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by Kewtieboy (


A guy in his thirties with a much younger boyfriend,
discovers that he loves watching him having sex with
other guys and sets about to make it happen. (MMm,
mast, oral, anal, intr, voy)


Luck really didn’t come into it though many thought I
was lucky. At 34 I still felt I was a good looking
catch. My interests in other guys were mainly in those
my own age. I was a man’s man liking men who acted like
men, men who acted like me really. When Nat started
talking to me one night in the main gay bar in town, I
paid him little heed. I was cruising a rather
attractive David Beckham look alike at the other side
of the bar and was at the sly smiling stage where each
time our eyes met we would smile at each other like we
had a hidden secret. He was really attractive and just
my type � hard to get!

Suddenly there was a hyperactive explosion of
conversation at my right elbow and there was Nat. It
was more of a continued conversation in which I had not
been party to its initial stages. “They always do that
to me; did you see that?”

“Uh,” I said, rather lamely. “Sorry I don’t know what
you are talking about.”

“These bloody barmen, they treat me like I’m underage
or completely invisible. I’m over 18,” he shouted to a
passing bar queen! “I won’t report you for underage

“What are you trying to buy?” I asked.

“Just a bottle of beer,” he replied.

“A beer please,” I shouted to the returning bar queen!

“Coming up,” he said as he minced past, picked one up,
flipped off the top and dumped it on the counter.
“That’ll be �3.50,” he said, looking at me then down at
the overpriced bottle on the counter.

I paid.

“Thanks, I’m Nat,” said the blonde thing in front of
me. “It’s short for Nathan, not Nathaniel.”

“Right, I’m Rory and that’s short for Rory,” I said.

I really wanted peace to eye up my good looking
footballer hero look alike and I looked up to reconfirm
to him that I was still interested in a second half to
our little game. My eyes met an extremely overweight
and sweating forty-something who seemed to be keen on
taking my now missing piece of eye candy’s place.

“Shit,” I said aloud!

“What is it?” said little Nat.

I explained that while he was flirting with me, the
centre of my interest had left and 45 minutes of
batting eyelids had been completely wasted.

“Sorry,” he said. “It’s his loss anyway ‘cos you’re a
good looking hunk!”

I looked at this piece of candy floss that had just
called me a “hunk” and took him in for the first time.
Standing about 5 feet and 8 inches against my 6 feet
and 1 inch, he was slim with shape, if you know what I
mean. He wasn’t skinny and has some shape where it
mattered. He had a round face which looked almost
cherubic, and real blonde hair with just enough brown
streaked naturally through it to make it textured. His
eyes were a piercing blue that looked almost like
coloured contact lenses but weren’t. His chest hugging
pink top should have looked really effeminate but
wasn’t somehow, and his washed out jeans were fitting
around his hips and just sitting low enough to show the
pale blue band of a pair of Emporio Armani briefs
peeking over his belt.

For those of you salivating over this image, he wasn’t
me at all. Though he wasn’t camp, he should have been
as his image said he was. He was right though, he did
look under 18, probably about 16 or 17 but he was, as
he again assured me, 18 and one half. It was at that
moment I realised I was being watched. Actually we were
both being watched by a great many drooling men. Sadly,
they weren’t drooling over me. The focus of their
attention was all aimed at Nat. Nat seemed absolutely
oblivious and continued to talk in his hyperactive way.

Human nature being what human nature is, the fact that
most of the bar wanted into his pants suddenly made him
more desirable to me. O.K., so I’m shallow, but I was
looking around the bar, returning the looks and knowing
winks with a look that said “I’m going to have him
tonight and none of you have a chance.”

It took over an hour of us chatting and in that hour, I
knew his entire short life and he knew virtually
nothing about me. If he had taken time to draw breath
between sentences, I might have managed to tell him
something but there really wasn’t the opportunity.
Meanwhile, I began to wonder what his beautifully
shaped bum would feel like with my cock embedded inside

“Fancy coming back to my place for the night?” I said
when he tried to draw breath.

“Yeh, cool,” he replied and stood up.

We left with at least a hundred imaginary daggers stuck
in my back from a bar-load of sex hungry queens.

Nat was surprisingly good sex. He, like me, liked to
shower and be really clean before sex. I love having a
whole body to myself without any “no go” areas. He
walked from the bathroom to join me in my bedroom
wearing just his Armani tight shorts and a delicious
bulge showing in front. He let me take control and I
took my time laying him on the bed and kissing. Nat
responded really well and was surprisingly very randy.
I often find the more they talk, the less they do but
Nat was extremely active. He rolled me over and started
to rim me. It had been a long time since that had
happened as most people think that guys who are top
don’t like anyone near their back end and nothing could
be further from the truth.

Before I knew it he was slipping a finger inside me,
rimming and fingering and I found myself relaxing as
his expert tongue licked over my back then back to my
arse, round to my balls and back to my hole. His hands
stroked between my legs and pulled my hard cock back
towards him as I lay face down. He stroked my buttocks
with his cock. The cock in question was about six and a
half inches long, with a loose foreskin which showed
the pink head peeping out from inside. It was quite
thick, almost stubby and his balls were well
proportioned but tight to his body.

Though Nat only had token hair on his chest, from his
navel down he was quite hairy, especially around his
cock and balls. The hair was amazingly blonde. Usually
blonde guys have darker hair but his was blonde with a
reddish tinge to it. His cock was delightfully pressing
against my buttocks and his pre-cum was wet and moist
as it traced across my bum.

My own cock was bigger than his, which is why most
people like me to be top. I have seven and a half
inches and nicely thick, though not as thick as Nat’s.
My hair is also restricted to my chest, navel and balls
but, being dark, is more noticeable.

“Can I fuck you?” he asked.

“You can try to fuck me,” I responded, not sure how I
would manage.

To cut to the chase, within ten minutes, I was kneeling
doggy fashion on the bed, stroking my own cock as Nat
held my hips and was fucking me deliciously in the
arse. His wide cock fitted remarkable well and he
really was a horny little stud. When he had fucked long
enough, he pulled his condom covered cock out and said,
“Now you do me.”

I was amazed how ambidextrous this little stud muffin
was. I lay him on his back and lifted his sweet little
legs in the air. I lubricated him easily and started my
onslaught. He took me inside him without a whimper and
his cock was as hard as nails. I fucked him in that
position while holding and wanking his cock. Both his
legs rested on my shoulders and I could kiss him while
I fucked and wanked.

I felt myself cumming and told him. He asked me to go
for it and as I fired my load into him, his own
delivery sprayed out of his cock, hitting my chest and
face. If there is one thing really gets me going, it’s
a copious cummer and Nat had probably more sperm in his
storage tanks than I had every seen. It was a thin
consistency so did a fair bit of damage to my hair
style and dripped off both my nose and tits. He raised
himself up and kissed me, his own cum mixing with our
saliva. It was amazingly erotic.

I realised I loved this guy but felt sure I was a one
night stand. Certainly my 16 years of additional
experience were nothing to his technique. How he had
learned it in such a short space of time I had no idea.

Well Nat stayed the night and within two weeks, Nat was
staying permanently. He worked in the local government
and I had a good job with an IT company. His parents
had three other kids and were happy to have the extra
space. He told them it was a flat share and I was his
landlord and that was it.

At this moment, I can hear you thinking aloud. This kid
is in for a free ride and as soon as he has found
something better, he’ll be off. To be honest with you,
I thought the same and was just making hay while I
could. The sex with this stud muffin was amazing. He
fucked liked a rabbit, he took cock in him with no
problem at all, and he gave me his undivided attention
when we went out. Not only that, when we went out, he
turned heads. He looked like something out of a
modelling catalogue and I was basking in the shade,
enjoying the attention my lover was getting and knowing
that everyone knew I was going home to fuck him!

My circle of friends had some envious comments to make
as well and at our first dinner party as a couple Nat
made himself as sexy as he could. Many of my friends
were a few years older than me and their flattering
attention to him got me surprisingly horny. I think
that night was the first time that my mind drifted to
the thought of him naked on the table while a feeding
frenzy of all my friends was sucking him, wanking him
and cumming over his chest.

The thoughts were surprisingly erotic and so much so
that I missed a whole ten minutes of conversation and
only the distant sound of my good friend Graeme,
repeating my name over and over again, brought me back
to reality.

Nat was a flirtatious host and spent time sitting on
knees, patting thighs and having his bum patted in
return. He frequently made brief comments about our
torrid relationship and of some of the things he loved
to do and I noticed a number of the three couples
present, adjusting the front of their pants as he

We drank way too much that night and in bed, Nat was
again rampant. When I told him the reaction I had
noticed in my friends, he shrugged and asked if it
turned me on. I confessed it had. He then related an
imaginary scenario in which all six of them fucked him
on the dining table. My orgasm into his backside was
overpowering, with the thoughts of that scene playing
in my head.

I took some wonderful photos and videos of Nat and
while doing so, also took some slightly less explicit
ones which still left little to the imagination. These
consisted of shots in his briefs with an erection, one
of his cock embedded in my hole with just the base of
his cock showing and one with his belly covered in his
cum, with just the top of his pubic hair showing. I
showed them to Graeme and his boyfriend Laurie. They
were both 36 and good looking guys.

I had not had sex with either of them and in another
world where I hadn’t befriended them, I would have
happily had a threesome with them but it’s funny how
friendship normally neutralises sexual urges. Somehow,
however, with the arrival of Nat as an extra to this
relationship, I was becoming excited by the prospect of
him being seduced by them while I watched or joined in.
I had seen both of them naked and soft on holiday and
had heard them have sex in the next room. I had wanked
off to the sounds of their coupling and suddenly, I now
wanted sex with them and Nat. I had mixed feelings of
guilt and fear as if I was embarking on some incestuous
relationship but my cock knew no rules.

The event, when it happened, was a bit of an anti-
climax in some ways. They had been round for a meal and
we had had a little too much to drink. Nat was a bit
hyperactive as he always was with booze in him, and
started doing a semi strip when someone put “Big
Spender” on the cd player. He stopped at his briefs and
flirtingly sat on Laurie’s knee. I deliberately left
the room for another drink and when I returned, I found
Nat spread on the couch with his briefs at his ankles,
Laurie sucking his hard cock and Graeme kissing him.

My arrival brought about a panic with the two lads,
less so with Nat who just smiled and commented on the
fact that he was “getting acquainted.”

“Guys, I hate to admit it to you, but the scenario I am
looking at turns me on so please keep going,” I said.

Within ten minutes Nat was on the floor, Laurie had his
finger in his arse, sucking his cock and Graeme was at
his head, his hard cock in Nat’s mouth. Graeme was
extremely well blessed. His cock looked to be about
eight inches or so and Nat was devouring it with
hunger. I, on the other hand was wanking madly, my
pants at my ankles. I let the show play out in front of
me. In fairness to Laurie and Graeme, they kept looking
in my direction for constant reassurance that they
could continue. Nat had no such guilt and was like a
sex-starved rabbit. Both boys stood and Nat knelt in
front of them sucking both cocks in turn and I could
see the guys were well turned on by Nat’s

Nat casually went to a unit in the lounge, opened the
drawer and casually took out condoms and lubricant. He
handed a condom to both guys and lubricated his arse.
Again they looked at me and again, I nodded. This was
going to turn me on.

Laurie entered first. His six inch cock slid easily
into Nat and he gripped Nat’s hips as he pummelled his
arse. Nat’s cock bounced between his legs, never
drooping in any way. Seeing Nat being abused like this
and even more so, by two friends with whom I had never
really thought of in a sexual way, was highly exciting
for me and when Laurie groaned, pumping his cum into
Nat’s arse, I knew the best was yet to come.

Graeme’s cock looked obscene with the rubber stretched
over it, not quite reaching the base. He lubricated his
dick and started to insert it. Even our dildo wasn’t as
big as Graeme’s cock so I wasn’t sure how it was going
to be. His moans as Graeme’s onslaught began suggested
it wasn’t going to be so easy but each time Graeme
asked if it was hurting, Nat just told him to keep
going. Soon I could see the entire cock in Nat’s arse.
Laurie lay on the couch stroking his half hard cock,
the cum still dripping of the end, as Graeme started
his fuck in earnest. He really gave Nat a pummelling.

He stood Nat up and the pair of them were fucking in
that position. Nat’s stiff cock stood straight out,
bouncing in the air like some independent organ. I
walked over and knelt to take him in my mouth and put
my hand around to feel Graeme’s cock stretching Nat’s
hole as he fucked. The timing was perfect. Graeme,
pumped his cum into Nat, Nat shot on my face and then
in my mouth and my left hand managed to bring me to an
almost simultaneous climax.

“Jeesus Rory,” said Graeme, “now I know why you look
knackered all the time with this little sex monster to
keep satisfied.”

Nat smiled, “O.K. for you boys?”

“Bloody amazing,” said Graeme.

“Don’t expect this to be a regular event lads,” I said,
“this was just a little thing I wanted to happen and I
hope you enjoyed it too.”

“Understood,” said Graeme.

The excitement from that event kept me on heat for
weeks. Nat took great pleasure in relating each moment
when we had sex.

“You liked seeing your best friend’s cock in my hole
didn’t you?”

“Bet you want all your friends to fuck your little boy
don’t you?”

In the heat of orgasm I agreed with everything.

We didn’t have all my friends lined up and we didn’t
repeat the session with Graeme and Laurie though Nat
would flirt with them every chance he got, often
bringing them both to erection in the process. I felt
it shouldn’t be a regular happening as I wasn’t sure
what harm it would do our relationships with each


It was two months later and I had a conference in
Miami. The company was flying me out business class for
four days and with the help of a “free economy fare
with one full fare business class” and some spare Air
Miles, I managed to get Nat to come along. We then took
a week’s holiday and tagged it on at the end. I wasn’t
much company for Nat during the four days as there were
functions most evenings but he slopped around the pool,
chatted up the hunky barman and generally was Nat!

After the conference finished, we did a search for gay
bars and found a few. We tried some but they were quite
provincial in some respects and we felt like tourists.
The better sounding bars seemed to be in the Hispanic
part of town but we were both warned off going there.
In one of the books I had read of a gay cinema where
they showed gay movies and there could be some action
and suggested to Nat that he might want to be a slut
again. He didn’t need telling twice.

The big surprise was that the gay cinema was just a
small room inside a run down full size cinema showing
straight porn. It didn’t bother us and we paid our
entry and ventured into the gay part. We were very
disappointed. Two extremely fat, heavily perspiring and
ageing guys sat in the large chairs and thought their
luck had turned when we went in and sat down. We
managed to look at the movie for about ten minutes then
I suggested to Nat that we go into the much larger
straight cinema to wait and see if things warmed up
later. It was still mid-afternoon after all.

We wandered into the larger cinema to see an American
skin flick on screen. Two “Barbie doll” types were
sucking on a black guy’s oversized cock with all the
overacted “OOH’s” and “AAH’s” they could manage between
slurps. The cinema had about 30 people in total which
consisted of a small group of around 10, clustered over
at the far wall and the remaining 20 or so, scattered
around the auditorium watching the screen and passing
traffic while they stroked the front of their pants.

We sat at the end of a row on the right hand side near
the rear. The group on the far left seemed to consist
of a dyed blonde, slightly tarty, 30 something woman
being fucked by a Hispanic guy while a white guy
watched and the rest took it in turn to feel her tits
while they wanked. She wasn’t ugly but she did look a
bit “trailer trash.” There was no question that she was
enjoying the attention though. The white guy seemed to
be her husband and I thought “Here’s a guy after my own

I was aware that their might be some gay action in here
as the guys all looked horny but I was also aware that
Nat was by far the youngest person in the place. His
blonde hair suddenly made him look very young, very
camp and very desirable. The stray guys walking up and
down were looking at him and I noticed some were
disappearing through the door at the right hand side of
the screen.

“Toilets, I presume,” the thought entering my head.

I nudged Nat and nodded towards the doorway suggesting
we take a walk.

We slowly walked down together and the miscellaneous
single guys almost to a man, watched him and I head
towards the door. There was a motley crowd from trucker
types (mainly overweight), to some black guys and some
very hunky looking Hispanics, a few of whom were lean
and well shaped. A couple of taller, late 30’s white
guys made up the audience.

When we entered, there was a dark corridor with red
lighting. A few guys leaned against the wall watching
us. It was quite scary but we were randy. I was
thankful we had only taken enough cash to get us here
and back. The guys in here looked slightly better built
and better looking. There were 2 Hispanic guys and 1
white guy just a little older than me. As we entered
the toilet and walked to the vacant urinals, all 3
followed us. The white guy stood at the third and only
empty urinal, while the others just leaned and watched.

“You guys looking for some action?” said a deep voice
from behind. It continued, “you want your sweet little
pussy boy to feel some Latin cock in him?”

We both turned to find one of the Hispanic guys with
his cock in his hand. It wasn’t a monster like they
have in the movies, but it was thick and would
certainly make a virgin’s eyes water on entry!

The white guy turned. He was a really good looking,
sandy haired guy with a chequered shirt, Levi’s and tan
boots. His cock was about 7 inches long and cut.

“Where do we go?” I asked innocently.

“Just here is fine,” said the deep husky voice. “No one
ain’t gonna complain and in fact most will want a piece
of white boy ass. If I can’t get pussy, then this is a
good second best.”

My head was swimming, my cock was rigid and I looked at
Nat. He looked back with a “Can I please” look on his

“Strip naked little white boy,” he said.

I helped Nat to strip to his white briefs. The Latin
guy stripped off his jeans and stood with his shirt
still in place but naked from the waist down. This was
a sign for the others who did exactly the same. I
followed suit, holding my hard cock in my hand. I took
lubrication out of my pocket and emptied a handful of
condoms but in fairness the guys each had a condom

“What a beautiful white ass,” he said once Nat was

Nat’s cock stuck straight up in the air, curving
upwards. His bottom never looked sweeter or whiter. I
lubricated Nat’s arsehole as they guys watched me,
taking care to put plenty into his sweet clean passage.
Each guy stretched a condom over their cock. The second
Latin guy, also cut, had about 8 inches of blue black
sausage and low hanging balls. His teeth were dazzling
white and he stood around 6 feet 3 inches tall. I would
put him in his late 30’s. His gold wedding ring glinted
on his finger.

“Right guys, I want to watch you fuck him. Take it easy
and don’t be too rough and you’ll get a lot of
enjoyment.” I couldn’t believe it was me speaking!

There were two sinks set into a worktop, with spare
worktop on either side. Nat went over and bent over the
worktop area as the white guy went first. He had the
smallest cock, not that 7 inches is small. He lubed his
rubber clad cock and eased it into Nat’s arsehole. Nat
became very vocal, encouraging him to push harder. Nat
raised one leg to the worktop and this allowed us all a
great view of the cock entering him.

He stroked his own cock as the guy started fucking him.
I bent down and took the talkative Hispanic guy’s cock
fully in my mouth. It was slightly salty with precum
but a wonderful mouthful as I sucked about half of it
into my mouth. He started to face fuck me as the speed
of the white guy on Nat’s arse increased.

Each session was never going to be long. I turned to
watch the white guy building to his climax when out of
the corner of my eye, I realised we had a sizeable
audience of around 6 new guys, cocks in hand, watching.
This was my dream come true. The thought that some, or
all of them, might fuck Nat, had my cock almost cumming
without even touching it.

The wail from the white guy signalled him emptying his
balls into Nat. He withdrew quite quickly as his cock
shrivelled, the condom dangling from the end with a
copious quantity of cum in it. The Latin guy I had been
sucking stretched his condom on and headed over to Nat.
Nat was still in position and I really wanted to see
this cock enter him. In fact I went up real close and
gripped it my self, rubbing some lubricant over it and
then guided it into Nat’s hole.

“Oh God, yes,” said Nat as the length of flesh slid
into him!

The contrast of black in white was enough to bring one
of the truckers to a noisy, self inflicted orgasm
behind us, his cum splattering on the tiled floor. It
didn’t matter that one was done as another 3 had joined
the queue. All were standing, cocks in hand wanking.
Another really cute Hispanic guy in his late 20’s was
towards the back of the crowd and I nodded him over.

He came to me and I knelt down and took his cock in my
mouth, literally just a few inches away from the dark
skinned cock pummelling into Nat. The young guy
released his belt and let his jeans drop. I pulled down
his brightly coloured boxer shorts and released a
rather nice uncut 6 inch dick which sprung upwards in
much the same fashion at Nat’s had just a few minutes

My mouth was over it and up to the black pubic hair as
fast as I could and he looked suitable excited by my
technique. As I gripped its base to hold the cock in as
hard a state as possible I licked under the foreskin,
gently teasing it back and forth. He enjoyed this and
had to stop me more than once as he teetered on the

“You want to fuck him too,” I said, nodding towards

He nodded.

“God I’m filling his white pussy,” the butch Latin guy
grunted, his cock half withdrawn and I could see the
veins stand out as his tube pumped it’s precious load
on it’s way to the rubber teat.

He pulled out and again, the load would have been
sufficient for a maternity ward full of babies. I love
to see the cum dangling in the teat at the end of a
condom as it is pulled out of an arse, don’t you?

Hispanic guy quickly grabbed a condom and slipped it
over his short cock. He replaced the other guy as he
slipped off his spent condom and started to dress. The
cock went in very easily as you might expect and he
started to fuck, his lips kissing Nat’s soft back and
his hand snaking around to grip Nat’s own hard cock.

He quickly withdrew, lifted Nat up onto the worktop,
slid his body forwards and entered him from the front.
Nat’s legs were spread apart to allow the short cock
entry but this allowed the guy to kiss Nat fully on the
lips. I was so excited. An older guy was kneeling in
front of me as I watched, his expert lips wrapped
warmly around my cock. The other Latin guy from the
original duo had his finger in my arse. I offered some
lube to help his entry, my own brain dizzy from the
excitement of all that was happening.

I felt the cock enter me. This hadn’t been part of the
plan, but then I had never been fucked by a Latin
American guy before and I didn’t know when I might get
a chance. It took him some time to gain entry, all the
while my older friend was worshipping my cock and out
audience looked on appreciatively.

It was then, I saw “trailer trash wife” walking
through, her husband behind her, his cock in hand.

“Room for one more?” she said.

I had never ever let a woman see me having sex with a
guy before but here was Nat being literally hammered by
the Hispanic guy and me, bent over with a long dark
cock in me. This suddenly seemed very perverted. She
walked over to me and gently nudged the older guy out
of the way.

“I’ve always wanted to suck a faggot, do you mind?” she
said, not actually waiting for a reply as she kneeled
and took my erect cock in her mouth.

Being sucked by a woman and fucked by a man is an odd
experience for a gay guy, I can tell you. At that point
the little Hispanic guy, hammering at Nat’s arse with a
speed that made him look like a randy rabbit, pulled
his cock out, ripped off the rubber and sprayed a
fountain of thin cum high in the air, splattering on
the entire assembled group, many who were actually
trying to catch it. I got the feeling that this was his
party piece and the regulars knew it. Certainly the
quantity was very impressive.

“C’mon Al, we talked about this moment so let’s do it.”

The voice was from my female admirer.

“I get the feeling, buddy, that you are getting your
rocks off watching your pal getting serviced. Well I’ve
always wanted fucked by a faggot and my man here had
always wanted to fuck one so please say you’ll agree.”

Her husband was already inside Nat anyway so the second
part was being fulfilled, and her hands were stretching
a condom on my cock which was still surprisingly brick
hard. She pulled me around, alongside Nat and, facing
me, leaned back against the worktop. My Latin fucker
had had my arse pulled off his pole in the process of
this. I was pulled towards her and my cock found its
target easily. As I entered a small ripple of applause
went round the assembled group before they returned to
their masturbation.

“Jeez honey, this is tighter than a virgin’s cunt,”
said Al.

“Well this cock is bigger and better than yours,” said
the aforementioned “honey” as I fucked my first pussy.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this but the idea was
all so perverted I had absolutely no problem with my
erection. One thing was for sure though, she wasn’t
getting my cum! I fucked her for around 5 or 6 minutes,
fondling her tits and even sucking her nipples. I was
helped by my dark skinned friend’s finger stroking the
inside of my hole while I did it. I was just beginning
to wonder how to finish when her beloved Al shot his
load inside Nat and my Latin guy figured he had had
enough arse fingering and pulled me off to enter her

Two other Hispanic guys in their late 20’s walked
forward and took Nat off the worktop. One stood in
front of him and kissed him while the other dropped his
pants, rubbered and lubed, and started to fuck him. The
one at the front then put a condom on Nat and bent to
offer his arse to him. Nat pushed his hard cock into
the guy and then let his friend’s fucking action give
the threesome momentum. I went over, my cock still
covered, and slid my cock in his fucking friend and we
ended up in a daisy chain of fucking. It worked
surprisingly well with me at the end doing most of the
pushing. Next to me, my young lady friend was being
fucked royally by the black guy.

First to cum was the guy I was fucking. He came inside
Nat. When he did, his friend, being fucked by Nat,
wanked himself off (I figured they were a couple too).
Black friend came inside “honey” as she screamed her
orgasm at the top of her voice and suddenly I was
cumming too as I withdrew my cock. The condom sac
dangled on my erect cock as my cum pumped into it. I
was quite enjoying being the centre of a group of
people all watching me.

Nat sensing that all good things must come to an end,
grabbed his own cock and started wanking furiously to
catch up. An older guy in his late 30’s walked forward,
kneeled down and opened his mouth in front of Nat. He
didn’t disappoint the guy as his copious ejaculate
spurted into the guy’s waiting mouth. I heard him gag
slightly as the force of the first burst hit the back
of his throat. He had no sooner managed to cope with
that when four more jets of equal quantity replaced it.
The guy seemed happier that a pig in shit with Nat’s
seed over his lips, face and in his mouth.

“Gee you queers sure know how to party,” said Honey.

I smiled, suddenly feeling a little vulnerable and Nat
and I dressed as inconspicuously as we could and headed
out, never having seen even one small part of the
movie. We giggled like two excited schoolboys all the
way back to our hire car and then to the motel.

“Sure beats Birmingham on a Sunday,” said Nat.

If my hole had been hammered the way Nat’s had been, I
would have been on hemmaroid cream for a month but Nat
was fine next day and asking what I wanted to do.

“We’ll skip the movies, I think,” said I.

We drove down to South Beach and followed instructions
to a gay beach. The beach was not as we would imagine a
gay beach in Europe, hidden sand dunes or rocky
outcrops and guys standing on top of either watching
what was going on and trying to persuade others to
follow them to a more secluded spot. This was more an
“in your face,” straight forward beach with lifeguards,
guys sunning themselves in rows, no nudity and
absolutely no sex. It was fun though.

As we left, late afternoon and took an underpass under
the main road back to our parked car, two very tall
black guys were climbing into a convertible just a few
cars away, obviously having come out just behind us.

“Cute friend you have there,” the taller of two said as
Nat bent over putting our towels in the back of the
car. His tight white shorts, gripped his pert little
arse beautifully.

“I can’t dispute that,” I said back, smiling.

“We’d be happy to help him exercise that butt sometime
if you like.”

I thought, “Do I just look like a wimpish, cuckold
boyfriend who wants his boyfriend fucked by strangers
or is it just a local custom here in Florida to be
sociable with other people’s partners.”

“Now that’s something I would like to see,” I said, the
words coming out of my mouth even before my brain had
time to form them.

“Where are you staying?” I was asked.

I told them, and they just said they would follow us.
Nat looked at me, looked at them and smiled, saying,
“Here we go again.”

As we drove, I looked at the guys in my rear view
mirror. Both were very similar in build. They were
muscular, just a little over 6 feet, broad shoulders
and short cropped hair. One was clean shaven and the
one who had been talking had that unshaven look. They
each were in shorts and what looked like a bodybuilders
vest. I hadn’t stopped to think if there was any risk
or danger and certainly Nat hadn’t, but then Nat never
did. He thought the best of everyone.

We pulled into the motel and entered the chalet. I
offered the guys a couple of beers, whilst looking
around to ensure nothing of value was visible in the
room. Nat went off the do what guys who are about to
get fucked do � make sure his hole was clean up to at
least elbow depth!! While he was busy, the guys chatted
away quite amiably and were open enough about
themselves to put me at ease. The chatty one was Lou
and his pal was Seth.

They had been buddies in New Orleans and after the
floods had sought out employment in Florida. They were
together but found themselves in great demand in an
area where most people were white or Hispanic. They
were both turned on by young, blonde white guys with
pale skin. I suppose it was the same kink many whites
have about large black guys, but in reverse.

“You like seeing your little boy being fucked?” Lou

“Yea, kinda,” I mumbled in response.

“Do you do any fucking? Cos Seth here really likes
sweet, white cock in his hole,” he continued.

“Of course I do,” I said as Seth’s smile suggested he
really did like white cock inside him.

As I heard Nat finish his shower, I slipped in to have
one and after a few minutes, came out similarly attired
to the rest, in t-shirt and shorts. Lou and Seth went
in together while Nat sat opposite me, very excited,
stroking his cock through his shorts.

“Do you think they are well endowed?” he asked.

“Who knows,” I said, “Lou certainly looks it.

They came out wearing nothing but white Hanes, drying
themselves as they went. Lou certainly DID look
endowed, a thick trunk of cock visible lying across the
front of his briefs.

“Come here whitey,” he said to Nat.

Nat meekly walked across as Lou picked him straight off
the floor, lifted him to his lip level and kissed him
deeply, before putting him back on his feet. Seth
whipped Nat’s briefs off and Nat’s cock sprung up out
of his reddish blonde, hairy balls. Seth sunk to his
knees and swallowed almost all his cock in one go, his
lips pressed hard against Nat’s pubic hair.

Lou beckoned me over and when I did, he turned me
around, bent me over, whipped down my shorts and stuck
his tongue into my arse. It was amazing. His tongue
texture was rough and he not only rimmed me, but licked
my arsehole up its entire length. I looked over at Nat
who was arched backward, his cock stuck obscenely out
in front and Seth, licking it while pulling the
foreskin back and forth. It was obviously a novelty to

Lou stood up and moved over to take Nat by the hand and
walk towards the bed area. I followed with Seth,
holding his hand like a couple of lovebirds. When Lou
pushed Nat face down on the bed and started to rim him
the way he had just done me, I decided to follow suit
and put Seth alongside Nat, kneeling on the floor
beside Lou and pulled down his Hanes, slipping them off
and rimming him. His hairy hole was quite open, I
presume from regular fucking, so my tongue slid easily
into his channel. His black balls lay between his legs,
but his cock was not visible. Lou had Nat moaning with
his ministrations. Nat’s cock was pushed back between
his legs which meant that Lou could lick his balls and
cockhead as well as his arse.

I rolled Seth over, eager to see his cock. I was
slightly disappointed after watching many porn movies
as his cock, while not small, was slightly smaller than
mine and bigger than Nat’s. It was cut and had thick
veins running up the purple skin. His balls were
surprisingly hairless and tight to his body. I held it
firmly in my hand and sucked the head, putting pressure
on the tip as it responded, jumping in my hand and a
small drip of sweet, clear liquid oozed out on to my
tongue. Seth was bucking his cock eagerly into my
mouth, thoroughly enjoying my oral activities.

I looked over to Nat and saw him lying alongside, face
upwards. Lou had just finished sucking him and was
stepping out of his Hanes. The cock that stuck out was
around 10 inches long and the thickness of my wrist. It
couldn’t really stand as such and sloped down at a 45
degree angle. His balls were normal size but looked
abnormally small hanging loosely below. Nat’s eyes were
like saucers.

“Fucking Hell, I’ll never manage that,” he said!

My cock went brick hard at the sight of that beautiful
monster and the thought that Nat was going to be
impaled on it. I so wanted it to happen and hoped upon
hope that he at least was going to try.

“Nice, isn’t it?” said Seth, his big smile going from
ear to ear.

“You’re never going to notice mine going in after
that,” I said nodding towards Lou’s truncheon!

“It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it,” he
said smiling.

Lou was astride Nat, the massive dick lying across
Nat’s white face as Nat tried to get his mouth around
it. I crawled across and started to suck it myself. The
two of us took it in turns to lick its length and over
the uncut bulbous head. Seth had taken my cock in his
mouth and was enjoying it mumbling as he sucked about
how much he liked white meat. My heart was racing with
the thought of what I was going to witness. Lou climbed
back down and raised Nat’s legs high in the air in a
“V” shape.

He lowered his head to Nat’s pink hole and went back to
teasing his arsehole with his tongue. Nat was
whimpering again. I decided to mirror the move with
Seth. Being honest I would rather have been in a chair
watching Nat being seen to than having to play my part
but I was aware that Lou was looking at me and Seth in
exactly the same way I had been looking at him and Nat
and I realised that in Lou, I had found a soul mate. He
was getting the same kick as I was.

I rimmed Seth and had him groaning too.

Lou spoke, “I want to see your lily white cock in my
boyfriend’s ass. Will you fuck him hard for me?”

I nodded.

“And for your trouble, your sweet little boy here is
going to have his ass stretched like never before,” he

I looked at Nat and his initial fear of this monster
cock seemed to be replaced with glazed eyes. I swear he
would have purred if he could have.

I took lubricant and condoms from our toilet bag and
set to giving Lou a show. He sat back slightly and he
and Nat watched as I prepared Seth for his fucking. I
lubed his arse well, pushing first one, then two, then
three fingers into him. His hole was well opened and
responded willingly to my fingering. I slipped the
condom over my cock and made a show of stretching it
over my very hard cock. I was quite enjoying this. My
cock was rock hard and as I stood with it proudly
sticking upwards, Lou leaned across and squeezed it.

“Just want to feel the white meat that’s fucking my
boyfriend,” he said.

Seth lay face down as I raised his arse off the bed and
gently eased my cock into him. It slid in with little
resistance and I started fucking him, holding his hips
like handles. I rolled him sideways and opened his legs
so that Lou and Nat could see my white cock slide into
his very black arse. Lou stroked his cock as he watched
and then he sunk his face down really close to where I
was fucking and started to lick my balls as I fucked.

“This is so hot,” he said. “Fuck him really hard for

I gripped Seth’s cock with one hand and really started
to pound him. I really didn’t want to cum so early
without having my fantasy fulfilled. Seth was groaning
with pleasure and was writhing about on the bed as I
fucked him. Both Lou and Nat were watching and stroking
their own cocks as I pounded. I thought I was going to
cum so I stopped quickly but heard a moan from beneath
me. Seth’s cock was spraying cum all over the bed. The
cum was jetting out from a completely independent cock
with no one touching it.

“He always does that after a good fuck,” said Lou, a
smile on his face.

I pulled out as Seth rolled on his back and just said,

Nat was looking eagerly at Lou’s cock � and so was I!

“Now it’s your turn white boy,” he said.

Stretching the condom over his cock was some
achievement. I presume somewhere they make condoms for
cocks like this. It wasn’t a problem I had encountered
before but by rubbing lube on his cock and then
stretching the rubber over he managed to cover most of
it’s length.

“Lube your boyfriend,” Lou said to me.

I rubbed lubricant into Nat’s tight hole and he cooed
quietly as my fingers did their magic.

“Why don’t you open him for me,” asked Lou. “Let me
watch how white boys fuck.”

I sat astride Nat and slowly sunk my cock in his hole.
The feeling was divine. I knew in a few minutes he was
going to be fucked by a delicious black cock and I was
going to watch. My cock was hard as I started to get
into my rhythm. I fucked Nat doggy fashion and was
really in deep, right to the hilt. Nat was enjoying the
fucking, as he always did. Both Lou and Seth watched,
with Lou giving encouragement as I fucked. Seth idly
stroked his cock, still semi hard, as he did so.

After a good hard five minute fuck, Lou told me to get
off and “let a man do some fucking.”

He lay on the bed and told Nat to sit on him. I knew
this position wasn’t going to be easy but I also knew
it was going to give the best view of this black cock
against a white body. Lou lay back on the bed, Nat sat
with his back to Lou facing towards me and I knelt
between Lou’s legs and held his erect cock upwards. Nat
sat astride and slowly lowered himself. Lou stayed
absolutely still as Nat sat slowly on his cock. The
hardest was his bulbous purple head. Once that plopped
inside with a gasp from Nat, he slowly inched his body
down the pole while I held it upright.

Watching the black meat slowly, very slowly, disappear
into Nat was unbelievable erotic. It took all of ten
minutes before just more than half was inside him and
he could start to pump slowly up and down. The tight
ring of pink flesh around Nat’s hole was like an
elastic band gripping the black meat. The lube shone as
Lou’s cock went in and out.

Another ten minutes and Nat had almost all the cock
inside his arse. He had been determined to take it all
and he had succeeded. I stroked my cock as I watched
the beautiful sight. Lou flipped Nat over and started
to fuck him from the rear, sideways, again with his
left leg raised to ensure I could see what he was
doing. I quickly wrapped my lips around Nat’s cock and
let Lou’s fucking, push Nat’s cock into my mouth,
effectively face fucking me. Seth obliged by taking my
cock in his mouth and started to seriously give me a
blow job that suggested he wasn’t going to stop till I

Lou’s groan as he came sounded like a man in pain. A
long wail left his lips and with Nat’s cock firmly in
my mouth, I looked and saw the static cock, its veins
standing out and suggesting that its cargo was being
delivered into my lover’s hole. Nat erupted into my
mouth as Lou was slowly withdrawing his cock. The rim
of Nat’s hole was almost being pulled back out with the

My mouth was awash with Nat’s watery cum and I knew I
was going to deliver to Seth. Poor Seth must have
wondered what hit him. My balls produce spunk for
England and the volume and force caused him to choke as
it blasted into his mouth, he let go and my cock
temporarily slipped out still spraying cum in all
directions like an out of control hose before he
managed to grip it and clamp his large lips around the
head again to take what was left.

Lou’s cock lay dangling over his legs, the condom
sagging, its own heavy load pulling the rubber slowly
off his cock. A quick grunt from Seth, announced his
second cumming and he squirted over my leg.

“You English sure know how to take cock,” Lou said to

“You Yanks sure know how to fuck,” I said to Lou.

We all laughed and basked in the afterglow of a great
sex session, four cool beers from the fridge in our

Though the opportunity for sex didn’t happen again
during the trip to Miami, the start to our uninhibited
love making during those few days, led Nat and I to
having a wonderful love life in the following years. We
never had sex alone with anyone, we never had sex if
one of us didn’t want to, but we had some amazing
sessions. I never tired of watching Nat having sex and
even he managed to join in on the act and started to
let me have some sessions while he watched or played a
minor role.

If anyone ever asks the secret to a long and happy
relationship, I know what I would tell them � other

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