Workout Tape

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Husband gets what he always wanted, the hard way.


My humiliation started before I actually knew it. I met 
Ted in the gym where I started working out 3 times a 
week. He started "coaching" me the first time I was 
there, telling me which machines to use and how many 
reps to do. when I got tired and tried to slow down he 
would tell me to stop being such a wimp, or quit being a 

After a couple months it started to pay off, I was in 
great shape and even my wife said how much more energy I 
seemed to have. Even our sex life seemed to improve, it 
was still pretty much the missionary position once a 
week but I was lasting almost 5 minutes now and I came 
real close to making Becky cum, but she still had to 
finish with her fingers.

Anyway Ted and I became close, working out all the time 
together, He pushed me to my limits all the time and 
then berated me when I failed to keep up with him. It 
wasn't that he was physically imposing, he was about my 
size, it's just that when he told me what to do I felt 
completely in his power.

One night after a hard workout he said we should get a 
massage. I thought, "Great idea," but then he said he 
didn't want to pay 50 bucks to get a massage and we 
should just go back to his place and give each other a 
massage. I thought this to be no problem and I wouldn't 
mind saving 50 bucks.

We went back to Ted's place and he laid out a massage 
table, threw me a towel and said he'd be right back. He 
came back wrapped in a towel and told me to lie down, he 
then gave me a great massage that lasted about a half 
hour. I then started to massage his back for a while, 
then he flipped over and told me to massage his pecs.

While I was massaging his smooth chest I felt his hand 
brush across my crotch, I thought it was an accident but 
then suddenly his hand was under the towel grabbing my 
cock and balls. I got hard right away as I kept rubbing 
his chest, then I looked down and gasped. He had pulled 
his towel away and I saw his thick veiny cock lying 
there semi-erect. Ted squeezed my cock and told me to 
touch him. I grabbed his cock in my hand and 
instinctively started stroking it. When it grew to it's 
full length, 8.5" I could hardly get my hand around it.

No more words were spoken, he just squeezed my cock a 
little harder and I bent my head down and sucked the 
head of his cock as I jacked his shaft. He moaned as I 
sucked him then he started talking to me telling me what 
a good cocksucker I was, then he asked me if I thought 
Becky would like his big cock in her. I remembered 
confiding to Ted about our problems in the bedroom and 
he always teased me saying she needed a real man. He 
told me to tell him how much she would like it and 
squeezed my balls for emphasis. 

"Oh god Ted, I want to see you fuck Becky's pussy with 
your big cock," I said as I continued stroking him.

Just then thick blasts of hot cum exploded in my face, I 
opened my mouth and tried to catch as much as I could as 
I came in Ted's hand.

After that night things moved very fast for me, Ted 
started coming to my house after workouts and he and 
Becky seemed to get along great. One night he came over 
and we all drank and partied for a few hours. We were 
feeling pretty loose and Ted asked Becky if we had any 
porno tapes to watch. She laughed and said yeah the ones 
Billy hides in the basement and jacks off to when I'm 
not home. I had told Ted about my stash and he must have 
told Becky, I started to turn red and stammer some 
explanation but Ted said "don't worry about it Billy I 
brought my own homemade porno, why don't you put it in"

Becky said go ahead so I nervously put the tape in 
thinking it was one of Ted's exploits, my heart sank as 
I realized it was me on the screen holding Ted's cock, 
stroking it, sucking it and having it shoot in my open 
mouth. You couldn't see Ted's hand squeezing my balls 
and controlling me but you could here me beg him to fuck 
my wife as he sprayed my face.

I looked over at them with shame on my face and I saw 
Becky's hand fondling the bulge in Ted's shorts.

"Come over here Billy and suck my cock till it's hard 
enough to fuck your slutty wife."

I looked at Becky "Do it Billy," she hissed at me. "Its 
what you wanted to see isn't it? Your wife's cunt 
stretched by a big cock?"

I crawled over and pulled Ted's shorts off and started 
sucking his cock. As it grew in my mouth Becky stripped 
down and lay on the couch. Then Ted told me to hold her 
legs apart and spread her pussy lips as he pushed his 
giant cockhead in her cunt. He must have seen the 
worried look on my face because he said don't worry she 
can take it all- she has been for the last 6 months. We 
just had to make this tape Billy, so Becky can fuck me 
or any once else she likes and everyone will know it's 
what you begged for. 

Becky pushed me away and wrapped her legs around her 
lover and pulled his cock deep inside her. I watched as 
his massive cock stretched her and came in my pants as 
he shot deep in her pussy.

Now Ted and any friends he brings over use Becky and me. 
I have sucked all their dicks and even have had some of 
them fuck my ass. Becky gets all the cock she ever 
wanted and our marriage is better than ever.


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