After Hours

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By RC (address withheld)


My hands were being held together. I felt something
wrap around my wrists. What the hell? I opened my eyes
and tried to turn around. I couldn’t see what was
happening, but I soon realized that Sally had bound my
wrists together with the cord from the vacuum cleaner.
(FF, forced, 1st-lesbian-expr, work)


I sat up straight, stretching my arms towards the
ceiling. My eyes burned from staring at my computer
screen all day. I had been at my desk since seven in
the morning. It was now ten thirty at night.

It has to be done this week, I was told. They told me
on Wednesday. Nice of them. So here it was, Thursday
night, and I was wondering how the hell I was going to
finish the damn thing.

I closed my eyes and wearily rubbed them. I was
startled by the sound of a door closing somewhere on
the floor. Who the hell else is here at this hour? A
moment later, the loud whoosh of a vacuum cleaner
echoed through the empty cubicles around me. Great.
Just what I need.

Once more, I focused on the job at hand. I was dimly
aware of the vacuum cleaner getting louder, closer.
Just another annoyance to make my day complete.

The vacuum cleaner poked its way around the entrance to
my cube, followed by a young blonde girl. To say she
was surprised to find someone sitting there was an
understatement. She let out a little yelp, her eyes
went wide, and she actually dropped the handle of the
vacuum. I had to laugh.

“Sorry,” I yelled over the roar of the still-running
machine. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” She grinned a
bit and, leaning down, turned off the vacuum cleaner.
The sudden silence was deafening.

“Man. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”
She laughed now as well. She was in her early twenties,
almost shoulder-length blonde hair, pretty in a college
girl sort of way.

“Can you imagine the forms I’d have to fill out if you
did?” I asked. She laughed again.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone was here. I’ll put
this thing away and do something quieter. What are you
doing here this late, anyways?”

I sighed and motioned to my computer screen. She looked
at it curiously. “I have to get this done by tomorrow
afternoon,” I said heavily. But I’ve been here since
seven this morning, and I’m going cross-eyed.”

Her eyes seemed to brighten slightly.

“Maybe I can help. By the way, my name is Sally.” We
shook hands.

“I’m Judy. Pardon me for asking, but what’s a girl your
age doing cleaning up here? Janitors, if you’ll pardon
the expression, are usually a bit more – mature.”

She grinned. “Meaning, why aren’t I out partying
somewhere, right? And yes, I’m a janitor. I have to pay
for school somehow. I work nights and go to school
days.” That made sense, I thought, nodding.

“What’s your major?”

“Physical therapy. Which brings me back to my question,
maybe I can help a bit. Feel adventurous?”

I was puzzled. How could this youngster help? I
chuckled to myself. Youngster. She’s in college and I’m
calling her a youngster. Well, I need a break. What the

“Sure. Want me to do jumping jacks or something?”

She laughed. “No, nothing that strenuous. Nothing
strenuous at all, in fact. Actually, the exact
opposite.” Now I was curious.

“I’m sorry, I don’t follow you.”

She came closer to me, standing next to me as I sat in
my chair.
“Can I move this a little?” I nodded, wondering what
she was up to.

She swiveled my chair so my back was towards her. What

Then I felt her hands on my shoulders. Squeezing
gently. Wait a minute. Physical therapy. Massage? Was
she going to give me a massage?

I had never had a massage before. Within seconds, my
entire body was covered with goosebumps. A massage?!
This may work out after all.

She was indeed giving me a massage. Silently she
kneaded my neck, my shoulders, and my upper back. I
felt vaguely uncomfortable as her hands slid over my
bra strap, but DAMN, did it feel good.

For several minutes I sat still, basking in a warm glow
which slowly enveloped me. This was great. This is
exactly what I needed.

“How we doing?” Her voice was low, soft. I nodded
happily, smiling, not thinking that she couldn’t see my
face. My eyes were closed. This really was wonderful.
It was such a contrast to my staring at my PC.

“Can you put your arms down?” I moved my hands off the
arms of the chair. They felt so heavy, and I let them
drop to my sides, dangling loosely beside me. I felt
her take my hands in hers. Hand massage? Hmm…

My hands were being held together. I felt something
wrap around my wrists. What the hell? I opened my eyes
and tried to turn around. I couldn’t see what was
happening, but I soon realized that Sally had bound my
wrists together with the cord from the vacuum cleaner.

I sat bolt upright, my eyes wide, shocked.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I demanded. “That felt
nice, but whatever you’re doing now is a bit too much.”

She turned my chair around so I faced her. She was
grinning at me.

“A bit much, huh? Judy, you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet.”

She knelt down, and before I could react, she had
looped the cord around my ankles, binding them to the
legs of the chair. I could roll the chair slightly, but
otherwise I was totally helpless.

I sat there, dazed. A college student twenty years my
junior had just tied me to a chair with an electric
cord. My face paled, and my mouth went dry. What the
HELL was going on here???

She stood up slowly, still grinning. As I watched in
horror, she removed her sweatshirt, exposing her bra.
This isn’t happening. I have work to do. I have to get
back to work.

My mouth worked soundlessly for a moment, and then I
managed to stutter, “You can’t do this. I have work to
do. I have to finish this. What are you DOING?” I
finished plaintively.

Wordlessly, still grinning, she removed her sneakers,
socks, and sweat pants. This young college girl stood
there in her panties and bra.

I was shaking my head back and forth, unable to believe
what I was seeing, but unable to look away. My eyes
were somehow drawn to her young body as if by a magnet.
The sheer absurdness of the situation hit me, and I
giggled nervously. Or hysterically, I wasn’t sure.

Her fingers were inside the top of her panties, and she
smiled as she slowly, so slowly, lowered them to the
floor. She stared at me, her eyes blazing. My breath
was ragged; my heart skipping erratically, the blood
was pounding in my ears. This is a dream.

My eyes were pulled to her pubic area. A soft mass of
blonde hair. I watched, my mouth hanging open, as she
slowly traced one finger all around her pubic hair. All
the way around. Around and around. Over and over.

I stared helplessly, wanting to close my eyes, to
refuse to accept what I was seeing. But something made
me watch, something made me unable to look away from
this shocking display.

Her finger moved up, up, up her stomach now, up to her
bra. It had a front closure, I noticed absently. Her
fingers worked the clasp, and my eyes widened even more
as two perfectly formed breasts were exposed. Two full,
round moons, with hard, dark nipples. Hard nipples.
Erect nipples.

She was aroused!

That makes sense, some distant part of me said. She’s
naked and she was playing with her bush. Of course
she’s aroused. I shook my head violently to clear my
mind of these odd thoughts.

She was staring at me, below eye level. I looked down
and noticed with a shock that my nipples, too, were
erect, pressing firmly against my blouse. I gasped, and
my eyes were drawn irresistibly back to her.

“How we doing?” she asked again. I couldn’t say a word.

She came closer to me, and I tried to move away, but
the cord was in the way of the wheels on the chair. I
groaned aloud as she took the lower edge of my skirt in
her hands and pushed it upwards. I sat there with my
panties exposed. Dumbly, I looked down at the dark
stain between my legs.

“Well, well. Looks like we’re doing all right, eh?”

I looked up at her, and felt a tear trickle down my
face. Oh, Lord…

She knelt and pushed my legs apart. She was strong, and
even though I tried to keep my knees together, she
managed to separate them and hold them where she wanted
them. Tears were falling freely down my face as she
rested her chin on the chair between my legs. She
closed her eyes, and I heard her inhaling.

“Hmmmmm…. Smells nice. Have you ever smelled a horny
woman, Judy?”

I shook my head, sobbing like a baby.

“You should try it sometimes. It’s quite – stimulating.
In fact, I feel a bit stimulated myself. I think want
to make the smell a bit stronger.”

And Sally put her face against my panties, nuzzling
gently. I wanted to die. I was so embarrassed, so
humiliated, so disgusted, so – wet.

I was wet. How the hell can I be wet if I don’t want
this to happen? How the hell can my nipples be hard if
I’m not turned on? Sally’s breath against my mound sent
waves of warmth flowing through me, and I groaned
again. Damn, this feels nice…


“NO!” I screamed, sobbing hysterically. “No, please,

Her tongue was sticking out, tracing random patterns
over my soaked panties. The warm feeling was growing,
pushing aside my arguments, my disgust at what was
happening. Then her hands went between my legs, and my
panties were pulled to one side.

I gazed down at my clit. Oh, my God. This isn’t
happening. I watched helplessly as Sally’s tongue moved
closer and closer to it, her eyes looking up at me, a
faint smile on her face.

“No, please…” I whimpered.

Her tongue found its mark. My body shook as I tried to
move away, to move myself closer to her, to get her
away from me, to get her tongue more firmly against my
fiery clit.

What the hell? What am I THINKING?

Then my thoughts were brushed aside by a wave of
pleasure. To my total surprise, I climaxed. My head
fell back, tears running into my ears, as I came again
and again. No, no, please don’t. Please, don’t. Stop.

Please, don’t stop.

Please don’t stop.

She stopped. Slowly, I opened my eyes; she was looking
up at me with a very knowing expression. Her breath on
my pussy fanned the flames.

“Please. Don’t stop,” I whispered.

She grinned widely, and her head once more went down.

I sat there, tied to my chair, as a college girl
brought me to one orgasm after another. I stopped
crying, the pleasure too great now to even think of
wanting her to stop. Over and over, she made me cum,
until I sat limp in the chair, my body jerking
spastically as it reacted to her tongue.

She stopped again. I looked up to find her standing.
Breathless, I watched her, wondering what was next. I
groaned in dismay as she began to put her clothing back

Dressed, she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. For
the first time in my life, I tasted a woman’s juices.
My own. She licked her lips seductively, then reached
down and untied my ankles. Soon my wrists, too, were
free, and I rubbed them where they had become raw as I
had thrashed about. She straightened the electric cord,
and picked up the handle of her vacuum cleaner.

“You’d better get back to work,” she whispered, winking
at me.

And she was gone.

I sat there for quite a while, wanting to cry, but
slowly realizing there was no need to. She was a
physical therapist. She had wanted to help. And, I had
to admit, I certainly felt better than I had before she
had – attended to me. Once more, I stretched my arms to
the ceiling, sighing happily. I put my skirt back into
place and went back to work.

I turned in my assignment at noon the next day. I was
given a raise.

I worked late that night as well, finishing up some
other things I should have been doing for the past
week. I thought about waiting for Sally, but I had to
be someplace before too long. Reluctantly, I shut off
my computer, gathered my things, and left.

As I was getting off the elevator, I just saw someone
getting onto an elevator going up. I hurried to it,
peered inside.

Sally smiled at me. I tried to jump into the elevator,
but she was smiling at me, shaking her head no. As the
doors closed, she blew me a kiss.

I stood there staring at the featureless elevator

Sadly, I went home.

I never saw Sally again. But from then on, whenever I
had to work late, whenever I felt I was getting burned
out, I would close my eyes, lean back in my chair, and
imagine her soft hands massaging me.

Then I would spread my legs, and caress my own clit
with a gentle finger, imagining it was Sally’s tongue

And no one understands why I smile whenever I hear a
vacuum cleaner.


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