A Present from Bangkok

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A Present from Bangkok (M+/FF, asian, rp)
by Theodore Spoonbender (spoonbender@hotmail.com)


A short story of an adult nature. Not to be read by
minors. If you don’t like stories where young ladies are
taken advantage of or you are underage then don’t read
it. Contains descriptions of non-consensual sex and
sexual slavery.

Please email me with comments, constructive criticism,
fantasies you want put into words etc. Don’t flame me if
you don’t like the content or you don’t like my style.
Spoonbender@hotmail.com if you wanna correspond. Ladies
especially welcome. This story is fantasy. In other words
it ain’t true. None of it. Ok.


By rights they shouldn’t be friends, but they were.

Firm friends.

First there was Kylie, bright, sassy, opinionated, a real
live wire with glass beads braided into her flaxen hair.
Afraid of nothing and willing to give anything a try.

Sex, pah! If it was possible then she’s done it, or at
least thought about it, and with her looks there were any
number of willing partners ready to step forward and
accommodate her little whims, no matter how kinky or
bordering on out and out depravity they were.

She was a very attractive young lady and she damned well
knew it.

On the other hand there was Emily. No diminutive for her,
no Emma, no Em. Just Emily.

It was as if her friend had sucked all of the extrovert
fluids out of her body. Where Kylie was bold, Emily was
shy. Kylie, sassy; Emily, blushing. Kylie adventurous;
Emily timid.

It was as if nature had appeared to endow Kylie with
every tool to succeed in life leaving her friend bobbing
in her wake. But nature, being nature, had a little trick
or two up its sleeve and it granted Emily one boon. Where
Kylie was pretty, Emily was simply stunning.


There is scarcely a superlative in the English language
that can come close to doing justice to her.

A rhapsody in the flesh which, coupled with her natural
shyness, made her into a Goddess. The sort that launched
wars or caused men to relinquish Kingdoms, just to
possess her.

It had taken Kylie a whole term at their exclusive
convent boarding school to convince Emily to go on
holiday together. But she’d succeeded and now, here they
were, on their last day in Thailand.

For Kylie it was a dream. Hot nights, hotter men. For
Emily it was an exotic adventure. While Kylie was curled
up with a warm man Emily was curled up with a good book.
While Kylie was studying butts, Emily was studying Wats
(Temples). But they had both had a whale of a time. And
now it was nearly over.

Their penultimate day, tomorrow evening they had to catch
their flight home.

They were in the covered market just off Ratchawong, deep
in the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown, searching for
trinkets to take back to their envious friends.

Kylie, as always the impetuous one, had spent all her
money. She had just enough to take a taxi to the airport
and pay her airport tax, and then she saw it.

It was only 45 Baht, scarcely a dollar, but it was more
than she could afford at that instance. It was a hippy
bracelet, painted seashells threaded onto a silver chain,
with a little Buddha figurine on it. It was so cute that
she knew she must have it.

“Hey Emily, keep an eye open.”


“Make sure no-one is looking.”


“Don’t worry, just tell me if anyone is looking.”

Emily looked around nervously, “I don’t think so, why?
What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry about it,” whispered her friend as she
scooped the bracelet off the counter and into her bag.

Moments later all hell broke loose. The old woman whose
shop it was came rocketing out of the back like a cruise
missile shouting and screeching in toothless Thai-
Chinese, the chorus of which was soon taken up by the
rest of the stallholders in the vicinity.

Within seconds hands grabbed the girls who struggled

Emily was terrified not knowing what was going on but
Kylie, true to form was bolder. “Get your fucking hands
off me you assholes,” she shouted.

Police patrolman Thiengburanthan had been having a good
day so far. He’d managed to ‘fine’ two Farangs for minor
traffic offenses and was now 2,000 Baht up on the day and
it was barely midday. Then he heard the commotion and the
cacophony of whistles from down one of the little lanes.

He sauntered down, as befitting his status, to see what
all the fuss was about only to be confronted with a
screaming mob that were seemingly threatening to tear two
blond haired Farang ladies apart. He waded into the
maelstrom and blew his whistle for order.

“What’s happening?” he shouted over the noise of the
crowd. The soft Thai voices were mixed in with a good
measure of staccato Lao and a soupcon of bastardized
Mandarin and there was even a bit of Karin thrown in for
good measure.

The toothless crone pointed a shaking finger at Kylie and
shouted, “She stole from me. Look in her bag, look in her

He, mindful of his orders to treat Tourists gently,
beckoned Kylie to hand over the bag. He was then forced
to grab it when she drew it towards her bosom.

He opened it and the hag peered inside then pointed
triumphantly, “there you see, you see.” She turned to the
crowd and raised her hands in triumph, it was worth 45
Baht just for the fame it brought her.

Patrolman Thiengburanthan’s English was marginal at best.

“You take?” he queried Kylie.

The crowd roared in the affirmative and pressed closer.
Kylie could sense their hostility and thought it would be
easier to deal with this away from the crowd, before they
tore her apart. She nodded.

The possible repercussions crowded in onto patrolman
Thiengburanthan’s brain. This was too big for him to
handle on his own, so he decided to call his Sergeant for

He pulled out his walkie-talkie and extended the huge
aerial. He asked to be put through to the sergeant while
the crone shook her finger at the girls and threatened
all sorts of dire retribution.

Once he’d explained the situation he could hear the
sergeant pause before asking, “are they pretty?”

They were but he didn’t see what that had to do with it.
But he affirmed the fact.

“Excellent, I’ll bring a car over myself,” asserted the
sergeant, “meet me on Chakrawat by the exit from the
temple car park. And secure the prisoners well, we don’t
want them to escape.”

He only had one set of handcuffs but he improvised and,
as is the way in any Asian market, if you look hard
enough you can find anything. And sure enough someone
came up with a pair of handcuffs.

He then proudly marched the humiliated girls down the
alleys, while the bemused pedestrians looked on, until he
reached his destination. They waited in the scorching
heat for nearly half an hour before the 4-seater police
pickup hove into view.

He opened the door and pulled the seat forward ushering
the girls into the back seat. He went to climb in but the
sergeant waved him away.

“Have you got the evidence and the keys to the

He handed over Kylie’s bag, the keys and the offending

“You’ve done well. Now get back there and take statements
from any witnesses while I deal with this, tourists have
to be handled carefully.”

The door slammed and the truck dove into the snarling

Normally simple thefts would be dealt with at the Police
offices on Chakwarat Thanon but he had other ideas. He
could generate a lot of goodwill, which would serve him
well in the future, if he played this piece of good
fortune right. So instead of taking them to where they
should have gone he took a detour out into Thonburi,
eventually ending up somewhere off Phetkasem.

It was an old Police station, seldom used these days
except by the sergeant and his buddies. But the cells
were still serviceable and the hapless girls were tossed
inside, still wearing their cuffs.

“Hey, take these cuffs off,” shouted Kylie as he
retreated through the door into the main office.

“Shh, Kylie don’t get him angry,” whispered Emily.

But it was to late and he came back and stared through
the bars at them.

“I want my phone call,” snapped Kylie. “You’d better tell
our embassy that we’re
here. Yeah and I want a lawyer.”

He didn’t understand what she’d said but he understood
the tone. He grinned then beat the bars with his
nightstick. “Later my little ones, you’ll get everything
you are owed later.”

He laughed and went out slamming the door, leaving the
girls sweltering in the still air of the cells.

“Oh god Kylie what are we going to do?” wailed Emily.

“Hey don’t worry they’ve got to call the embassy. Anyway
its only a minor thing they’ll probably just scare us a
little then let us go.”

“Why did you do it?” sniffled Emily.

“It looked easy, how was I supposed to know the old bag
had eyes like a hawk?”

Nearly two hours passed before the door crashed open
again and a sleazy looking man in a khaki colored Mao
suit came in, his face rigid and his eyes darting from
one to the other as he licked his lips.

“Let me introduce myself, I am Tasnai Suranand your

“Can you ask them to take these cuffs off please,” moaned
Emily, “I need to go to the toilet.”

He turned to the sergeant who grudgingly produced the
keys. He unlocked one cuff from each girl but left the
other dangling from their wrists.

The lawyer pointed to the ‘squat and pee’ toilet in the
corner of the cell. Then they all waited.

“I can’t do it in front of you,” blushed Emily.

The lawyer turned to the sergeant and rattled off a
string of singsong Thai. The sergeant shrugged, it wasn’t
his problem.

“He doesn’t want to leave,” said the lawyer, adding,

“I can’t, I just can’t,” sniffled Emily.

“This is bloody silly, just do it Emily and I’ll hide
you.” Said Kylie as she scowled at the smirking Sergeant.

Kylie opened her sarong and used it to ineffectually
cover her friend as she squatted over the toilet. In
order to do that she had to squat down herself and for
the first time she saw her friend’s nakedness.

And she felt an unexpected stab of pleasure coil in her
stomach. Then she shook the thought away, it was wrong to
think of her friend that way.

Emily’s blushes grew in response to the tinkling in the
bowl. Finally, after what seemed like hours she finished
and both girls rewrapped their sarongs.

“Now that you’ve finished I need to talk to you about
your offense,” said the lawyer who had, by now found a
rickety wooden chair and was sitting just beyond the

“Look when can you get us out of here?” asked Kylie.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple, you see the bracelet
you chose to steal had an image of Buddha on it and the
courts may view that as sacrilege.”


“So, sacrilege is a very serious offence here.” He paused
for effect, “you could be looking at up to 25 years in

“WHAT?” chorused both girls, then Emily broke down and
started sobbing.

“Look,” said Kylie, visibly shaken,” let my friend go, it
had nothing to do with her, its me that took it.”

The lawyer turned to the sergeant and asked him something
and he snapped out a reply. The lawyer turned back to the
girls, “it appears that from the witness’ statements we
have obtained she acted as your look out, which means she
is equally guilty.”

“Oh no,” wailed Emily.

The sergeant then spoke again at length and the lawyer
nodded then again turned to the girls. “He said that if
you’re prepared to offer restitution then he may be
prepared to overlook it.

“Restitution? What sort of restitution?” queried Kylie.

The sergeant spoke again.

“500,000 Baht,” stated the lawyer.

“What?” shouted Kylie doing a mental calculation in her
head,” We don’t have that sort of money.”

The lawyer shrugged, “then you must let our justice
system take its course. I must warn you that it could
take up to 3 years to come to trial and the Women’s jail
here in Bangkok is not up to your western standards I’m

“Three years? Look could I let our embassy know? They’ll
get the money and our parents will pay it back?”

“That won’t work I’m afraid this is, how can I put it, a
‘private’ arrangement. In return for the money the
sergeant will lose your papers and you are free to go. By
the time they are found you will have left the country.”

“He wants a bribe in other words?”

“Call it what you will. If you want to get out then you
must find the money, quickly.”

“But we can’t.”

“In that case I can be no further help to you at this
time. I will return in a few months to start to prepare
your case. I hope your time passes quickly.”

He stood up to leave.

“Hey wait, you can’t just leave us here,” shouted Kylie

“What can I do?”

“Talk to him, tell him we’ll send him the money. Tell him
he can have everything we’ve got. We’ll write him a
contract or something. Help us. Please.”

He turned to the sergeant and after a lengthy exchange he
turned back to them. “He wants to know what hotel you are
staying at?”

“The Century Park on Ratpa- something or other – road.”

“Room numbers?”

“710, we are both in the same room.”

He turned to the sergeant and translated. The sergeant
turned and walked out of the door.

“What happens now?” queried Kylie.

“We wait,” replied their lawyer before turning and
exiting the cellblock.

“25 years Kylie, what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know. Fuck that old bitch.”

“Oh why did you have to steal, I would have given you the

“You have money? How much?”

“Not enough, about 6,000 Baht.”

“It’ll help. I’m sorry Emily, really I am.”

They collapsed into each other’s arms and sobbed away
their fears.

It was over an hour later that the lawyer reappeared with
a scowling sergeant.

“He is not happy with the exchange,” said the lawyer. “He
says you have nothing of value.” He paused, “except for
one thing.”


“He says that in order to give him his money you must
sell your bodies to men.”

“What! Prostitute ourselves? No way, you must be out of
your fucking mind,” Kylie gripped the bars and spat at
the sergeant while Emily stood in mute shock.

“I don’t think you understand,” explained the lawyer as
he calmly wiped her spittle from his trousers, “if you
don’t, then you will go straight to the holding prison at
Maha Chai. It is not unusual for guards to gain personal
rewards by offering women prisoner’s bodies to the male
prisoners. It is not something we encourage but we are a
poor country with many problems, what can we do? Western
women are particularly prized and will make the guards
very rich. I’m sorry.”

“Let me get this straight,” Kylie was losing her self-
composure as the enormity of their situation began to
sink in, “if we don’t offer to prostitute ourselves for
him then we are going to end up getting fucked anyway?”

“Yes, for three years. At least.”

“This is fucking outrageous. I’ll get Amnesty
International onto it, I’ll get our embassy to complain,
I’ll sue. I’ll… I’ll…” She ran out of threats.

“Yes and I will help you in any way I can. I do not like
this stain on our country either but things move slowly
here. Once you are inside the prison I can do very

“I can’t Kylie. I can’t,” Emily was almost hysterical.

“I will leave you alone for a while,” said the lawyer,
“your friend is obviously distressed.” He left the room
ushering the sergeant out before him.

“What are we going to do?” wailed Emily.

“It doesn’t look like we’ve got much choice, either we do
it now or we end up doing it anyway, for years. Then when
we get home we’ll sue their asses off.”

“But I can’t. I’ve never..” she trailed off.

Kylie turned to her friend, “I thought you and Rob did it
last year?”

“I only said that because I didn’t want to appear like
I’m a prude or something.”

“You mean you’ve never done it?”

Her friend shook her head.


Another shake.

“Oh Emily,” they collapsed into each other’s arms.

“Look I tell you what,” said Kylie slowly. “I’ll er offer
to do it as long as they leave you alone. After all its
my fault you’re in this mess.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Yes,” gulped Kylie.


“No buts, what are friends for,” she tried to make light
of her situation. “Besides I enjoy it.”

When the two men returned Kylie was the first to speak,
“I’ll do it, if you leave her alone.”


“Because she’s never… er.”

“She is a virgin?” the lawyer looked shocked, his
preconceptions of Farang women just having been turned on
its head.

He turned to the sergeant and repeated what he’d heard
and the sergeant looked equally bemused then he regained
his composure and said something.

“If you consent, and confess, in writing then he’ll
agree. Will you do that?”

Kylie gulped then nodded.

“We will be with you shortly,” said the lawyer and again
they both left.

They returned over an hour later. It was late afternoon
and the cell was baking. The lawyer brandished two sets
of papers. He handed a set each to the girls and two
pens. “Sign at the bottom,” he said simply.

“But these are in Thai.”

“Of course all legal documents in Thailand are in Thai.”

“So what do they say?”

“That you are confessing to the crime, and yours says
that you agree to pay the retribution.”

Reluctantly both girls signed.

“Excellent,” said the lawyer retrieving the papers. He
turned to the sergeant who opened the cell door and led
the girls out.

Kylie plodded like a zombie. She’d just agreed to
prostitute herself. In writing. Oh god, oh god.

They were led into another much larger room, which was
full of men. At least 50 men were packed into the
stifling room. Kylie saw the men and tried to back up.
She couldn’t do it with all of them. She couldn’t.

“Give me the paper,” she wailed, “I’ve changed my mind.”

“Its too late,” said the lawyer as the sergeant propelled
her into the clearing in the center of the room. Willing
hands rushed forward to strip her and in seconds she was
naked before them. She tried to crouch down to protect
her modesty but she was hauled upright and propelled
towards a bed that sat at one edge of the room.

They pushed her down and the free end of the handcuff was
looped over the iron bedhead then snicked into place on
her other wrist, holding her in position.

The sergeant laughed then started to organize the
assembled men into an orderly line.

Kylie was determined to show a brave face in front of her
friend but ended up screaming in horror as her legs were
jerked apart and the first man settled between her
thighs. “He’s not wearing a condom, make him wear a
condom. Please don’t let him cum inside me. Pleaseeee.”

An ancient looking video camera was produced from
somewhere and bright lights blinded her as the first
stiff penis was pushed against her dry slit.

“Help me, help meeeeeee,” she screamed as the penis
started to ram into her. More willing hands were needed
to hold her jerking legs wide apart as she tried
everything she could to deny him entry.

The man on top of her tensed then rammed inside in one
harsh thrust.

The pain was like nothing she’d ever felt before. It was
like she’d been stabbed with a red-hot poker.

“Nooooooo….” She screamed as he started to pump.

Emily stood in the middle of the clearing watching her
friend’s ordeal, tears streaming down her face. Then she
noticed that many of the men were looking at her with
strange expressions on their faces. She started to
nervously back away but came up against the sergeant, who
grabbed her hands pulling them behind her.

“Let me go, please,” she whimpered trying ineffectually
to pull her hands free.

The lawyer walked up to her and started to unbutton her

“What are you doing? Please leave me alone.”

Once he’d undone all of the buttons he pulled the blouse
open and the sergeant then grabbed the shoulders of the
garment and pulled it down her arms, exposing her bra to
the leering men.

She again tired to pull her arms free as the lawyer
turned to the men and started to cajole them, while
indicating her with a sweep of his hand.

The men started to wave sheaves of baht notes.

The lawyer turned to the sergeant and said something. The
sergeant then held her hands in one of his and used the
other to unclip her bra.

By now she was almost hysterical with terror, the moans
of her friend heightening her fear as her bra was pulled
from her, baring her breasts to the stares of the rampant

They went wild brandishing fistfuls of notes and
screaming their lust at her.

Her sarong went next leaving her standing in just her

“Please no, don’t do this to me,” she cried as the room
went wild.

It was obvious to anyone what was happening. The lawyer
was auctioning her virginity and she felt almost sick
with terror.

When her panties were stripped from her in one violent
ripping motion and held up in triumph there was a moment
of almost total silence as they all drank in the flawless
perfection of her body with only Kylie’s whimpering moans
and the grunts of the man who was brutally rutting her
puncturing the atmosphere.

Then they all went completely berserk. They all had to
have her and price was no object.

The lawyer had to scream to be heard over the frantic
yells of the men as the price went soaring skywards.
These men, the wealthiest and best connected in the area
were offering upwards of twenty years average wages for
the chance to sunder this white woman’s cherry.

The sergeant, who had previously thought he’d seen it
all, was stunned beyond his wildest expectations.
Whatever else happened in his life this must rank as the
pinnacle, from here he was made. He vowed to light
incense to Buddha for his good luck.

Kylie was still struggling and the man on top of her was
still pounding but now he was coming to the end. His
prick got fatter and she could feel the spasms building
in him. She tried one last time to struggle free but it
was no use.

She felt him starting to spurt deeply inside her.

“Oh no” she whispered as she felt spurt after spurt into
her, the tears streaming from her eyes. She shuddered in
disgust as he continued to thrust jerking more of his
filthy seed into her.

Then she fell back; legs wide open in submission. He’d
conquered her, the damage was done and there was no use
in fighting it any longer.

But she still flinched every time he fired another juicy
load inside her.

Finally it was over and the man collapsed on top of her
for a few moments before climbing wearily off. His orgasm
had obviously drained him completely.

To her surprise no one else took his place. Everyone’s
attention was focused elsewhere in the room. Kylie
struggled to work out what was happening when the crowd
shifted and she saw, from the gaps between the men’s
legs, her friend naked.

She shook her head in puzzlement, then she saw the men
brandishing money at the lawyer who was shouting and
pointing at various men in turn.

“No, no, noooooo,” she screamed when she realized what
was happening to her friend. “Leave her alone, you
promised, leave her alone.”

But she was ignored.

A once in a lifetime opportunity was on offer across the
room and the men had no intention of letting a naked,
raped farang woman influence them.

Emily’s head whirled as the men shouted and waved huge
wads of bills at the lawyer.

She knew what was happening.

They were selling her.

Selling off her carefully hoarded virginity to the
highest bidder.

She screamed in terror as she was pushed back onto
another bed. As she struggled fruitlessly they held her
down and proceeded to cuff her wrists and ankles to the
four corners of the stained bed.

They thrust a pillow under her ass, raising her pussy in
offering. Her tiny, coral lipped pussy nestling in a
fleece of golden curls.

And all it would cost was money to posses it, to be the
first to anoint it with their seed. To forcefully take
its riches, to plunder and debase it. Then the
satisfaction of watching the losing bidders take their

The shouting was virtually hysterical as the lawyer
started a formal auction.
He was good. He was very good.

Opening her pussy with his fingers as he exhorted higher
and higher bids.

One of the men couldn’t take it any more and turned to
Kylie, forcefully shoved open her legs and mounted her.

Kylie was still wet with the cum of her first ‘lover’ and
so the pain wasn’t nearly so bad. Even though he was
brutal with his thrusts.

She was watching her friend being auctioned off with a
feeling of unreality. This couldn’t be happening.

But the cock that was pounding inside her was real

And her friend’s piercing scream was too as the lucky
winner climbed between Emily’s shapely, straining legs.

Tears rolled from her eyes as she watched her friend’s
back arch as her ‘owner’ forced her open for the first

And she moaned and then sobbed quietly as the man on top
of her consummated his orgasm inside her.

This time she was given no respite as another man climbed
on her as soon as the first one got off.

And so her long night began.

Emily’s eyes leaked tears in a crystal stream, blurring
her vision as the winner climbed on top of her. Never in
her wildest nightmares could she imagine that her first
time would be with some man who had just bought the use
of her body and watched by a group of lustful men.

She pulled frantically against the cold unyielding steel
of the cuffs and tried to twist her body away from him.
But her efforts were in vain as he unbuttoned his fly and
popped out his penis.

It was the first time she’d seen one up close and it
terrified her. Although by western standards it wasn’t
particularly large, to her inexperienced eyes it looked
enormous and she recoiled at the thought of it being
forced inside her.

“Please don’t, please don’t,” she pleaded as he settled
between her perfect widespread legs.

He pumped his cock for a second to make it as stiff as
possible then pushed it up against the entrance to her
virgin pussy. He rubbed the head up and down her slit a
couple of times feeling her warmth and enjoying the
terror in her eyes.

The crowd went quiet as he started to push against her
hole. It looked so tiny against the bulk of his prick
that it seemed barely conceivable that it would fit

There was an air of suppressed tension in the air as the
crowd collectively held its breath as he bunched the
muscles of his ass ready for the assault. Emily stared at
him like a rabbit caught in the headlights, then…

He used all of his strength to force an opening.

She was tight, very tight and waves of pleasure rippled
up and down his spine as her back arched in agony and she
screeched her way into womanhood.

He took a firmer grip on her thighs and started to batter
at her in earnest, his prick disappearing more with each
tearing thrust.

Emily was in tearing, howling agony, she never knew such
pain could exist. She tried to squeeze her pussy muscles
to try and force him out but it was no use and eventually
she just fell back in hopeless submission as he rammed

Finally he was fully home. He paused for a second
savoring her warm tightness, while the crowd went wild.

Then he was off, pounding away at her as if he wanted to
punch her through the thin mattress. Emily twisted and
turned within her bondage trying desperately trying to
find a position that didn’t hurt so much but all it did
was increase his pleasure.

For long minutes he thrust inside her then he couldn’t
hold out any longer.

The lawyer was studying the scene and leaned over and
spoke to the sergeant, who looked at him then shrugged.
He undid the cuffs holding her legs spread.

Immediately she started to kick, her silky thighs rubbing
up and down the sides of the man sending him wild.

His prick got longer and thicker as the juice boiled up
from his balls. Emily knew enough about sex to know what
was going to happen next and she tried to buck and heave
him off, her legs fluttering uselessly around his body.

“Please don’t do it inside me,” she panted,

And then he exploded inside her firing long ropes of his
seed deep inside her womb.

“Nooooo,” she wailed as she felt the sudden warmth in her

She still tried to fight him as best she could in her
bondage but it was far too late for her as spurt after
creamy spurt was forced into her, defiling her.

Finally it was over and he fell on her, his chest
crushing her breasts until they looked like fat pillows
under him. Her legs fell open and she howled in horror at
what had happened to her.

He didn’t rest for long as the others urged him off.

They wanted their turn on her, for which they had paid so

And a few seconds later she again had a penis thrust
inside her and she moaned and the tears started streaming

Kylie looked over as her friend had her innocence ripped
away from her. She’d watched the whole thing with the
kind of morbid fascination that people have for car
wrecks. And for some inexplicable reason she felt the
coils of pleasure starting to weave through her body.

Despite herself she felt her lust start to soar as she
watched her friend being taken, before finally rising to
a shattering crescendo when the guy jerked his seed deep
inside Emily. The look of horror on her friend’s face
coupled with the fierce determination on the face of her
rapist caused her to orgasm on the cock that was pounding
away at her.

She flung her legs wider and gave in to her feelings.

The shame would come later.

Hours later the girls were allowed up to go to the toilet
and drink some water. The men had been using the clothes
from the suitcases that the sergeant had retrieved from
the hotel room to wipe down their seeping pussies. But
they still leaked cum in a continuous stream.

Emily was almost comatose with shock and Kylie wasn’t
much better, but she did try to fight feebly as they were
again chained down.

By now it was past midnight and the ‘clients’ were from
the lower orders. Tuk-tuk drivers, delivery men, truck
drivers hyped up on amphetamine sulphate, street food
vendors, all the detritus of late night Bangkok. Anyone
who could offer the sergeant some advantage in the future
all got their turn between the pretty farang girl’s legs.

Hour after hour after punishing hour they toiled.

The clothes in their suitcases were soon sodden rags.

And still the men came.

Daylight still found them toiling.

They were taken to a primitive shower and cleaned off.
Today’s customers wouldn’t want to fuck cum soaked
messes. But even after their shower their pussies still
leaked down the insides of their thighs.

The sergeant kept them at it as long as he dared before
he must take them to their flight. But finally he had to
call a halt and let them up.

They’d been fucked virtually non-stop for nearly 22
hours. 74 men had ejaculated into Emily and 68 into

The lawyer had returned by now and stood looking as the
weary miserable girls were hauled to their wobbly feet.

“You will now be taken to the airport and put on your
flight. You did not make as much as the sergeant wanted
but he will make up the rest by selling your panties from
your suitcases to the male prisoners at Bang Kwang
prison, along with film taken of you. I hope that this is
a lesson to you not to break the law in future.”

There was no time for the girls to shower so the men tore
a silk scarf, that Emily had bought for her mother, in
half and pulled it up between the girl’s legs as a sort
of loincloth to stop the cum running out of them. The
ends of which were rolled into the waist of their

On the way to the airport they were encouraged to repair
their makeup and comb their hair.

They were taken to their seat on the plane, still in
cuffs, which were to be released by the cabin crew after
take off.

(******** (c) 2001 Spoonbender@hotmail.com ********)


When Kylie opened her case there was an envelope inside
which contained the bracelet and a note, which read, “I
hope it was worth it.”

Emily’s envelope contained the handcuffs from the market
with a large, ornate gift tag attached that said “A
present from Bangkok.”

Kylie had just finished her period the day before her

Emily had twin baby girls and the video of her losing her
virginity is a best seller all over Asia.

Amazingly Kylie was free of any STDs, but Emily had a
dose of gonorrhea.

Both the sergeant and the lawyer own brand new Mercedes.

Kylie’s lawyer suggested that they wouldn’t get far
trying to take the case to court, even with their
government’s help. All it would do would make them relive
their humiliation and, anyway, the government was
involved in selling a huge infrastructure project to
Thailand that would secure thousands of jobs….

(********* (c) 2001 Spoonbender@hotmail.com *********)

Author’s note:

While Thailand is a safe place for women to go, it is
worth noting that if any woman is ever unfortunate enough
to find herself in a police jail, then bear in mind that
rape is not uncommon. So don’t be tempted to break the
law. Or this might not be just a fantasy.

I have some ideas about making this into a series based
on other places in the world. Email me if you think it’s
a good idea at spoonbender@hotmail.com

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