Not Gay

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by Walter Ego (


A gay man rapes a straight man, using drugs and
suggestion domination. (MM, reluc, drugs, mc, 1st-gay-


“I’m not gay,” George said, taking a sip of his beer.

Jason smiled. “That’s OK. I am.”

This wasn’t exactly news. Jason had made no secret of
his orientation around the office. But he was a
charming guy and he and George had hit it off well,
commiserating when the Jets lost again, discussion the
finer points of wine and the blues. So when Jason had
asked George out for a drink, he went along.

He hadn’t expected it to be a bar filled with men.
George tried not to stare as the two in leather gave
each other a long passionate kiss. “Not that there’s
anything wrong with that. I’m just not comfortable

“Oh, don’t worry about it. No one’s going to pick you

“I mean, I thought you knew this.”

“It’s all right.” Jason put a hand gently on his.
“Don’t worry about anyone else. Besides,” he said with
a playful glint in his eye, “you can’t tell me you
NEVER thought about doing it with a man.”



George felt sheepish. “Well, maybe once or twice I’ve
wondered what it would be like if a man sucked me off.
But I’m not interested in doing it.”

“How will you know you don’t like it if you don’t try?”

“That’s stupid reasoning.” George finished off his
drink. “There are plenty of things I know I don’t like
without trying.”

Jason nodded. “OK. It’s not like I need to recruit
anyone. I just like your company — as a friend. That’s
all.” He got up. “Let me get you another drink. On me.”

George waited nervously for Jason to return. No one
else seemed interested in him, but he felt almost as
though he were on display.

Jason returned with two glasses just when George was
beginning to wonder. “Try this.”

George was glad to take the beer. He drank it down
quickly, wanting to get out of there as soon as

Jason was in no hurry. He sipped slowly, talking about
work, the weather, all sorts of innocuous subjects.
George help up his end of the conversation, trying to
pretend they were in a normal place.

Gradually, he began to relax. His head felt curiously
lightheaded and his hands clumsy. There was a strange
buzzing in his ears that made it hard for him to think.

“Are you all right?” Jason asked.

“Feel funny,” George mumbled. His voice sounded so far

“You look pretty good. Quite happy. Don’t you feel
happy, George?”

Happy? He wasn’t sure. But it was getting very hard to
think with that buzzing…

“You feel happy and good, George. Trust me. You know
I’m right. You know I’m always right.”

George tried to think, but his mind felt fuzzy. Must be
the drink, he thought. Jason was right, he >was< feeling happy and good. "You don't mind being here at all," Jason said. "I don't?" George mumbled. "You know I'm right." Jason was right. Jason was always right. "No. Don't mind at all." "Good," Jason said. "Very good." George was strangely pleased. "I drugged your drink, you know. But you don't mind that either, right?" "Drugged?" There was something mildly disturbing about that, but Jason was, as usual, right. "No, I guess not..." he mumbled. Jason patted George's hand. "That's very good George. Now I want you to come with me." "Sure," said George. Whatever Jason wanted. They got up and left the bar. George felt slightly dazed, the buzzing still making it impossible to think. But he didn't mind. He could listen to Jason. Jason was his friend. They got into Jason's car. Jason turned to him. "Now, George, I'm going to kiss you. You'll like it. More than any other kiss you've ever had." Kiss a man? There was something... But the thought got lost in the pleasant buzz. "OK." Jason kissed him. George was delighted at how wonderful it felt. Their two tongues touched, and he found his cock hardening. Jason broke the kiss, disappointing George. "Very good, George. Now, from now on, you will obey my orders. You will do whatever I ask and won't want to do otherwise. Is that clear?" Whatever he asked? Jason was gay. That might mean... what might it mean? Too hard to think. Too hard to worry. Do what Jason says. "Yes," George murmured. "Call me "sir" George. It's a mark of respect. Especially to someone you want to obey." It seemed such a reasonable request. "Yes sir," he responded. "Will you obey me?" "Yes, okay.... Sir." "Good boy." Jason started up the car. "Now, boy, go to sleep. Go to sleep and dream. Dream you are serving me. Dream that I turn you on. Dream that you find following my commands completely natural and right. Dream that you will do anything I ask, without question. Do you understand?" George nodded. "Have to dream..." he mumbled. "You will awake when I tell you to." "Yes, sir," said George as his eyelids fell shut. "Wake up, boy," someone said. George's eye's flipped open. He yawned and stretched a bit, feeling very refreshed. He looked over to see Jason and smiled. "Hello, sir." He shook his head. "I've been having a very strange dream," he added. "Tell me about it, boy." "You were my master. I did whatever you asked of me, sir." Jason shook his head. "That was no dream," he said. "It wasn't?" "That was your memory. You remember now, don't you?" "I remember?" It was hard to think. George felt so fuzzy. "I remember, sir." "What do you remember?" "I-I remember... I remember you commanding me." "And what else?" George was confused. "What else?" Jason leaned near him. "Don't you remember me fucking you?" "I-I..." Did he remember? "My hard cock inside you? You must remember that, boy. It was the most intense erotic feeling you've ever had. You loved the feeling intensely. Intensely. Remember?" George tried to think, to recall. It sounded strange to him, but the buzzing made it difficult for him to figure out why. But he trusted Jason. "I-I remember," George whispered. Jason patted George gently on the head. "Good boy," he said. "Good boy." George beamed. The words make him feel special and loved. "Thank you, sir," he whispered. "I want to please you in any way I can, sir." "You will, my boy. You will. Now, the drug will be wearing off in a few hours, but it won't matter. Your mind will be permanently altered. But it's all for the best, isn't it, boy?" George nodded. "I love you, sir," he whispered. And he knew he always would. They got out of the car. Just in front of Jason's doorway, he paused. "Tell me, boy. Are you gay?" George shook his head. "No, sir. I'm not." "What are you?" George smiled, looking forward to his new life. "I am your slave, sir," he answered. END

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