New Deception

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by Anonymous (no address provided)


A young man learns the hard way that things aren’t
always what they seem. He answers a swinger ad looking
to take part in a gangbang but ends up being gang
raped by four rough hicks. (MMMM/M, nc, rp, 1st-gay-
expr, oral, anal)


This happened to me in the mid-eighties when I was
twenty one years old. At that time I worked on a
commercial fishing boat out of St Augustine Florida.

On our last trip we had this new guy, Leo. He would
talk all the time, often about his sexual encounters,
of which he had many, if he could be believed. I would
listen with interest as he told his sordid tales.

I liked when he talked about one girl he called
Backdoor Brandy who loved taking it up the ass. He
would go into graphic detail about anal sex and how
great it was. I wished I could meet up with this
Backdoor Brandy.

I felt so inexperienced listening to Leo. I wasn’t a
virgin, but close to it. So when we had two weeks off
because the boat was in the yard for a refit, I was
determined to get laid. But I was never very good at
picking up girls at bars. I wasn’t bad looking, but I
always had trouble striking up conversation with
girls. I could have hired a prostitute, but the decent
ones were expensive, I decided to leave that as a last
resort. I picked up a swinger magazine from the local
adult bookstore.

I perused through the ads and one in particular caught
my attention. There was a small black and white photo
of a blonde woman sitting on a bed in her underwear.
She looked around my age and had a nice body with big
tits. The ad read, “Help my husband’s fantasies come
true. He wants to see me get gangbanged by 4 or 5
guys. If interested call Cat on #### ### ###.”

A gangbang, I could be part of that. Even if I had to
go after four other guys, I would still get to fuck a
nice blonde. I stared at the picture again and
imagined grabbing and squeezing those nice tits.

It took me a while to work up the courage to call the
number. When I finally did, a woman answered, “Hello,
Cat speaking.”

“Yeah hi, I’m calling about the ad in the Swinger

“You want to make my husbands’ fantasies come true?”


“Okay honey, what’s your name?”


“Can you describe yourself Jason?”

“Uh, I’m twenty-one. Short, dark hair, average height
and build, maybe a little on the short and skinny

“Are you white?”


“Good. We’re having a party this Friday. I have four
guys already, you can be the fifth if you want.”

“Yeah, I do.” She went on to give me her address and
directions to get out there. She was out in Rashwood,
right out of town, on the outskirts of a National

I was looking forward to the ‘party’ for the next
couple of days. I kept looking at Cats small grainy
picture and imagining her getting fucked by a room
full of guys. Would she suck my cock? How will her
pussy feel? Will she do anal? I jerked off a few times
thinking about it.

Friday came and I was excited. The party was set to
start at eight, but I had to leave a couple of hours
early to get out there. The urban sprawl turned to
countryside and day turned to night as I drove out
there. There were trees everywhere around Rashwood. I
was afraid I’d get lost out there and miss the
gangbang, but the directions Cat gave me were good and
didn’t have too much trouble finding their place.

The full moon was out that night. I drove past an old
car body as I entered their property. The drive led to
an old rustic hunting cabin. There were a couple of
motorcycles and pickup trucks parked out the front. I
parked my old Ford Escort next to one of the trucks. I
looked at the time on the dashboard, six minutes past

As I got out of the car, two mean looking Dobermans
chained to a tree barked loudly at me. I looked around
in the moonlight, there was junk strewn around the
place, it certainly had a hillbilly vibe. It wasn’t
exactly what I was expecting, but what did I expect?

The door opened and a man stepped out onto the porch.
“Shut up, you stupid mongrels!” he yelled at the dogs.
Then he looked at me and said, “Come on buddy. It’s
all right, they won’t hurt ya.”

I slowly walked past the dogs and up onto the porch.
The man was in his forties, with a scruffy brown beard
and medium length hair. He was wearing a plain shirt
and shorts with a black leather vest. His cruel
looking grey-green eyes sent a chill in my spine as he
looked me over. He gave a thin smile and thrust his
hand out at me, “Hi, I’m Rattler.”

I shook his hand, “I’m Jason, hi.”

“Welcome to my home. Come on in Jason.” he said,
gesturing to the open door.

I walked past him and into the cabin. I entered a
large, open room and immediately became aware of three
sets of eyes peering at me, which made me feel very
uncomfortable. They were a few other guys sitting
around in the old, over-stuffed chairs, they were
half naked with their cocks out. I knew I would be
seeing naked men here tonight, but it was still a bit
of shock to me.

I could hear music and soft moaning and wondered if
the gangbang had started already, but then I noticed a
porn tape was playing on the TV. My attention was
drawn to a big, fat hairy man sitting on one of the
sofa chairs. He was naked from the waist down and was
holding his big hard cock out in front of him. It was
huge, around eleven inches long and really fat and
veiny with a bulging purple head. The ugly man with a
short stubbly beard saw me looking and gave me a
wicked smile and made a kissy face.

Then I noticed Rattler locking the door behind me with
a key and putting it in his pocket. My stomach
suddenly felt very uneasy, I didn’t want to be there.
Rattler came and put his hand on my back and led me
further into the room. The other guys were all in
their forties. They didn’t strike me as guys who
answered the ad like me, they looked like they all
knew each other.

“Fellas, this is Jason. He’s here to make my fantasies
come true.” The others all laughed. Then Rattler went
about introducing everyone, “That’s Carl.” He said
pointing to the man with a brown mullet and wearing a
black Harley Davidson shirt. “Bozza.” He pointed to a
redheaded man with a solid, muscular build, he was
massaging his hard, eight inch cock. “And Big Bad
Barry.” he said pointing to the big guy with the huge
cock. He smiled at me as he rubbed his large member.

“And let’s not forget my lovely wife. Cat get out
here!” The woman came out from the kitchen and it was
immediately obvious that the photo of her was at least
twenty years old. She was in her forties and much
fatter. Her big tits sagged under her tube top and she
also wore a tight pair of cut-off shorts. She had a
black eye and large purple bruise on her cheek. She
didn’t seem to want to look at me and just looked down
at the ground.

“I need to use the toilet.” I told Rattler. My bladder
was full from the long drive, I also just wanted to
get away from the staring eyes of the half-naked men.

“Just through there.” said Ratter, pointing past the
kitchen. I walked past Cat and into the small room
with the shower, basin and smelly toilet. I got out my
cock and started pissing into the bowl. I knew I had
made a big mistake going there. I had to get out as
soon as I could.

I turned around and there was Cat. She had a really
sad look on her face as she looked into my eyes. “I’m
sorry, I really am. He makes me do it. Please, just do
what he says. Don’t piss him off.” She seemed really
serious, it was frightening.

I walked out and made my way to the front door.
Rattler had a beer in his hand and he walked over to
me. “Look Rattler. I think I made a mistake coming
here, I just want to leave.”

“What, already? You came here for a gangbang didn’t

“I… I just want to go.” Suddenly Rattler slammed his
fist into my gut and an explosion of pain hit me. I
doubled over and dropped to the ground.

“You’ll go when we’re done with you Bitch!”

“You don’t have to hurt him Rattler, please.” called

“I don’t know. Are you going to be a good little
bitch, or do I have to hurt you?” said Rattler,
standing over me. His tone was really frightening.

I was still recovering from the painful blow and was
scared out of my mind. Rattler squatted down next to
me. “I asked you a question. Are you going to be a
good bitch?”


“Stand up Bitch!” ordered Rattler. I slowly picked
myself up off the floor and Rattler helped me by
grabbing my hair and yanking it painfully. He forced
me back into the center of the room. “There’s been a
slight change of plans. Cat’s not feelin’ too hot, but
there’s still gunna be a gangbang. You’re gunna be the
party girl.” The other guys all laughed and cheered.

“He’s gunna enjoy this.” teased Barry. “…I can

“I don’t give a shit if he enjoys it or not. As long
as he does what he’s told. Get on your knees Bitch!”
ordered Rattler.

My mind was screaming out in fear. This couldn’t be
happening. I desperately wanted to flee, or to fight,
but I knew that I couldn’t. I didn’t doubt that he
would badly hurt me if I didn’t do what he said. As
much as I hated the idea, I had no choice but to
submit to these bastards. I slowly got down on my
knees on the hard floor.

Rattler fumbled at his shorts and pulled out his
meaty, half-erect cock. It was right in front of my
face and I could smell the strong odor coming from it,
it smelt like stale piss. “Grab it.” he ordered. I
slowly moved my hand up and wrapped it around the
shaft. “You know what to do.”

His cock was bigger than mine, and still had its
foreskin. I could see the moist tip of the head right
in front of me and it grossed me out. I closed my eyes
and opened wide and took the head of it into my mouth.
The bitter taste was as horrible as the smell. I had
to work hard to stop myself from throwing up. My lips
wrapped around the shaft and I could feel the member

I felt so humiliated, on my knees with a man’s hard
cock in my mouth, while others looked on and jeered.
“Don’t let me feel any teeth there boy.” said Rattler.
His hand came down on my head and pushed me down
further on his dick. I gagged as the cockhead poked at
the back of my throat and quickly moved back and
removed the cock from my mouth and coughed

Rattler quickly pushed his seven-inch cock back into
my face and I opened my mouth and took it in again. I
just concentrated on not letting my teeth scrape it. I
felt the cockhead rubbing up against my cheek as he
moved it around in my mouth. “Yeah, suck that cock!”
said one of the other men. Rattler started bucking his
hips, moving his cock back and forth in my mouth.

“Suck harder bitch!” he said as he fucked my face. I
increased the pressure as the cock bobbed back and
forth. “Cat, go get the camera.”

I continued to suck while the man rocked his cock back
in forth in my face. My face was hot, it must have
been bright red. Then there was a flash as Cat took a
photo of me. I was humiliated enough without them
taking photos.

Soon another one of the guys came over and started
slapping my face with his hard cock. I didn’t know who
it was at first, but then Rattler pulled out of my
mouth and I looked up and saw that it was red-headed
guy they called Bozza. His cock was bigger than
Rattlers, he stuck it in my face. I obediently opened
my mouth and he pushed it in.

“Yeah, that’s a good bitch. Suck my big cock.” He
grabbed my head and started roughly fucking my face.
His fat cockhead kept prodding at the back of my
throat, but I managed to stop myself from gagging.

I just kept sucking on the thrusting member. I was
overwhelmed by the strong, masculine smell of his
crotch as he stuck it in my face. The others in the
room continued to jeer and tease me. Cat was taking
the occasional photo. My knees were starting to hurt
from kneeling on the hard floor and my jaw was getting
sore as I kept it wide to accommodate the member
without scraping it with my teeth. My head was
spinning, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me,
I just wanted it to end.

After a little while, Bozza suddenly pulled away and
then Rattler grabbed my hair and forced me up again.
“Strip for us boy. Cat, go get the mattress from the
bedroom.” He backed away and left me standing there,
red faced with the taste of cock still in my mouth.
All the men were staring at me again, I had never been
so humiliated.

I did as I was told, there was no defying them now. I
slowly lifted my shirt off and the men whistled and
jeered like I was a stripper at a bachelor party. Then
I kicked off my shoes and pulled my pants down so that
I was standing there in my white briefs. “Come on boy,
drop them panties as well.” ordered Rattler.

I slowly pulled my underwear down and there were more
whistles and jeers from the men. “Look at that limp
little dick.” said Barry. “He can’t satisfy a girl
with that, bet he does make a better bitch.”

Rattler had the camera in his hands. “Give me a sexy
smile bitch.” He said as he took a photo of me. Cat
came back into the room dragging an old mattress.
“Turn around bitch, show us your ass.” I obediently
turned around so that my back was to him.

“Now spread your cheeks, show us your little fuck-
hole.” I did as I was told and the men cheered
excitedly. Rattler took another picture. “Yeah, you
ever had a cock up there?” Tears rolled down my hot
face from the intense humiliation as I exposed my ass
to the horny men. “I asked you a question Bitch!” said
Rattler angrily.


“Good. I’m gunna be the first to get up your tight
virgin ass. Cat struggled as she put the old stained
mattress in the center of the room, next to me. None
of the men were bothering to help her. Rattler came
over and handed the camera to Cat. “Keep taking
pictures baby. Jase here will want some mementos of
having his cherry popped.”

He roughly grabbed me and started rubbing my ass, then
gave it a few hard slaps. Then he pushed me down onto
the mattress. “On your hands and knees bitch, with
your ass up high.” I was scared out of my mind. He was
going to rape me. Again, my mind screamed out to fight
and flee, but I knew I couldn’t, and trying to would
only make things worse for me. I had no choice but to
submit. I just prayed that it wouldn’t be so bad,
Backdoor Brandy enjoyed it after all.

There I was, stark naked, on my hands and knees on the
mattress in the middle of the room. Four excited, half
naked men were around the room leering at me. I was
dreading what was to come and praying that something
would happen to stop it. The camera flashed as Cat
took another photo of me.

Rattler was behind me, continuing to rub my ass.
“Who’s got the lube?” He asked.

“Here Rat.” said Big Barry, throwing the tube of KY to
him. He pulled my knees apart and pushed my head down
so that my ass was sticking up. “Ooh Yeah, head down,
ass up, that’s the way we like to fuck!” laughed Carl.
Soon I felt the cold gel being applied to my asshole,
it felt quite strange. Rattlers fingers roughly rubbed
the slimy substance around my hole. I just looked
ahead, at Carl’s feet.

Then it all happened so quickly. I felt Rattler moving
into position behind me and grabbing my ass. The fat
cockhead prodded at my ass and then he forced it in. I
cried out loudly at the intense pain and tried to back
away from him, but he had a firm grip of my ass. He
thrust forward, so that he buried his cock into me, up
to the hilt.

I was crying out in pain. It really felt like I had
been impaled. The pain was continuous, my sphincter
was stretched wide around the fat shaft, it was too
intense. Over my own cries I could hear Rattler
laughing and saying something about how tight I was.

The cock felt huge inside me, and it got worse when it
started moving. It pulled back and it felt like my
guts were being pulled along with it and then it
thrust back deep into my bowels. I desperately wanted
the big invader out of my body, but Rattler and other
men just laughed at my pleas.

I lunged forward to get away from him and the fat cock
plopped out of my aching hole. I dropped flat on the
mattress, it was such a relief to have it out of my
body. “Fuckin’ bitch! Stay still!” said Rattler

“Please, stop. It hurts!” I pleaded.

“Stop your whining boy. You should be grateful I lubed
it up for you.” Bozza came forward and got on top of
me, pinning me down with his weight. I found it hard
to breathe. Then I felt hands spreading my ass cheeks

“Go for it man!” said Bozza. I felt Rattler
positioning himself on top of me and the cockhead
prodded at my sore asshole. I cried out as it forced
its way deep into me again, sliding through my little
hole. Rattler soon started fucking again. My tight,
stretched ring was forced to slide along the thick
meaty shaft as it thrust back and forth. It was much
worse than I thought, my mind was screaming out

Bozza’s weight on top of me made it hard to breathe,
otherwise I would be crying out loudly. Tears streamed
down my face. The thrusting cock was merciless as it
continually rammed its way up my tight passage. My
stretched insides felt like they were burning as the
cock continually rubbed them. The other men were
laughing and teasing me and Cat moved around us,
taking photos of my rape.

After a little while, Bozza decided to get off of me.
Rattler continued banging away for a while, pushing me
down into the springy mattress with each deep thrust.
Soon he wedged his cock down deep inside me and
stopped thrusting. The intensity of the pain had died
down a little. The feeling of the big log wedged
inside me was horrible and unnatural. My ass was
spasming, like it was fighting against the invader. I
just wanted it out of my body.

Rattler kept his cock inside me as he repositioned me,
pulling me up so that I was on my knees again. Then he
grabbed my butt tightly and started fucking with deep,
hard thrusts again. “Yeah! Yeah! Take it boy. Take
it!” Rattler called out as he fucked me. “How do you
like that? Taking a big cock up your ass!”

“Yeah, give it to him Rattler. Fuck that ass!” cheered
one of the other men.

The merciless pounding seemed to go on and on. I knew
my ass was squeezing him tightly, I wondered how long
he was going to last. I desperately wanted it to end,
but the brutal thrusting seemed to go on and on.

Finally, after some time, Rattler stopped thrusting
and then slowly pulled his cock out from my sore ass.
It was such a relief when the fat cockhead popped out
and my stretched ring was able to shrink down again.
He let go of me and I collapsed down on the mattress.
I was hot, sweaty and teary. My ass still throbbed

I wasn’t about to get a break though. Another man got
behind me and lifted me up onto my knees again. “Come
on boy, my turn now.” said Bozza. He guided his cock
to my rear entrance and roughly pushed it in. I cried
out as my tight hole was painfully penetrated again.

Bozza grabbed me around the hips and started fucking.
I was bucked forward with each deep, hard thrust.
Someone was coming around in front of me, and I
realised it was Rattler. He lifted my red face and
looked into my teary eyes, “Having fun boy?” He moved
his hard wet cock into my face and gave a few slaps
with it. “Suck it down for me.”

I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock into it. I
began sucking on the cock while Bozza continued to
bang me from behind. The cock now had a strange,
bitter taste to it. “Does it taste like your ass?”
said Rattler. I gagged and had to stop myself from
throwing up. It grossed me out that the cock had just
been up my ass and now it was in my mouth.

I tried to put it out of my mind and just suck as he
grabbed my head and fucked my face. I was trying to
just focus on sucking the cock, to get my mind off the
painful thrusting in my ass. It wasn’t working though,
I could feel each hard thrust as the big cock
mercilessly pounded at my tender insides.

Soon Rattler started groaning and then grabbed hold of
my head and I felt the warm slimy cum spill out into
my mouth. There was a lot of it and it went up my
nose, it felt horrible and I shuddered with revulsion.
I tried to pull away but Rattler had a firm hold of my
head. He moaned loudly as even more cum spurted out of
his cock and into my mouth.

“Ahhh Yeah! Swallow my load, like a good little
bitch.” I tried to swallow some down, which was hard
with his cock in my mouth, and I found it disgusting.
He pulled his cock out and I spat some cum out onto
the mattress, this earned me a hard smack on the side
of the head. “Don’t waste my cum you stupid Bitch! Now
clean my cock up.”

He put his slimy member back into my mouth and I
gently sucked him off. All the while Bozza was fucking
my ass with a steady rhythm. The cum had a mild salty
and bleachy taste, It made me feel queasy.

When Rattler was happy, he pulled his softening cock
from my face and moved away. Cat got in front of me
and took another picture as cum dribbled down my chin.
Then Bozza reached forward and pushed my head down
into the mattress. He started banging me even harder,
making me cry out.

My body still felt like it was resisting the brutal
violation. I did my best to relax my ass and accept
the thrusting cock, but it was hard. I could hear the
slapping sound and feel his groin press into me with
each deep thrust. Just like Rattler before him, the
fucking just seemed to go on and on. I wondered if he
was going to pull out and make me suck him off like
Rattler did.

Eventually Bozza started moaning loudly as he fucked.
He started giving fast strokes and then wedged his
cock in deep. He groaned as I felt the warm wetness
spill out inside me. He had cum up my ass. It felt
gross, but better than in my mouth. He left his cock
wedged in me for a while, then he slowly pulled out. I
felt the warm fluid spill out after it, as my sore
raped ass was empty once again.

“It’s my turn now.” said Big Barry. I was horrified, I
didn’t think I could take any more of this abuse. Two
men had just raped me, but there were more of them! I
was going to have to endure more of it, my ass was
already so sore.

The big, fat, hairy man grabbed my arm and told me to
get up. He roughly pulled me up from the mattress and
I struggled to get on my feet. I staggered as he
pulled me over and bent me over the arm of the lounge
chair he was sitting in. He gave my ass a few hard
slaps and then said, “Stay there boy!” like he was
commanding a dog.

He went and grabbed the tube of lubricant and came and
started rubbing the lube over his cock in front of me.
I was reminded how big his member was, to my horror.
It was like a cock you see on black porn stars. I was
starting to panic with the thought of him fucking me
with that huge thing, but I didn’t dare move off the
lounge chair.

He just laughed as he saw me looking at him with
fearful eyes. “Is it big enough for ya Slut? You’re
gunna take the whole thing up yer tight hole, and yer
gunna love it!” ‘Oh my god, he’s gunna kill me with
that thing!’ I thought. I knew there was no use
pleading with him.

“Come on Man! Stick it up him!” cheered Rattler.

Barry smiled and then came around behind me. He kicked
my legs apart and got between them. I felt the big,
slimy cockhead rubbing around at my sore, wet rear
entrance. I clenched my teeth, trying to brace myself
for what was to come. The cockhead continued rubbing
around my hole for a little while longer and then he
started to force it in.

The huge cock was grinding into me slowly. I screamed
out in pain as my hole stretched impossibly wide to
accommodate it, I thought I was going to be torn
apart. My painful rectum continued to stretch open
until the thick meaty mass sunk into me several
inches. “Aaaaagh Fuck! Take it out! Ungh! You’re gunna
kill me!” I screamed out. Barry and the others just

I struggled to breathe, it hurt like hell. The big man
grabbed my hips and pushed his weight into me. I felt
the wide shaft slide through my painfully stretched
ring, inch by inch until I could feel his big hairy
balls press into me. The bulging cockhead was prodding
deep into my bowels. “Ungh yeah! That’s it, take the
whole thing you tight bitch!” growled Barry. Cat took
another photo.

Fresh tears streamed down my face, I was in hell. I
thought Rattler and Bozzas’ cocks felt huge, this felt
like being impaled with a baseball bat. Then it got
worse as Barry started pulling back. It felt like my
bowels were being pulled out with it, inch by painful
inch. He pulled out several inches and then slammed it
back in, making me cry out in pain.

He immediately started pulling back again before
slamming forward. He continued fucking me like that,
getting into a rhythm as he slowly pulled back and
then rammed it forward hard and deep. Each hard thrust
bucked my whole body forward. I was crying out loudly
and was sure he was going to fuck me to death.

The other men around us were all watching with
interest. They were laughing and cheering him on and
encouraging him to fuck me harder. Barry started to
speed up his powerful thrusts. Even with the generous
amount of lubrication, the friction in my tight ass
was unbearable, as well as the feeling of his fat
cockhead continually poking deep into my guts.

As the brutal fucking went on, the pain slowly started
to lose its intensity. The huge member continuously
slam fucked me, but the stinging pain in my stretched
rectum was quickly fading. It was like my ass was
mercifully becoming numb.

The pain seemed to fade away, but I could still feel
every inch of the fat cock as it repeatedly rammed its
way into me. I could feel that thick round cockhead
poking and prodding deep inside my body. Each deep
thrust filled me completely. Pathetic moans seemed to
escape my lips as I took the rough ass fucking.

My head was swimming and I seemed to be in a daze. I
was still getting violently bucked forward with each
hard thrust. Thank god the intense pain had stopped.
My body had given up fighting the violation, and my
tight ass seemed to relax a little and accept each
deep thrust.

Then there was another cock, poking at my face. I
opened my mouth and took it in, automatically sucking
on the meaty rod. Hands grabbed my head and the second
cock rocked back and forth in my sucking mouth,
fucking my face. I closed my eyes and the strong,
masculine smell of the man’s crotch filled my senses.
The taste didn’t seem to gross me out so much now.

The two cocks seemed to pump me in unison at both
ends. Both my ass and mouth were taking all they had
to give. Barry’s big cock continued to pump away.
After a while the thrusts started to speed up and I
moaned around the cock in my mouth.

The huge cock suddenly slowed down and I could feel it
throbbing. I felt a hot wetness spread out inside me
as the big cock throbbed wildly. I heard Barry moan
loudly as he slowly pushed deeper and more cum spilled
out. “Aaaaaah Yeah, Yeah! Take my hot load, you little

He slowly slid the big member back and forth in my cum
soaked ass several times before he slowly started to
pull out of it, inch by inch. The fat cockhead plopped
out, and I felt his cum dribble out and run down my
balls. My ass felt strangely empty now that it wasn’t
hugging the huge fat member.

I continued to suck on the cock that was fucking my
face, but soon that pulled out as well. I opened my
eyes again. “Ha, look at that busted out asshole. Get
a photo of that Cat.” said Rattler.

Then Big Barry was in front of me again, he stuck his
big, slimy member into my face and I obediently
started licking and sucking it, tasting his cum. While
I was cleaning up Barry’s big cock, I could feel Carl
behind me, grabbing my ass and then slipping his cock
into me. It didn’t hurt when he put it in. His cock
felt small compared to Barry’s, but I could feel my
hole hugging it tightly as it thrust back and forth.

More cum dribbled out of my ass as it got fucked. My
insides felt slick and squishy from the cum, it felt
strange. I was glad the pain had died down, the ass
fucking didn’t feel so bad now. Barry’s cock had gone
soft in my mouth and he slipped it out . I really
wanted a drink to get that horrible taste out of my
mouth, but I wasn’t going to ask for one.

Carl’s cock pulled out of my ass and I felt more cum
dribble out. “Come on bitch!” he said as he roughly
pulled me up again. Once again I found it hard to
walk, but I didn’t go far. Carl pushed me down on the
lounge chair again, this time on my back. He grabbed
my legs and lifted them, so that my ass was hanging
off the edge of the chair. “Hold them.” he ordered . I
did as he said and grabbed my legs, holding them up in
front of me. “Hold ’em back further.”

“Here, I got it Carl.” said Bozza. He got behind the
chair and grabbed my legs and roughly pulled them back
so that my knees were about my head. I could feel the
painful strain in my legs. My limp dick and cum soaked
balls were sitting in front of me and my well-fucked
hole was pointed out toward Carl, who was rubbing his
hard wet cock.

Rattler was out in front of me as well, “Hey Cat, get
a photo of this.” The woman moved in front of me with
the camera. “Give us a sexy smile boy.” ordered
Rattler. I forced a smile. The camera flashed as Cat
got a photo of me in this humiliating pose, I was
getting used to the humiliation now, as my ass was
getting used being fucked.

Then Carl got in front of me, I could clearly see his
hard cock as he guided it down to my hole and pushed
it in. Bozza held my legs back firmly as he started
fucking me again. It was different this time, I wasn’t
being taken from behind. I could see the man in front
of me, thrusting into me, the look of pleasure on his

The cock slid back and forth easily in my slick ass.
There was a wet slapping sound as he fucked me. My ass
stayed relaxed and accepted each deep thrust. The
thick cock head rubbing along my prostate actually
felt pretty good. It just added to my humiliation.
Were they turning me queer? Do I enjoy having men fuck
me like a woman?

I had noticed that the men’s excitement had died down
a bit. They had all had me now. Rattler and Barry had
sat down again, then Bozza let go of my legs and went
off to get another beer. I had to hold my legs up as
Carl continued to plough into me. By the look on his
face and the little grunts he made, it seemed he was
enjoying himself.

He looked down at me as he pumped my ass, “Noticed you
stopped your complaining boy. You like getting fucked
by real men now eh?” I looked up at him but didn’t say
anything. “I asked you a question bitch. Do you like
getting fucked in the ass?” he spat angrily.


He smiled down at me, “Liar.” Then he started pumping
me even harder. After a while he groaned loudly, but I
didn’t feel him cum. He pulled out from my ass and it
felt empty again. His cock was covered in slimy cum
and he brought it to my face. I knew what to do,
taking it into my mouth and cleaning it.

When I was done, Carl stepped away from me and I let
my legs drop down again, they were stiff and sore from
being held up in that position. Rattler looked over at
me, “You’re spilling cum everywhere.” he said angrily.
“Go to the shitter and clean out your fuck-hole boy.”

I slowly lifted myself up from the chair. I wobbled on
my sore legs and found it hard to stand. I could feel
the cum running down my legs. The men all laughed at
me as I stiffly hobbled over toward the toilet. I
could feel my ass, it wasn’t too painful but the whole
thing throbbed, like I was still getting fucked.

I felt kind of numb as I sat down on the toilet seat.
I had been used and abused and humiliated. Raped by
four men. I tore off some of the rough toilet paper
and wiped the cum around my balls and ass. I pushed a
finger up into my abused ass-hole and scooped out some
of the cum. The white goo dribbled out into the toilet
bowl, there was more than I expected.

I got up and brought my head to the rusty tap in the
small basin and got a mouthful of water, rinsed my
mouth and spat it out. I drank some more water down,
glad to finally get the taste of cum out of my mouth
again. I got a handful of water and washed around my

My ass felt empty now, I could still clearly remember
the feeling of it being filled with cock, and the
continuous thrusting deep inside me. Part of me wanted
to feel it again, but mostly I just wanted to get the
hell out of there.

When I was done in the toilet, I slowly walked back
into the main living-room where the men where. They
were sitting around smoking weed from a long glass
bong. A smoky haze filled the air. The porno was still
playing on the TV. Cat wasn’t around, I guessed she
had gone into one of the bedrooms.

I went over and gathered up my clothes and started
pulling my underwear on again. Rattler looked over at
me with a cold stare, “What the fuck are you doing
bitch? Did I say you could get dressed?”

I gave him a pathetic pleading look, “Please, I just
want to go. You’ve had your fun.”

“I told you before, you can go when we’re done with
you.” He looked over at Bozza, “Reckon we’re done with

“I’m not. Reckon I could go another round.” said Bozza

“Fuck yeah!” agreed Barry. My heart sank, my hopes of
getting out of there were crushed. Those bastards were
going to make me endure it all again. Once again I
became aware of my ass throbbing, how much more could
it take?

“Get over here.” ordered Rattler. I slowly walked over
to him. Barry gave my ass a playful slap as I walked
past. I looked over at the locked door, my only way
out of there was to get these degenerates off again. I
resigned myself to it. “Now get me hard again.” said

I got down on my knees in front of him and wrapped my
hand around his soft member and started rubbing it.
“In your mouth.” ordered Rattler. I brought my head
down and took in the mucky smell of his crotch again.
I took the flaccid dick into my mouth and started
gently sucking on it.

Slowly, the cock began swelling and growing inside my
mouth. Pretty soon I was sucking on his hard cock
again, moving my lips up and down on the thick shaft.
“Good.” said Rattler, “Now turn around and sit your
ass down on it.”

I removed the hard wet cock from my mouth and slowly
stood up. “Hurry up!” growled Rattler impatiently. I
turned my back to him and then bent down, bringing my
ass down to his cock, which he was holding so that it
stood, pointing upwards from his crotch.

I felt the cockhead on my skin and moved around so
that it prodded at my soft opening. It was more
humiliation, Rattler was making me do all the work,
penetrating my own ass with his cock. I lowered myself
down and felt the sting as the thick cockhead popped
through my ring and slid up into me.

“Yeah, that’s it, come down all the way boy!” said
Rattler. I groaned as I lowered myself down. The
cockhead forced its way up deeper and deeper inside me
and inch after inch of thick shaft slid through my
stretched anus until my ass rested on his crotch and
the cock was fully wedged into me. “Now bounce that
ass bitch. Give my cock a good hard fucking!”

I began moving my ass up and down on Rattlers cock as
the other guys looked on. My legs were still weak, so
it was really hard for me. I didn’t mind the feeling
of the hard cock sliding into me so much, but my legs
were starting to hurt.

“Come on, fuck me harder than that bitch.” said
Rattler. I began bobbing my ass up and down faster,
sliding my tight, wet ring up and down on the thick
shaft. Rattler moaned softly with pleasure, he was
enjoying sitting back and making me do all the work.
The other men seemed to be enjoying the show too, I
saw them stroking their cocks, getting them hard

“Faster baby, faster, come on!” said Rattler behind
me. I was already banging him pretty hard. I tried to
bob my ass up and down even faster, exerting myself
and getting red faced. The muscles in my legs were
burning and so were my insides as the cock vigorously
rubbed them. Then I came up a little too high and the
cock slipped out and rubbed up against my wet skin.
Rattler laughed, “Good boy, now why don’t you go and
do some pole grinding for Bozza over there.”

“Yeah, come on Bitch, park your slutty ass down on
this.” said Bozza, holding his hard cock out in front
of him. I got up from Rattlers chair and he gave my
butt a hard slap. I hobbled over to where Bozza was
sitting, my legs were really sore now, as well as my
ass. “Come on, hurry up.” said Bozza impatiently.

I got in front of him and turned around and bent down
just like I did with Rattler. I lowered my ass to his
groin and he lined his fat cock up with my wet hole. I
slowly dropped down and impaled myself on it. I could
still hardly believe that I was doing this for them,
but what choice did I have?

“Do me fast and deep, just like you were for Rattler
over there.” ordered Bozza. I began bouncing my ass up
and down quickly on his lap, feeling the intense
friction inside me again and the burning in my leg

“Aaah yeah that’s good!” said Bozza behind me, “You’re
enjoying it too huh? Why don’t you moan for me?”

I let out a soft “Ooooh” as I banged his fat cock.

“Louder Bitch! Moan like a whore for us.”

The humiliation just kept on going for me, and I just
kept doing what I was told like an obedient slave. I
threw my head back and gave a long, drawn out moan as
I rode him. The men all laughed at me. Bozza didn’t
let up, “Now cum for me whore. Give us a convincing

This was ridiculous, I couldn’t believe what he wanted
me to do now. I remembered the actresses from some of
the pornos I had watched, now I had to give my own
performance. I began breathing heavily as I continued
to bob my ass up and down on Bozzas thick rod. I
moaned like a whore again, softly at first, but
getting louder. “Oh yeah, oooh yesss, Oh God!” I cried
out throwing my head back.

The room erupted in laughter. My face couldn’t get any
redder and fresh tears streamed down my face. When was
the humiliation going to end? “Good Bitch, very good!”
said Bozza. “You deserve a prize for that performance,
why don’t you go and see Big Bad Barry for your
prize?” He grabbed my ass and pushed me off him so
that his cock plopped out from my gripping hole.

Barry gave me a big smile, “Yeah get over here porn
star. You know what your prize is don’t ya, it’s your
favourite.” He waved his fat, eleven inch monster in
front of him. I slowly hobbled over to where he was
sitting, dreading what was to come.

He held his huge member up so that it was pointing
toward the ceiling. I couldn’t help but stare at it.
The shaft was so thick, the whole thing seemed to be
bulging, with thick purple veins running over it and
that big round purple head. I shuddered as I
remembered how painful it was having that thing forced
into me and then being roughly pounded by it.

Barry was still smiling at me, “You can’t wait to have
it inside you again eh? Come on then slut, take a
seat.” I slowly got in front of him and turned around,
reluctantly offering my ass. I lowered it down until I
felt that bulbous cockhead prod at my little, abused
hole. I must have been delaying the inevitable because
Barry said impatiently, “Come on, get it up there.”

I lowered my weight down and felt the huge blunt head
press harder and harder into me. My sore ring started
to painfully stretch wider and wider until the fat
head forced its way though, making me cry out in pain.
It was just like last time except I was doing it to
myself. Then I felt Barry’s big hands grab my butt and
roughly pull me down toward him. I cried out loudly as
eleven inches of thick meat quickly pushed through my
squeezing ring and that big fat cockhead poked deep
inside me.

My ass was throbbing with intense pain and I tried to
get up off of the huge invader that had brutally
impaled me, but Barry held me down. He then leant
forward and grabbed my legs, lifting them up so that I
fell back on top of him. Eleven inches of fat cock
meat were still wedged up inside me. Fresh tears
streamed down my face.

“Aaah Yeah! You’re still really tight, even after all
the fucking.” Barry said into my ear. My head rested
on his hairy chest and I could smell his sweaty odor.
He began moving his cock back and forth a few inches,
slowly fucking me. I could feel the intense friction
inside me. “Go on, tell me how much you like it

“Ungh …it’s really big.” I gasped.

“Yeah, and you love the big ones don’t you?” I just
softly groaned. “Answer me whore!”

I knew I should tell him what he wanted to hear, “Aaah

“What do you want me to do?”

“ungh …fuck me.”

“How do you want me to fuck you?”

“…uh …fuck me …hard.”

“Good whore, I’ll give you what you want.” He let my
legs drop to the floor and then pushed me off of him.
I felt inch after inch of thick cock slide out of my
rear until his bulging cock head popped out again. I
found myself standing in front of him on shaky legs.
“Get on the mattress.” ordered Barry. I dropped down
onto the mattress in front of me sitting up. My ass
felt so sore and empty, but I knew it would soon be
filled again.

“Oh you’re gunna get it now bitch.” laughed Bozza,
stroking his hard cock.

Barry got up and stood over me with his monster cock
sticking out in front of him. “On your back with your
legs up whore, and your tight little hole wet and
ready.” I compliantly laid back on the mattress and
lifted my legs and held them back. Barry looked down
at me, “Hold them back further so that your little
fuck hole is pointing to the sky.” My legs were
already aching, but I pulled them back until my ass
was lifting off the mattress.

“Good.” said Barry, getting down onto the mattress. He
mounted me, pressing his big, fat, hairy body into
mine. He lined his huge member up with my ass and then
roughly forced it in. I groaned as my ring painfully
stretched wide again and that big fat cock wedged
itself deep into my bowels. The big man’s crushing
weight pushed me down into the mattress. It was hard
to breathe.

Barry’s ugly face was right above mine. He looked into
my eyes, “What do you want me to do whore?”

“Ungh …get off me!”

Barry frowned at me and then brought his arm over and
gave my face a hard slap. “Wrong answer. Let’s try
this again. What do you want?”

“…aah …fuck me.”

He spat into my red face, “What do you want me to do?”

“…fuck me …hard.”

He spat in my face again, “You dirty Slut!” Then he
supported his weight with his arms and lifted his ass
up. Several inches of fat cock pulled out of my ass
and then rammed back in deep. I was squashed down into
the mattress as his weight pressed down on top of me.
He got into a fast rhythm, ramming my ass like a

I was crying out at the merciless pounding. The big
body was hammering me into the mattress. My whole body
was aching and my insides felt like they were on fire
as the huge cock vigorously rubbed them and the fat
cockhead continually banged its way deep inside me and
seemed to be getting deeper and deeper.

The other guys in the room seemed to be getting
excited again. Bozza cheered him on, “Yeah, that’s the
way. Pound that little Bitch!”

“Go Big Bad Barry!” cheered Carl.

The hard pounding seemed to go on and on. Like last
time, my ass seemed to go numb and accepted each hard
thrust, but I couldn’t escape his crushing weight on
top of me. We were both becoming very hot and sweaty
as well. Barry grabbed a fistful of my hair and
roughly turned my head, “Look into my eyes Bitch.” I
looked up at him through my teary eyes. “Say my name.”


“Yeah, I’ve had lots of little bitches like you.
You’re never gunna forget me though, are you?” He
turned my head away and then continued roughly banging
me. ‘When’s he gunna cum?’ I thought, ‘How long can he
keep up this pace?’ It turned out he could keep it up
for a while longer. His putrid sweat was dripping down
onto me and the stench was fowl. I was getting so hot
and sweaty and sore, I desperately wanted it to end.

Eventually he slowed his pace and groaned and breathed
heavily and I knew he was getting close. I was
relieved to have him finally pull out and get off of
me. He quickly shuffled around and I found his big wet
cock sticking in my face. Barry groaned as he jerked
it and I braced myself for what was coming. The warm
sticky cum spurted out onto my red face that was wet
with tears and perspiration.

I wasn’t even repulsed as the cum dribbled down my
face, I was just glad it was over. Barry rubbed the
wet cockhead over my face and then pushed it against
my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed it in. Once
again I got the taste of cum in my mouth as I wrapped
my lips around the thick shaft and gently sucked him

Soon Barry pulled out of my mouth and then got up off
the mattress. “I’m done with you Bitch.” was all he
said as he walked away, leaving me lying there in a
daze. I was all hot and sweaty and the smell and taste
of cum filled my senses, as well as the feel of it
running down my face. My whole body ached,
particularly my ass which throbbed painfully.

“That was fuckin’ hot.” said Bozza. “You should be in
movies Baz.” The next thing I knew he was getting down
on the mattress with me. He lifted my legs and guided
his hard cock into my ass, which accepted it easily.
“Your hole got a good ploughing, didn’t it Bitch? It’s
nice and soft and welcoming now.”

I just laid back and let him fuck me. His cock didn’t
seem so big now, and it slid back and forth easily.
Then Carl approached me and got down, squatting over
my chest. His hard cock jutted out in front of my
face. “Suck it down Whore.” he commanded. I lifted my
head and took it in my mouth. I sucked him off while
Bozza continued to pump his cock into my soft, wet

Carl got hold of my head and bobbed it back and forth.
“Don’t slack off now Bitch, give it a good suck.” I
could hear the continuous slapping sound as Bozza
banged me. I just sucked and sucked on the fat member.
Without warning, the cum spurted out into my mouth. I
pulled back and Carl groaned and more cum spurted out
onto my face. I reluctantly swallowed the cum down, I
didn’t want to risk making them angry by spitting it

Carl got up off of me without saying a word and walked
off. Bozza then lifted my legs up and pushed them
back, getting up on top of me like Barry did. He
started fucking me harder, thrusting deep and fast.

Pretty soon he started groaning, “Ungh, yeah. Take it
you Bitch, take it you dirty little Slut!” I felt his
cum spill out inside me. He gave a few more thrusts
into my squishy hole and then pulled out.

He moved around and shoved his slimy member into my
face. I opened my mouth and took him in, cleaning up
all the slime off his cock. “Look at you Slut, you’re
a mess.” laughed Bozza. He got up and then went back
over to his chair. I was left lying there on the
mattress in daze.

Then Rattler called out to me, “Hey, stop slacking off
boy, get over here.” I slowly sat up and looked over
at him sitting on the lounge chair. “Come on, crawl
over on your hands and knees.” I did as I was told
again, when was it going to end? I crawled over in
front of him and just looked up at him.

He just pointed down at his half-erect cock. I got
hold of it and took it in my mouth. The cock quickly
swelled as I sucked on it and was hard again. “You
should be getting good at that by now eh?” said
Rattler. “How’s yer ass?”

I just knelt there between his legs with my head in
his crotch sucking him off once again. I could feel
the cum dribbling out of my loose aching bumhole. I
bobbed my head up and down sucking him off in long
strokes, I just wanted to get him off. The other men
had all got off twice with my mouth and ass, I hoped
that once Rattler had cum, that was it and they would
let me out of there.

I kept sucking and sucking, how long was it going to
take? Eventually Rattler started to groan, “Ungh, yeah
I’m cummin’, swallow it all down for me this time
boy.” The cock throbbed in my mouth and its cum
spurted out. It wasn’t as much as the first time he
came in my mouth, thankfully. I forced myself to
swallow it all down and felt queasy. I made sure his
cock was clean and looked up at him.

“I knew you would make a good party girl.” he said,
smiling down at me. He pushed me aside as he got up
and then walked over to my clothes that were lying in
a pile on the floor. He picked up my pants and pulled
out my wallet. He got out the small amount of cash I
had and held it up, “Hey, some beer and pizza money

“Alright, I love whores who pay you.” laughed Bozza.

Then Rattler pulled out my driver’s license, “I might
hold onto this.”

“No, I need that.” I told him.

“You better see about getting a new one then.” He
tossed my pants and empty wallet to me. “We’re done
with you now. Fuck off!” It was the moment I had been
longing for, but I knew I was a mess, covered in cum
and sweat, I must have stunk to high heaven. I had
that nasty taste of cum in my mouth again.

“Can I just clean up first?” I asked him.

“No, I said Fuck off!” he said coming over to me. He
grabbed me by the hair and forced me up off the floor.
I held onto my pants and wallet as he marched me over
to the door. “You’re not gunna make any trouble for us
are ya?” he said as he unlocked the door. “We all had
a good time tonight. I have your address, and I have a
bunch of pictures showing what a big faggot you are.”

I said nothing as I gathered up my shoes and shirt off
the floor and then moved out the doorway onto the
porch. “If you’re still here in twenty seconds, I’m
gunna release my dogs.” said Rattler. I quickly moved
to my car and winced as I sat down. Rattler was
watching me from the porch as I started the car and
got out of there.

The time on the dashboard said ten twenty, I had only
been there for a couple of hours, it felt like a lot
longer than that, I thought it was the early hours of
the morning. I felt numb as I started the long drive
back home. I could still smell and taste the cum, and
feel it spilling out of my aching ass, making a mess
on the seat. I eventually got back to my small flat
and had a very long shower.

The next day my ass was so sore, it was driving me
mad. There was no blood fortunately, but I knew the
insides of my ass were badly bruised. When I answered
the ad, I never imagined anything like this could
happen. I never imagined I would ever be so badly
used, abused and degraded.

I kept on reliving what had happened in that old
cabin. I kept on seeing cocks, and also smelling and
tasting and feeling them. I kept hearing the names
that they called me, Bitch, Slut, Whore. For a week I
could barely sit down, I had a funny walk and taking a
shit was very unpleasant.

Then I got a large envelope in the mail. I opened it
and was surprised to see that they had sent me some
copies of the photos that Cat had taken that night. I
looked at the pictures of me sucking on cocks, and
getting fucked in the ass, and laying there with my
busted hole dribbling cum. It made me relive the night
all over again.

I went back to work on the fishing boat and tried to
get past what had happened to me, but I kept on
thinking about it, and thinking about cocks.

The next time I had some leave, I made a bold
decision. I had placed my own ad in the same swinger
magazine I had got before. I used one of the photos
that was sent to me, one of me bent over on the
mattress with my ass up. The text underneath it read,
“Help my fantasies come true. I want to get gangbanged
by 4 or 5 guys. If interested call Jason on 1-555-555-

The response to my ad was overwhelming, my phone was
ringing constantly. There’s a lot of horny men out
there. I didn’t want to disappoint a lot of people, so
I ended up organizing quite a few parties, and with a
fair bit more than four or five guys. I got so much
cock in those two weeks, and I loved being a slut.
Fuckin’ loved it.


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