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by Anonymous Author (1994)


A woman fixes up a male lover with another guy and gets
to watch them at it. (MMF, 1st-bi-expr, voy)


Back in the sixties, I was a young divorcee working and
going to college, sowing my wild oats in a big way. I’d
been branded with a big scarlet A for being the first
woman in my home town to get a divorce, and being of
high intelligence, I figured if you’re already fallen,
you might as well enjoy the bottom and forget about the
morality at the top.

One of my lovers was a man who traveled through my town
twice a month. He always called me, and we’d have
dinner, then go back to his hotel room for some hot and
heavy sex. John was good in bed, and we had the kind of
relationship where I didn’t ask about his other lovers,
and he didn’t ask about mine. We just accepted what we
had and enjoyed it for what it was.

He was short, about 5’5, but with a trim build. He had
laughing brown eyes, dark curly hair, nice features with
a very sexy mouth (which he knew how to use, in every
way) and a nice thick cock, not too long.

One night during dinner, I happened to mention that I’d
been dating a gay man for over a year. Norman was in the
closet, and I was his cover for family and those
acquaintances who didn’t know he was gay. John said he’d
never tried sex with a man, but had always wondered what
it would be like. I laughingly offered to call Norman
for him. He quickly said no, and we dropped the subject.

After our usual torrid sex, we were lying on the bed
idly chatting, and he brought up the subject again.
Without giving him a chance to back out, I picked up the
phone and called Norman. I told him where I was, and
asked him to come over immediately.

When I hung up, John looked up at me with a mixture of
fear, anticipation, and several other emotions. I just
laughed and told him to relax, that Norman would be very
gentle with him.

Norman was there in less than ten minutes, and when he
realized why I’d called him, a wide smile covered his
face and he hugged me. Then he stripped and joined us in
the bed.

Norman was tall, with a heavy build. He had ash blond
hair and blue eyes, and “boy next door” looks. I’d never
seen his cock before, but was pleasantly surprised at
its length and thickness. “Pity you aren’t bi,” I
teased, and he winked at me, laughing.

He looked at John for a long time, as John lay there
blushing, eyes closed. Then I dropped my head and began
sucking one of John’s nipples. He gasped and shivered,
but before he could do anything else, Norman had dropped
down to cover the other.

John was moaning, “No, no, no.” But at the same time,
his hands were on the backs of our heads, holding us
close to him. I shook with silent laughter, my own
passions assuaged and so able to tease him without
driving myself crazy.

After a long time, Norman started sliding down his body.
John moaned and his hand tightened on my head. He
shuddered convulsively when Norman took all of him in
his mouth.

“Nobody ever did that to me,” he panted.

His body arched off the bed as he came, screaming loud
enough that the neighbors pounded on the walls.

He collapsed back onto the bed, chest heaving, face and
torso bright red. Norman and I snuggled him close,
kissing and caressing him until he recovered.

He finally looked up at Norman then, and whispered,
“Thank you.”

Norman laughed and kissed him. John was so shocked he
didn’t respond at first, but then I saw his jaws move
and his eyes close, and he responded with all the
passion in him.

I went to the shower, leaving them to play alone. Norman
left when I did, John asleep on the bed, smiling

John called me the next morning to thank me, and said
he’d call me the next time he was in town.

When I didn’t hear from him in several weeks, I finally
mentioned it to Norman, saying I was afraid John had
been upset by the experience. Norman went scarlet and
dropped his eyes, turning hastily away from me.

The truth hit me, and I started laughing.

“I’ve lost men to other women before, but this is the
first time I ever lost one to a man,” I told him.
“Remind me not to introduce you to any of my other

Relieved at my reaction, he hugged me and laughed with


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