Naked in the Woods

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by Dirty Jim (address withheld by request)


A man is discovered by two others as he sunbathes in a
secluded area.


I have always enjoyed the outdoors and consider myself
a fairly skilled camper. For some reason, I most like
camping by myself. I guess the quiet and seclusion are
very relaxing to me and allows me a chance to
reinvigorate and restore myself. It is not unusual for
me to camp in an area where I will not see another
person for four or five days.

The place that I had found on my most memorable trip
was just such an area, deep in the wilderness of the
Smoky Mountains where Tennessee meets North Carolina. I
was into the second day of my trip, having backpacked
some ten or twelve miles from my car on a little used
trail. I was just beginning to feel the freedom of
being away from the everyday world and getting back to

Of course, being in such a secluded environment also
allowed me to frequently shed my clothes and relax in
the nude. The feeling of the warm mountain air on these
July days was very invigorating and of course, somewhat
sensual. This particular day, I had found a nice
swimming area with several large rocks in a crystal
clear stream.

As soon as I saw this tranquil scene, I knew I had to
get naked and take a dip. As I eased my 40-year-old, 5
foot 11 inch frame into the water, I sighed with
contentment, and swam for a little while. I have always
been proud that I have kept in shape with regular
exercise and weight lifting, though I am somewhat small

As I pulled myself up onto the rocks in the middle of
the small river, I was in heaven as I laid my nude body
down in the sunlight. Unfortunately, I had left my
video camera with my clothes on the bank. This would be
an excellent spot to shoot some video.

Soon relaxed and felt a familiar tingling between my
legs. I began to gently stroke my cock to life as I
closed my eyes. There is nothing like masturbating
outside, and believe me, I had enjoyed this pleasure
many times. My 5 1/2″ dick became very firm
immediately, and I began to jack it with an increasing

Careful now, I thought to myself, let’s make this last.
And so I went like that for a while, taking myself to
the edge and then easing up, so as not to blow my load.

Suddenly, my reverie was shattered as I heard a male
voice say, “Well, would you look at that!” I sat up
quickly and saw two large young men standing on the
bank where my clothes were.

They were young, in their twenties, and large, wearing
flannel shirts and blue jeans. The one who had spoken
was about six-four and very muscular. The other, who
was only slightly smaller, was holding my video camera
and appeared to be filming me. I gulped hard, feeling
very embarrassed, but tried to act casual.

“Hi guys, how are y’all doin’ today,” I said in a voice
that had a slight quiver.

“We’re doin’ fine.” the big one replied. “What are you
doin’ all naked there? Do you like to show yourself

“No, not really,” I stammered. “Could you throw me
those clothes?”

“Why don’t you come over here and get ’em? We don’t
want them to get wet,” he said. The other man kept
filming, adding to my discomfort.

I slowly slid into the water, swam over, and walked up
onto the bank, trying to hide my nudity as best as I
could. As I reached out to get my clothes, the bigger
man pulled them away from me. “Now hold on there,
little fella, maybe you should wait a little while
before you get dressed. You looked like you were having
a little fun a minute ago. Don’t let us stop you.”

“Come on man, quit kidding around,” I said, trying to
sound serious and not frightened. “I’m not going to do

“Oh yeah, well, maybe we just might insist that you
finish what you were doin’ or we want give you your
clothes back.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Here I was,
totally nude, standing in front of two strangers who
were telling me that I had to jack off for them. I knew
I could never overpower even one of them, much less
two. I hesitated,
not moving.

The other young man lowered the video camera slightly
and spoke. “Come on now, just lie down in that grassy
spot right there and start playing with yourself, and
then it’ll be all over.”

I had no choice but to comply. Still not believing what
was happening, I sat down in a small patch of grass,
laid back and began to sheepishly stroke my now flaccid
penis, as these two large men watched from only a
couple of feet away. They loomed over me, with the one
filming every second. Surprisingly to me, my dick
responded in a few moments and began to become erect
again. I slowly began to jack it, feeling totally
exposed for these strangers. The bigger one spoke, this
time in a lower, more intense tone.

“Yeah, that’s it. Your little dick’s gettin’ hard. You
probably like this, don’t you. Now lift your legs up in
the air.” I did as he ordered, lifting my legs up above
my head, exposing my asshole to them. I began to jack
more quickly, as strange feelings swirled in my head. I
felt humiliated, confused…and excited. My cock soon
felt as hard as it ever had and I shot sperm all over
my chest and up to my neck. I lay there panting as the
two men laughed at me and made comments. I started to
get up to reach for my clothes. The big one grabbed my

“Now, wait a minute, your little show has got me
feeling a little horny too. I might need some relief
myself,” he said, looking me in the eyes.

“Well, then go ahead and jack off,” I snapped back,
feeling angry that he was reneging on our “deal.”

He tightened his grip on my arm and I flinched. “Well,
maybe I don’t want to jack off. Maybe I want you to
help me,” he snarled as he leaned in close. I gulped in
resignation, knowing that I had no choice. He seemed to
recognize this, and released my arm.

“Now,” he said. “Come over here and take my pants off.”

I did as I was told and struggled with his blue jeans
before finally getting them off. “Keep going,” he said.

Kneeling before him, I slid his white briefs off. His
penis was already at nearly a full erection, protruding
out 8 and a half to nine inches as it nearly touched my
face. His hairy balls were very large in his nut sac
that was now drawn up tight. The head of his dick was
very large, sitting on top of his thick shaft like a
crown. I had never come close to having sex with a man
before, but again, I began to feel curiously excited.

I followed his every instruction as he directed me to
stroke his cock and cup his balls, then to kiss and
lick his balls for an extended period of time. They had
a musky smell that was somehow very attractive. Then he
had me lick the shaft of his enormous dick and rub it
against my face.

Finally, he ordered to suck on his cockhead and to hold
it in my mouth. This went on for 15 to 20 minutes as he
seemed to be holding back. Of course, the other man was
getting it all on digital videotape.

As he began to moan, I instinctively began to jack him
with one hand as I caressed his hairy balls with my
other hand. My mouth never left the head of his dick,
as I slurped on it with an increasing rhythm.

Suddenly, his body tensed and I felt his shoot his load
into my mouth. It hit in jet after jet of warm sperm
against the roof of my mouth, my throat, and my tongue.
My mouth filled quickly with the thick milky fluid. I
tried to swallow it all, but it began to leak out the
sides of my mouth. I licked his dick clean all the way
down to his balls, thought he had not instructed me to
do so.

Of course, I knew that this was not the end of my
adventure. I was soon instructed to suck off the other
man as the big one filmed. He was also very large and
had a big load. They did not have to tell me what to do
that time. As the afternoon went on, I was their sex
slave, obediently following orders to lick their
assholes and suck their cocks.

Inevitably, I was fucked in the ass by both of them,
but by this time they were being more gentle and
allowed me to return to my campsite for some Vaseline.
At one point, I was being fucked in the ass by one as I
sucked the other, and I had to admit to enjoying it.
Multiple positions were tried with myself always
receiving the cum shot.

They allowed me to masturbate again as they filmed. For
some reason, I also enjoyed it when they would cum on
my face and would rub their dicks on my face
afterwards. I guess I learned to like the taste of
their cum.

Eventually, they left and went off to wherever they had
come from. My cum soaked face and tender asshole told
me that it hadn’t just been a dream. I returned to my
life as a single man working in an office and never
told anyone about what happened. But, I still go
camping and skinny-dipping in the same place, and I
still have my video.


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