from
college last year and most of my friends moved away or
lost touch. When I got together with one of them I met
Cynthia and I don’t know, I guess we hit it off. I knew
she wasn’t gay, but she was between groups of friends at
the moment too. She started calling me and we’d talk a
lot. I mean, we don’t have tons in common, but that’s
what’s kind of cool. I’ve learned all kinds of stuff from
her and vice versa. I keep meaning to tell her about me,
everybody else knows.”

“But the right time just hasn’t come up yet,” I said

“Yeah, exactly. We started to hang out, going to bars and
clubs together. Guys would buy us drinks, hit on us.
Cynthia loved it. She said we made a great team for
getting guys. It got harder to tell her because I don’t
know, it just got harder to bring it up.”

“Cynthia also told Mario you guys score a lot.” I said.

Amy frowned. “I’ll take their numbers and just never
call. Those guys are lucky compared to the ones that try
for Cynthia. Watching her work pisses me off sometimes-
leading them on, playing them against each

other. She loves fucking with them more than she loves to
get fucked. I forget what the guys call it.”

“A cock tease.”

“Yeah.” she said, and looked at me. “Just so you know,
I’m not like that.”

“Oh yeah?” I said as I leaned into her. “Prove it.” I
kissed her lips passionately as my hands moved from her
shoulders to her sides. My tongue found its way into her
mouth, formally introduced itself to hers and they got
along just fine. I expected her to break it off in case
someone walked in, but she surprised me by wrapping her
arms around my back and pulling me closer.

My hands moved down her body and under her top as my
fingertips lightly roamed the surface of her skin making
her moan in my mouth. Amy squeezed my breasts through my
top, starting at the base and moving up to my nipples,
which were rock hard already. Suddenly she pulled my top
up and tried to get it off of me. I broke the kiss.

“Moving a little fast, aren’t we?” I said with a smile.
Amy said nothing as she pulled my top over my head.

“You know-” I started before her face went to my right
nipple and took it in her mouth. Every time she sucked on
it I almost lost my train of thought. “Ahhhhhsss I was
trying to…oh…say, I was just kidding uhhbout you
having tooo prove it.”

Amy laughed with her lips still attached to my breast.
She let go when I put my hand to the back of her head.

“I’m serious,” I said.

Amy looked up at me with this sweet, innocent look on her
face as her fingers played with my nipples. “I haven’t
had sex in eight months, and the last three with Cynthia
I haven’t even been able to try. I’m looking for someone
to help release all my pent up sexual tension. I mean, I
could probably go all night and most of tomorrow. But if
you want me to stop…”

In a comically serious voice I said “You poor creature!”
I pulled her head back into my breasts and said, “Super
Lezbo is here to save you!!”

Amy laughed hard. I liked being the one to make her
laugh- it gave me this huge burst of self-confidence. My
whole body was somewhere between warm comfort and
tingling excitement. Not to mention the exhibitionist in
me was getting off on having sex in a small apartment
full of people partying obliviously on the other side of
the door.

Amy switched her oral attention to my left breast while
her hand felt around my crotch. Her tongue licked the
super sensitive outer flesh of my globe, slowly circling
in to my nipple. When she got there she licked it once,
then hovered over it while she pursed her lips. The cool
air of her breath made my sensitive nipple almost hurt
from pleasure. She sucked on

it a little more and then licked down along my left side.
With her tongue still pressed to my skin she moved to my
belly button, stuck her tongue inside and moved it
around, came out and hooked her tongue into my ring,
pulling on it a little.

“I like this,” Amy said. “It looks really sexy on you.”
Before I could respond her hands unbuttoned my jeans and
started to slide them down. Her eyes bulged at my lack of
panties. “That’s sexy too,” she said. Amy was on the
floor, sitting on her haunches between my legs.

As much as it pained me to, I finally said “Listen, this
may not be such a hot idea if you’re trying to keep
Cynthia from finding out.”

She looked up at me. “Are you really that worried about
Cynthia right now?”

“I’m worried about you.”

Amy smiled. “That’s sweet.”

Suddenly her face was between my legs. Amy’s fingers
opened my folds and the feeling of her tongue sticking
inside my wet hole almost caused an immediate orgasm. I
opened my mouth.

“Ho-ly shit!”

That wasn’t my voice, not unless it dropped a few
octaves. Amy turned her body towards the door too fast,
lost her balance and fell backwards. Her hands grabbed
out for something to hold onto and found my foot, but her
right hand grabbed my anklet and I felt it come off my

“Owwww!” Amy called out as she fell on her back.

The guy I’d been arguing my sexual preference with stood
in the doorway, and the look on his face was somewhere
between shock and glee.

“Could you please shut the fucking door,” I said sternly.
He closed the door, but failed to remove himself from the
room before doing so. Amy sat up, looking at him with a
mix of confusion and fear.

“Excuse us please!” I was annoyed because I knew what was

“Don’t stop on my account,” he said.

“This isn’t the Playboy Channel. Get out.”

“Hey, after us talking before, I just want to get a
better understanding, you know, of what you get out of a
woman that you don’t… can’t see, or get, in a man.”

This guy was good and sauced. He was talking over his own
words trying to speak, probably because he had to
concentrate so hard on standing. His hands were very
animated as he talked, and I was sure the cup in his
right hand was empty otherwise it would have spilled
something by now. Apparently the initial shock had worn
off because Amy got up from the floor and walked over to
him slowly. “Brian, I really need you to do me a favor,”
she said.

“Yeah, get lost,” I said. Amy moved her hand behind her
back and gave me a ‘cut it’ signal.

“So I guess this is why you didn’t call me,” Brian said
to her.

“Yes. I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to lead you on,
but Cynthia doesn’t know I’m gay and I need to keep it
that way for a little while. I’m gonna tell her, but I
haven’t worked up the courage yet. And I need to tell her
because I don’t want her finding out second hand.” When
Amy put her hand on Brian’s upper arm he looked at it,
then back at her. “So could you please do me a favor and
just go back out there and keep this a secret? I really
need your help.”

It was the way she did it that was truly impressive. Her
voice sounded sincere and the hand on the shoulder was a
nice touch. I couldn’t see her eyes but they must have
had the desired effect because Brian’s face softened and
he lost the wicked, hungry look that had been in his eyes
since he shut the door. I was blown away.

“Okay,” he said while his head nodded up and down.

“Thanks. You’re really saving me here. I owe you one,”
she said. Brian turned, opened the door and slipped out
like a disciplined third grader whose teacher had taken
it easy on him. Amy walked to the bed and stood in front
of me. I just sat there and continued to be blown away.

“Fuck.” Amy said.

“Actually, I think that went better than it could have. I
figured we’d have to put on a show for him just to keep
his mouth shut. You played him like a violin and put him
away in his case.”

“I wasn’t playing him. I really felt bad about leading
him on. And I knew keeping this from Cynthia was going to
bite me in the ass eventually.” Amy looked to her left
hand and realized she had something in it. “Oh shit. I
broke your anklet.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Are you kidding? This thing looks expensive.”

“The only thing I paid for that is measured in emotional
cost,” I said as I took it from her hand, found my jeans
and put it in the pocket. I started getting dressed. “I’m
the one that should apologize, I got you caught.”

“Bullshit.” she said as she adjusted her top. “I could
have stopped it anytime.”

“You did. I kept pushing and I had an unfair advantage,
you’ve been celibate for eight months.”

“You didn’t know that until I took charge. Look, it
doesn’t matter. I don’t want this to end tonight.”

“Me neither.”

We embraced and shared a passionate kiss. She broke it
suddenly. “Just help me out here, what part of the wink
didn’t you get?”

“I was standing next to Mario when you winked at me and
he thought you winked at him.”

“Okay, nothing against the guy, but ewwww.”

“I’ll tell him you said that,” I said. She slapped my arm
again and I smiled briefly. “Right after that he told me
about you and Cynthia being pick up buddies, and I was
afraid he was right.”

“Jeez, I really need to put a stop to this. But not
tonight, I want to spend the rest of this evening
learning about you.”

“My place is just up the block, if that’s cool with you.”

“Definitely. But do you mind if we go back out to the
party for a few minutes?”

“No prob, you haven’t told her yet. We should leave
separately too. I’ll take off in a few minutes and wait
for you in front of my building. You get your car,
there’s a lot behind my building.”

“Cool. Thanks for understanding.” She flashed her
thousand watt smile, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and
we went back out into the party. Amy went looking for
Cynthia and I walked into the kitchen looking for Mario.
He wasn’t there, but Brian was, and he proceeded to give
me an apology spoken in fluent Drunk. I was horny and in
no mood, but being stoned usually raises my level of
patience and he seemed sincere.

While I stood there, Amy appeared in the hallway outside
of the kitchen and saw my predicament. She smiled,
stepped into the doorway so no one in the living room
could see her, unbuttoned the top of her jeans, quickly
slid the zipper down and flashed me her bush. Apparently
she hadn’t put her panties back on. She buttoned back up,
smiled again, and disappeared.

I interrupted Brian. “Listen, no offense, but I gotta go.
Do me a favor, though- lay off the sauce a little, I
think a girl would find you a lot more interesting if you
were closer to sober.” I patted him on the cheek, walked
out of the kitchen and found Mario in the living room.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” I asked. We walked over to
the windows.

“Listen, I’m sorry. I was possessed by the evil spirit of
Dumped Girl and I know I shouldn’t have taken it out on

“Yeah, me, the guy who got you drunk the night after
Kristen split and had to listen to you ramble on about
how great in bed she was, what a great cook she was, how
well she wiped her ass after taking a crap…”

I laughed. “I know, I’m sorry. But if you forgive me I
promise not to tell Cynthia any more embarrassing stories
about you.”

He folded his arms across his chest. “Not much of a deal,
but I’ll take it. This whole thing could have been a lot

“Yeah, I could have ripped some of your limbs off.”


Twenty minutes later I stood in front of my building
having a cigarette. My buzz from the pot and the booze
was still going strong, probably because my libido
assisting them both. But, as good as I was feeling, my
experience with Cynthia had left a bitter taste. She was
one of those people who thought they were better than
everyone else and it bugged me that I didn’t use my sharp
tongue to cut her to shreds.

I held back at first because I didn’t want to make waves
for Mario with his new roommate, and later because I
didn’t want to alienate Amy. But I couldn’t help feeling
like Cynthia had gotten away with something, like I let
her get the best of me. It was starting to kill my good
mood, not to mention my favorite anklet was broken.

That’s when the idea hit me. I took the anklets that
Cynthia had given me from my pocket and chose two. One
was a white shell anklet, the kind I like to wear at the
beach, and the other was a thick braided brown leather
piece. I put one on each ankle and shoved the rest in my

Little did Cynthia know I was going to use the jewelry
she gave me to turn on her “pick-up buddy”. It may not be
much revenge for some people, but it made me feel better.
Fuck her.

Amy drove up in a brown Toyota that looked almost as old
as me. I directed her into the driveway and jumped in.
The car surprised me by making it up the steep hill and
Amy pulled into my space. “No offense, but this thing’s a
relic.” I said when we got out.

“It’s an ’82, but it’s in good shape. Where’s your car?”

“In the shop.”

“Mmm hmm…”

We walked up the stairs in my building, Amy following
behind me. She pinched my right ass cheek, then the left.
“Hey! Behave yourself!” I said.

She pinched the right one again. “Why? You afraid of
someone seeing us?”

“Actually, I’m hoping someone does.”

Amy started to grab for the left cheek but I ran up the
stairs and she chased me. When we reached my floor I ran
to the door of my apartment and put my back against it.

“Can’t get to them now, can you?” I teased. My legs were
spread rather wide, and Amy leaned in close as her hand
reached between them.

“Guess I’m going to have to find another route then.” Her
fingers pressed hard against my shorts as they slid over
my crotch and down between my legs until they came
against my butt crack. She squeezed and started moving
her hand back out until she stopped over my crotch, her
face now inches in front of mine.

“Mmmm, what do we have here?” she said in a sultry voice.
I could feel her warm breath against my face and it
smelled like stale pot and mint, probably from some kind
of gum or breath candy. Her hand pressed hard against my
crotch and I let out a low moan. Amy quickly unbuttoned
my shorts and I felt them drop to my ankles. I was now
exposed from the waist down. Her fingers began to move
lightly over my pubic hair, her other hand roamed under
my top and her mouth was showering mine with little
kisses. Amy pulled her head away while her hands stayed
on the job.

“From what you said in the stairs,” she said, still
speaking in the sultry voice, “I guess you’re an

“Uh huh.” I managed to say.

“So what we’re doing right now is turning you on?”


“Well get ready, cause it’s going to get a lot better.”
And with that her mouth went to my neck, her tongue
licked down to my left nipple, teasing it through my top,
continuing to my bellybutton where she appreciated my
ring again. She moved slowly down to my neatly trimmed
mound and began poking through the hairs with her tongue
to tease the sensitive flesh underneath. My hands were on
her head, fingers stroking her hair as she teased me. I
closed my eyes when she blew her warm breath on my mound,
letting the hairs there do her dirty work for her.
Suddenly, her tongue stabbed into my folds and my hands
tightened up in her hair.

“Owww!” she yelped.

“Sorry,” I moaned. “It’s just you’re driving me…,Oh
God.” Her fingers spread my lips apart and her tongue
explained how over it she was. A finger from her other
hand found its way to my opening and eased in without a
problem, thanks to how wet I was. This was bliss. I was
standing in the hallway of my apartment building being
sucked and fingered by a pretty girl- at any moment
someone could walk out of the elevator or see through the
glass door of either stairwell on the way up to their

I was moaning so loud that anyone could hear it through
the paper walls of this place and come out of their
apartment to get an eyeful. It was an exhibitionists’

Amy’s finger pumped in and out of my pussy for a while
before she removed it. I moaned in protest before I felt
it moving up my ass crack, looking for another opening.
She found it and the tip of her cum soaked finger pressed
into my rosebud, easing its way in until she began
pumping in and out while still eating me. I didn’t last

“Ohhhh! Fuuuuck Yessssss!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!” I believe those
were my exact words as I came all over Amy’s face.

She let me come down from my high- for about two seconds.
I thought her tongue was simply lapping up my juices, but
another finger joined the one in my ass and they began
pumping in and out. I felt another orgasm building
quickly and started moaning loudly again.

That’s when I heard something hit against a door. Looking
around, I saw a light under the door of the apartment
across from mine. There was as shadow blocking part of
the light and I realized the girl who lived there was
watching through her eyehole. I smiled and decided to
give her a little more. My hands left Amy’s head and
pulled my top over my breasts. I licked both my fingers
and started playing with my nipples.

The shadow under the door shifted for a few moments and
then fell back into place. I figured she had just slipped
her hand to her pussy and started masturbating. So now
two of us were getting off, although I doubt my neighbor
was getting as much pleasure as I was. I continued to rub
and pinch my nipples while Amy licked and sucked my
clitoris and had two fingers pumping in and out of my
ass. I began to moan louder, partially for my neighbors’
benefit, but mostly because Amy was bringing me over the

A door down the hall opened and the short, plump middle-
aged woman who lives there poked her head out and spotted
us. She saw me standing against my door, exposed from the
top of my breasts to my ankles, a girl on her knees
eating me out while I played with my nipples. Even from
down the hall I could see the shock on her face as her
eyes bulged from their sockets. Her head darted back into
the apartment and her door slammed.

That threw me over the edge. I came so hard that I
gritted my teeth and pushed my back into the door.
Standing on my tiptoes and breathing a mile a minute, my
face was covered in sweat. Amy looked up at me. The lower
half of her face was so coated in my cum that little
droplets were hanging off of her chin. She pulled her
fingers out of my ass, stuck them in her mouth and sucked
on them.

“You’re a very naughty girl.” I said as she pulled the
fingers from her mouth.

“You have no idea how naughty I can get.”

Without fixing my clothes, I picked up my purse and
fished out my keys. “Why don’t you come inside and show

I held out my hand and helped Amy up, opened the door and
was about to walk in before I remembered my neighbor. I
turned around, grabbed Amy by the shoulders and swung her
around so she could see both of us and kissed Amy
passionately. Her arms pulled me tight as my tongue
invaded her mouth.

There was something about that kiss, something much more
than the show for my neighbor it was intended for. Maybe
it was the things we had in common or all of what we’d
been through that night; maybe it was just plain
happiness that we’d found each other. But there was
something magical about that kiss, and writing with
hindsight as a collaborator, I do know it was the moment
I realized this was much more than a one-night stand.

It wasn’t the moment I fell in love with Amy, because I
know exactly when that happened, but I knew something
more was going on here. The kiss lasted for almost a
minute, and we held each other so tight I thought we were
going to melt into each other. When we finally broke we
just stared into each other’s eyes.

It took me a moment to remember what I intended to do in
the first place. “I just love the taste of my cum in
another girl’s mouth” I said, then turned to my neighbors
door, waved and said “Hope you enjoyed the show!”
Shuffling as fast as I could with my shorts around my
ankles, I pulled Amy into the apartment and closed the

“What the hell was that all about?” she asked as I kicked
off my shorts.

“The woman in that apartment was looking at us through
her peephole,” I said.

Amy’s eyes widened. “Oh my God! That’s so cool!!”

“At least I don’t have to worry about her complaining to
the Super.” I leaned down and took off my sandals. “I’ll
be lucky if the old bat down the hall doesn’t call him

Amy looked puzzled. “What old bat?”

I pulled my top over my head. “The one that opened her
door and saw us going at it.”

Her face was in shock. “When the hell did that
happen?!!!” I walked up to her, stark naked except for
body jewelry, and put my arms around her.

“When you were hard at work,” I said as I started licking
cum off the bottom half of her face, “and you were very
dedicated to your work. But right now you’ve got entirely
too many clothes on.”

“Right now I have to go to the bathroom, really bad,” she

“Okay, you go enjoy my bathroom while I pant for you out
here.” Amy smiled, and for the second time tonight I
realized what I love more than seeing her smile is being
the one to make her smile. As soon as she shut the
bathroom door I raced into my bedroom and turned on the
lava lamp, lit some incense and a few candles around the
room. My bedside lamp provided just enough light to see
by without being too harsh.

Now comes the hard part– finding the right music.
Looking through my CD collection, I tried to figure out
if we were going to fuck like animals, which meant Daft
Punk, Soundgarden or maybe even Slayer (hey, don’t knock
it until you try it), or make slow passionate love, which
called for Mazzy Star, Jimi Hendrix or Sade. I finally
decided on Barry White because his music would work
either way. The toilet flushed and I jumped on my bed to
lie in a seductive position. I heard the door open and

Her naked leg moved into the doorway, then around the
doorframe to settle against the wall. As that happened,
Amy slid her naked body over the doorframe so that only
half of one side was visible. Her arm followed,
positioned against the wall reaching up towards the
ceiling. I can’t properly describe how sexy she looked
with her body leaned up against the doorframe like that.
It looked like the pose for some erotic photograph or
painting. I’d cum twice in the last fifteen minutes and I
was wet again.

“Ready for Round Two?” she asked in her sultry voice.

“Bring it on, baby.”

She walked towards me slowly, swinging her hips adorned
with the belly necklace, to the beat of the song. Amy
climbed up on the bed and, struggling to keep her
balance, stood over my head.

“You said you like body jewelry, so I’m sure this caught
your eye.” Amy put her hands against the wall and lifted
her right foot, positioning it over my face and pointing
her toes down. I could see the first thing about her that
caught my attention- the toe ring. She lowered her foot
to my face and I took her toes into my mouth, sucking on
them gently.

Looking up I saw her smiling. A naughty thought hit me
and I pulled her foot out of my mouth. “Got an idea! Stay
just like this!” I said as I slipped out from under her
and ran into the kitchen. I found what I was looking for
in the fridge and ran back into the room. Slipping under
her again, I opened the top of the squeeze bottle and
took her foot in my hand as I poured some on her toes.

“Ohhh that’s cold! What is it?”

“Caramel,” I said. “My favorite topping.” I put down the
bottle and resumed licking her toes. “Mmmmmm,” I licked
off all the caramel and then used my tongue to play with
her toe ring. “Get down here,” I said. Amy lay down on
the bed next to me.

I pushed her onto her back, grabbed the bottle and
started pouring caramel on her breasts.

“Still cold!” she said.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be on you long.” I put the bottle
down and started licking her right breast. Amy moaned as
I worked my way from the outside of her globe towards her
nipple. I took it into my mouth and sucked until it was
rock hard, then began scraping it with my teeth.

“Ohhh, yeah, oh, that feels so wild,” she said. I moved
over and gave her left breast the same treatment,
enjoying my caramel covered treat. Leaning up on my
elbow, I grabbed the bottle again and aimed for her
bellybutton. She had one of those large, deep
bellybuttons and I filled it until the tan gooey stuff
was leaking off to both sides of her body.

I licked up each of the streams and then stuck my tongue
into her bellybutton, swirling it around inside while my
hands squeezed her breasts and my fingers flicked her
nipples. When I finished sucking all of the sugary liquid
out of her bellybutton I moved lower towards her other
two holes, until I got to the Minnie Mouse tattoo. I gave
Minnie a quick lick and a kiss.

I had her flip over and gave the fairy tattoo on her ass
a quick lick and a kiss (wouldn’t want it to feel left
out), then spread her cheeks and caressed her anus with
my tongue.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she cooed “and you said I was a naughty
girl.” I poured caramel all over her ass, sucked on my
middle finger until it was good and wet and eased it in
her rosebud. While my finger pumped in and out I
proceeded to lick the rest of her bottom clean. Amy arms
gripped my pillow tightly as she moaned louder and
louder. I made a mental note about how sensitive her ass

When I was finished I turned her over again and kissed
the thin strip of dark pubic hair between her legs,
pausing to feel those hairs against my lips. I pushed her
legs up and back as Amy grabbed her knees and pulled them
towards her face. Lowering my head to her spread lips, I
swiped my tongue the full distance along them.

“You’re not going to sweeten the pot?” she asked,
indicating the caramel bottle.

“This honey pot is sweet enough,” I replied. My tongue
took another swipe and then I started licking in earnest,
moving all around her lips and occasionally taking a
shallow dip into her hole. Amy started pinching and
rubbing her nipples. I let my fingertips roam lightly
over Amy’s buttocks as I ate her out, causing her to
breathe audibly and in short gasps.

“You like that?” I asked.

“It’s that tongue stud. I didn’t know it would make such
a difference.”

I dove back in and found her clit sticking out, looking
for attention. I gave it and Amy yelled as my tongue and
the metal stud licked and teased her love button. My left
hand held her folds open as I coated the fingers of my
right with her juices. I slid my right index finger into
her pussy as the middle finger eased into her ass. Amy
took in a loud, sharp breath. I began pumping both her
holes as my tongue continued on her clit.

All this attention soon worked her into a frenzy, Amy’s
back arched and her hands grabbed and twisted my
bedspread so hard that I worried about them finding my
head. I kept waiting for her to climax, but every time
she approached the summit she managed to ride it out a
little longer. Finally, she let out a long yell. “Ohhhhhh
pleassssseeee!!” And after taking in another breath she
screamed, “MAKE! ME! CUM!”

I realized she was over-stimulated by all this attention.
I pulled out my fingers and simply clamped my lips onto
her clit and began sucking. Her legs began shaking and I
managed to close my eyes just before she exploded all
over my face. Amy let her legs fall onto my back and we
lay there for a while. I thought she was asleep until her
feet began to caress my skin.

Revenge is sweet, so I started to lick her juices from
the inside of her legs until I’d worked my way back to
her sex. Acting like I was cleaning up, I spread her
folds and slowly licked the whole area, innocently
pressing my nose here and there, until I heard her moan.
When she pushed her hips into my face I knew I’d
accomplished my mission. I began licking with renewed
vigor as Amy brought her knees back to her face again.

In grammar school, the other kids used to tease me by
saying there was a snake living in my mouth because I had
a long, thick tongue. Back then I hated my tongue for all
the grief it caused me, and being able to touch my nose
with it was little consolation. But a few years later,
when I first had sex with a girl, I realized some of the
more important advantages to having a snake in my mouth.
And it was because of these advantages that Amy cried out
when I plunged my tongue into her hole and began fucking
her with it. She moved her body back and forth to meet my
stride, mashing my nose into her clit and inebriating my
sense of smell with her sweet musk.

Her gasps became grunts as she came closer and closer to
orgasm, those grunts working in time with our strides and
causing her body to move with greater force. I moved my
fingers up to her folds and played with them when I could
catch them, her body was moving so violently. When my
right index finger was good and wet I managed to move it
along her crack and find her rosebud, position it
slightly inside and on the next thrust I pushed it in.

“OH GOD!! OH GOD!! OH GOD!! OH GOD!! OH GOD!!” she
yelled, following it with a scream that I’m sure the lady
in the next apartment, the couple upstairs and maybe even
the deaf old man below heard. Amy exploded onto my face
again, covering it with her cum as her body went into
convulsions. I tried lapping up as much as I could, but
most of it still ended up on me. We were both breathing
heavily and, as I crawled up beside her, I realized my
body was covered in sweat.

Between breaths Amy managed to say, “Never… I’ve…
never… uh… wow.”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself,” I said. She leaned
over and kissed me softly on the lips. When Amy leaned
back I noticed her eyes looked glassed over, almost wet.
She looked so vulnerable at that moment.

“You okay?” I asked.

Amy smiled, not her usual face-lit-up smile, but a giddy
smile. “I’m way okay.”

I laid back and we hugged each other, her body was just
as coated with sweat as mine. We stayed there quietly
until our breathing slowed, listening to Barry White sing
about the relationship between love and sex. After a few
minutes I got up and went into the kitchen.

“Getting the whipped cream now?” Amy called out. Her eyes
lit up when I walked back in the room with my little
bong. “Well, well, someone has a hankering for
happiness,” she said.

“Hankering? What farm did you grow up on?”

“Shut up and pack the thing!”

We sat on the bed talking and passing the bong back and
forth. I just felt so comfortable around her, like we’d
known each other for years. Every subject one of us
brought up the other had input on. The load in the bong
was just about finished when we noticed there was no
music. We were so engrossed in conversation (not to
mention very stoned) that neither of us noticed the CD
had ended.

“Go ahead and put something on,” I said.

“What do you want to hear?” she asked.

“Surprise me.”

She got up off the bed to look through my CD’s, and as I
took one last hit from the bong I admired her naked form.
Three hours ago I’d met her and could only dream about
seeing her naked. Not long after that was when I first
saw the fairy tattoo on her butt and could only imagine
what it was like to lick it. Now here she was, naked and
looking through my CD’s during the break of a very
intense lovemaking session. And I’d licked a whole lot
more than that fairy tattoo.

“What did you choose?” I asked when she changed the CD.
Amy just peered over her shoulder with a smile and a sly
look in her eyes.

“Only one song,” she said. Amy turned around just as
Donna Summer’s ‘I Love to Love you, Baby’ started up. She
sashayed towards the bed with the rhythm of the music. I
was pretty sure I’d cum the second she touched me.

Amy kneeled on the bed and leaned down towards me. I
raised my head to her, our mouths were about to meet,
close enough where I could feel her breath, when her head
ducked away quickly. Before I could see what she was
doing I felt her warm lips on my left nipple. She sucked
on it hard, causing my nipple to stiffen. Amy moved over
my right nipple and licked the areole. Then she blew
lightly on it until it got hard, kissed it, and then
licked her way down to my belly button.

“You really do love playing with that thing.” I said as
her tongue worked between my skin and my ring.

“It turns me on.” Amy kept licking down towards my mound,
pausing to tickle my lower belly, until I felt her tongue
lightly moving over the top of my pubic hair. She spread
my legs and planted a kiss on my pussy.

Moving away, her tongue trailed down my right leg and
licked my ankle. When her tongue passed over the anklet I
heard her give a little laugh. Had thoughts of Cynthia
and what we were doing entered her mind? I was about to
ask, but she began to suck on my toes and I decided this
was no time to concern myself with Cynthia.

When she licked the bottom of my foot it ticked, so I
tried to pull my leg away, but her hand had a hold on my
ankle and she continued to torture me. I tried to kick
her with my left foot but her other hand grabbed it and
kept it away.

“Stop it!” I managed to say between laughs. I finally
managed to bat her on the head with the foot she was
licking. She smiled and let go of both my feet.

“For now,” she said. “But now I know you’re ticklish.”

Lying between my legs, Amy’s fingers spread my lips and
sucked them between hers. Switching back and forth
between each side, she managed to get me good and wet by
the time her tongue came out and licked every inch of my
pussy- every inch with the exception of my clit, which
she sadistically avoided. I moaned when I felt a finger
slip into my hole, followed by another. I put a leg over
each shoulder, rubbing her back with my feet. As she
began pumping in and out, her lips closed on my clit and
sucked it hard. My moans turned to yells and that spurned
her to increase the speed of her fingers and the pressure
of her lips. My heels dug into her back as I felt my
internal roller coaster go over the hill.

I remember screaming, “I’m cummmmiiiiiiinnggg!!” as I was
brought to another shuddering climax. Amy’s tongue licked
up my juices while my body spasmed with every touch. I
lay there in post-orgasmic bliss, looking up at the
ceiling, when I realized I was seeing faint spots from
shutting my eyes so tight when I came. Wow. But this
still wasn’t the moment I fell in love with Amy.

The stereo moved to the next CD, which was Mazzy Star. I
felt her hands on my hips. “Turn over,” she ordered. I
complied and felt her tongue on the globes of my ass. She
licked them all over, eliciting moans when she reached
the sensitive spots where my legs connect to my butt. But
they were nothing compared to the sounds I made when her
hands spread my cheeks and her tongue licked the length
of my crack. She did that two more times before narrowing
her attack down to my rosebud.

I felt her tongue move back and forth over my anus, and
combined with the post-orgasmic bliss it created an oddly
calming sensation. She gave my ass a little kiss as she
finished and crawled up beside me. I rolled onto my side,
pulled her to me and softly kissed her on the lips. Our
tongues wanted in on the deal, and the kiss grew in
passion as our hands traveled to each other’s breasts and
tweaked the nipples. At the same time our pelvises ground
into each other and I felt myself getting wet again.

I broke the kiss and said, “I have an idea.” I positioned
the two of us so our legs scissored each other and Amy
and I began to grind our pussies together, the wetness
lubricating each other’s lips like a French kiss. “I saw
this in a porno,” I said.

“Ohhhhhh…” escaped from her mouth. I looked over and
saw her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly
parted. She leaned up on her arms while I lay on the bed.
It felt so sexy doing this, grinding her pussy up against
mine. She bent her knee and suddenly her foot was in
front of my face.

I don’t know if she did it purposely or just to get more
comfortable, but it was an invitation I just couldn’t
resist. I pulled her foot to my face and began to lick
her toes, playing with the toe ring again, and worked my
way up to her ankle and back down again. When I started
licking the bottom of her foot, Amy pushed against me
harder and moaned louder.

Her clit must have brushed up against my wet folds
because she cried out, so I moved my hips to try and find
it again. When I did she cried out again, I stopped
licking her foot and closed my eyes as she grinded into
me. I felt her shudder and realized she was cumming.
After she was done I got between her legs and licked up
her honey.

I lifted my head and said, “I just realized I’m a
horrible hostess. I haven’t offered you anything to drink

“I’ve had plenty to drink, thanks.” As she said it, she
used her thumb to wipe a drop of her cum off of the
corner of my lip and licked it off.

“Well, I could certainly use something.” We went to the
kitchen and she was surprised to see I had Kool-Aid. We
sat on the couch in the living room and turned on the TV.

“I guess you don’t mind if people can see in,” Amy said
as she pointed to my windows. The drapes were pulled back
and we were still naked.

“I’m a born exhibitionist. There’s a guy who lives in the
building across the way who I’ll give a show to every
once in a while.”

“You’re evil. Either he’s gone to bed or he’s not home
’cause his lights are out.”

“Guess he’s missing the show,” I said.

Late night TV isn’t what it used to be, but we had a good
time making fun of the infomercials. Lying on the couch,
I noticed we always managed to keep skin contact
somewhere, and it added to the warm glow I was basking
in. It also gave me a reassuring feeling that I wasn’t
the only one who felt like this was more than just great

About forty minutes later I looked up and noticed the
light in my voyeur’s apartment was on. I walked up to the
window and, squinting my eyes, I could see him standing
by the window holding his binoculars. He’s rarely ever
shy about showing himself, probably figured out that when
I know he’s there I’ll get really wild.

“My buddy’s back,” I said as I walked back to the couch.

“You ever worry that he thinks you’re leading him on?”
she asked.

“He’s seen me with girls before. I think he gets the idea
I’m not into men.”

“You don’t think he’s dangerous, like maybe he’d attack

“The guy gets plenty of women. I’ve seen him with them in
front of his building and I can see into his place when
he brings them home. One time I was here with a girl and
I noticed him looking over here, and he had a girl with
him and she was looking too. And he’s very respectful,
always closes his blinds when he goes into the bedroom
with the ladies and he’s never tried to take pictures. I
think he’s just thankful for the view.”

“Well, since he’s looking, I don’t think we should
disappoint him.” Amy leaned in and kissed me and we
started playing with each other’s nipples again.

“Do you have any whipped cream?” she asked. I went to the
kitchen and brought out the kind with a spray nozzle. She
tipped the can back and shot some into her mouth, pulled
me to her and started frenching me. I shot some cream
onto her nipples and slowly licked it off, and then she
did the same to me. Amy kneeled on the floor and spread
my legs, sprayed some onto my pussy and ate me out. I did
the same to her and we ended up in a sixty-nine.

I think Amy was as turned on about being watched as I
was, her pussy was really wet and she was very
responsive. I fingered her anus and she did the same to
me. I’m pretty sure Amy was ready to cum before me, but I
think she held off until I caught up and we came
together. When I felt strength return to my limbs I got
off the couch and walked to the window.

My voyeur had already abandoned his post, but after a few
seconds he walked into his kitchen and poured a glass of
something. He looked out the window and saw me standing
there. I waved at him and he waved back. I closed the
drapes and Amy and I went to my bedroom and lay there
talking for a while.

Somewhere around five in the morning we finally passed
out in each other’s arms. After what we went through I
figured we’d sleep until noon, but I woke at 9:30 and
found myself alone. Just when I thought she’d left I
heard the sink in the bathroom turn on. Pulling the
covers back around me, I snuggled in waiting for Amy to
come out. I heard Amy talking, but I couldn’t make out
what she was saying through the bathroom door.

“I can’t hear you!” I called out. She continued talking
and turned the sink off. The door opened and Amy walked
out with all of her clothes on, talking to her cell
phone. I mouthed “sorry”, but she smiled and waved it

“Okay, yeah. Twenty minutes. Bye.” She turned it off and
put it in her purse.

“Off to see your next girlfriend?” I said in mock

“You got me. I have to come clean. I’m a hooker.”

“I should have known with that outfit.”

“Hey! You weren’t exactly wearing a habit last night

“So, off to see one of your clients?”

“The first of my many janes for today,” she said.

“Any more room for me in there?”

Amy sat down on the bed, leaned over and put her face
right in front of mine. “I think I can fit you in between
the housewife and the sorority orgy.” She pressed her
lips to mine and we engaged in a soft, wet kiss that
could have lasted the rest of the day for all I cared.
When it was over we just stared into each other’s eyes.

I broke the silence with “You were just kidding about the
hooker thing, right?”

Amy shook her head. “Like mercury.”

“Hey, I warned you.”

“That was Cynthia on the phone.”

“Uh oh.”

“I called her. We’re going to meet in that little diner
down the street. It’s about time I came clean.”

“You sure?”

Amy rested her elbows on her knees and her hands propped
up her chin. “I laid here watching you sleep for…I
don’t know how long. And I kept thinking about how this
was going to work out. It’s not just me lying to Cynthia
anymore, now I’ve got to drag you and Mario into it.

And that guy Brian, he’s like a ticking time bomb waiting
to go off.” Amy sighed and shook her head. “It sounds
like the plot of some stupid romantic comedy, except no
one’s laughing.” Her eyes turned from me to some far off
place. “It’s ridiculous. I’ve come out to every other
person in my life. Why the hell am I so scared of

“Because you haven’t known her that long and you’re not
sure how she’ll take it.” But deep down I knew that
wasn’t true, she had a good idea of how Cynthia would
take it- Amy knew she was going to lose her as a friend.
That was her dilemma.

Amy was dealing with it by putting off telling her, and
if she was still in the closet that would be fine. But
being out to everyone but one person, living in fear of
running into an old friend while with Cynthia (like how
she described Brian, “…a ticking time bomb waiting to
go off”), even putting her love and sex life aside. This
was how she was living, and it was no way to live. That’s
why I didn’t argue even though I knew she’d come back
crying. And when she did I told her I was sorry, because
I let her go meet Cynthia knowing this. Because I let it
all happen.

So there we were on my couch, Amy crying as I hugged her
tight to my naked form. Being an exhibitionist, there are
very few times in life when I feel uncomfortable naked,
but this was one of them. Maybe if we were both naked I’d
feel better, but I was hardly about to-

I pulled Amy away from my chest. “Let’s go take a bubble

I drew the bath while she got undressed and we got in
facing each other. My skin was touching hers, but I
didn’t as much as play footsie with her. I had no
intentions of doing anything until she was ready, and
that looked to be a long way off. Every time her tears
dried a new set would follow. Cynthia’s reaction hit her
harder than I thought it would. I scooped up some bubbles
into my hand and blew them her way. She forced a weak
smile, but the tears continued.

I said, “I suppose now’s not the time to bring up how it
might be a bad idea to tell Cynthia the truth.”

Amy’s smile improved. “You’re dense and you’re timing’s

“I know. Send me back to the factory.”

Her foot caressed the inside of my thigh. “Well, you have
some redeeming qualities.”

“Yeah, call the caramel industry, I have a new ad
campaign- ‘Caramel and Pussy, Perfect Together.'”

Amy’s face-lighting smile returned. “We should shoot a

“Oh yeah! You and me and a bathtub full of caramel!”

We laughed for a while and made more jokes. At one point,
Amy looked at me with tears still in her eyes, but she
was smiling.

“Thanks,” she said.

“Hey, all I did was come up with an ad campaign.”

After our bath I stood naked in front of my bathroom sink
brushing my teeth.

Amy came out of the bedroom wearing one of my T-shirts
and leaned up against the doorframe watching me. I looked
at her and she smiled, but it was a weak smile.

“What’s wrong?” I asked through my toothbrush and a
mouthful of toothpaste.

“Nothing’s wrong, I just…I want to tell you something
and I don’t know how to say it.”

I spat into the sink. “You can just spit it out. I
promise to be gentle.” I smiled and went back to brushing
while she thought. All of a sudden Amy was standing next
to me, she turned me towards her and put her hands on my
arms. I dropped my hand from my toothbrush, letting it
sit in my mouth.

“I need to know that I’m not the only one in this room
who feels this way. I need to know last night wasn’t just
some fling for you, that I’ll be lucky if you remember my
name next week. I need to know that I wasn’t the only one
who felt something the first moment we laid eyes on each
other, that you weren’t missing all my clues because
you’re not that attracted to me. I need to know that when
we kissed in the hall last night it was as magical for
you as it was for me. I need to know that we kept having
sex because we couldn’t get enough of each other. I know
it’s selfish, but I need to know all those things, and
it’s not just because I’ve gone so long without someone,
but because I’ve never been with anyone who makes me feel
like you do.”

I took my toothbrush out of my mouth and kissed her. It
was a kiss as passionate as the one in the hall last
night, except there was toothpaste this time. This was
the moment I fell in love with Amy, and it was because of
one word. Magical. She used the same word I had thought
of last night to describe the kiss. That’s when I knew.
It was that simple.

We went out to a jewelry store that afternoon and sold my
expensive (but no longer favorite) anklet and used the
money to buy two cheaper ones, one for each of us. Two
months later Amy moved in with me. Mario threw Cynthia
out after he got sick of her playing head games (and
leaving dirty dishes in the sink all the time). He’s
looking for another roommate, if you’re interested.

The End.

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